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10 Mom Fails I’m Guilty Of

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I’ve been referred to as the “helicopter mom,” {check out my post about that here: “The Helicopter Mom“}  But I’m here to tell you, even though I “hover,” over my children as much as I physically can, it still leaves room for “mom fails,” and let me tell ya… I’ve got ’em and done ’em. I’m just not going to tell you about all of them. I need to keep some of those “oops,” to myself.

No particular order. They’re all “mom fail,” equal, I’m sure.

1. The “mom fails,” started before we even left the hospital with our first son. The nurse asked me if I had packed a blanket in my hospital bag to put over the baby on our way home, and when I told her “no,” she looked at me with disgust, and “snuck,” me a hospital receiving blanket to take home with us.

2. I usually have my “fill” of my toddler telling me “no,” at about 9:00 in the morning. Why must I always respond with, “Are you supposed to tell me no?” Toddler: “Uh… no?” He’s totally confused at this point… and not sure what to say. I guess I should come up with a different phrase.

3. I’ve been known to let all of the dirty baby bottles pile up, so I’ll slip a nipple on the fancy pre-made bottles that are for an emergency, just so I don’t have to wash a bottle.

4. My toddler grabbed my left boob the other day and asked, “What’s that ball mom?” I acted like I didn’t hear him, the 23 times he asked, because I didn’t know the correct way to answer a 2 year old with that question.

5. At the airshow, my toddler drops all of his snack crackers on the ground and begins to pick them up and eat them. I ALMOST stopped him in his tracks and told him that was gross, until I realized he was sitting still and I wanted to cherish those few seconds of not worrying about him running away, rather than dealing with him being “one with nature.” {I won’t tell you what kind of “looks” the people around us were giving me.}

6. My infants 2 months wellness checkup, was at 4 months old. I totally confused the doctor with his paperwork on that one. Sorry, life kinda got in the way, and we were late to the party.

7. At least once a week, my toddler wears “Santa,” pajamas to bed, because I forgot to do a load of his laundry.

8. So I can get something done, once in a while, I’ll lay my baby in a boppy pillow and prop the bottle up on a blanket, so he can eat. Last week… I looked over and he had given himself a “milk facial.” I spent more time cleaning that up, than I would have just sitting and holding him while I fed him. {Which I’d rather do anyway. They’re only little once, right?}  😉

9. I had to make a “brush your teeth,” sticker chart for our house, so their dad and I would REMEMBER to brush their teeth every morning and night. We’d remember when our son would say, “Mommy, can I have a bwush teef sticker?” Crap… almost forgot to brush them again.

10. No description necessary. See my home video caught on tape here: Mom Fail

So as you can see… oh wait…

As I type this blog post, I just sat in a wet spot on the floor. I have no clue WHAT it is, WHEN it got there, WHICH child it came from, or WHY I just grabbed an old baby outfit that was in reach to cover it up and remain sitting on it until I got done typing this. #momfail

In reality, no I’m not a perfect mom. I’d like to believe no one is. At the end of the day, if my kiddos are well fed, healthy, safe in their beds with a roof over their head, and they feel loved… I consider that a successful day, no matter what mom fail took place.

So… gotta run and get the floor cleaner. Another day in the life! Until next time… 😉

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2 thoughts on “10 Mom Fails I’m Guilty Of

  1. Steph says:

    I too am guilty of 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. My excuse for #7 though is that my Father is Santa and we have TOO many Christmas PJs and tee shirts around here. And my solution for #9 was to DL a Disney Brushing app on my phone. My 5 year old will NOT go to bed until he’s earned his virtual sticker. Yes, there’s an app for my mommy fails too!! 😛 Thanks so much for sharing, I think this makes us all feel a little more human! 😀

    1. Jessica says:

      OH MY goodness! I’m so happy to have someone that guilty of some of the same things! Haha! And wow… you’re brilliant! I never thought of looking for an app for brushing his teeth! I’ll be searching for apps to reduce the mommy fails tonight! 😉

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