Back to School, Summer Fun. Get outside!
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A Day Outside, A Day in my Shoes

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School will be starting soon, and we’ve been fortunate enough that the last of our Summer days haven’t been unbearably hot. {At least here in Missouri}

If you’ve been hanging around here long, you’ve probably seen that I have boys. Little boys. You know, the kind that can’t sit still, and are constantly on the go?

Some days are dedicated to just heading out of the door as soon as they wake up. Let ’em roam, and wear themselves O-U-T!

I’m not gonna lie. I take my phone with me, when we go to the park, when we go play outside, when we do…whatever. I know, shame-shame, right? But today… I was glad that I did. I snagged a few shots, capturing a mini photo gallery of our day, squeezing in the last bit of Summer that I could.

A Day in my Shoes

Back to School, Summer Fun. Get outside!

{Shame moment. Yes, another one. I typically DESPISE playing outside? Why? Because I’m on my feet all day inside the house, picking crackers up off of the floor, putting kids in the corner, wiping playdough off of my walls. Going outside and chasing kids, making sure they don’t end up in the road, sounds like an exhausting act of parenting that I’m not really excited about. But some days, I truck through it. Those boys need some fresh air. Those boys need to get out of the house. So if nothing else, I hope this encourages you to get outside with your kiddos before school starts, because looking back at these photos from today, I gotta admit…I feel pretty good about letting them explore. It wasn’t another day stuck inside watching the same Daniel Tiger episode over & over.} πŸ™‚

Water those plants…

It’s such a simple thought. Do you know how much fun my 4 year old had, watering the plants? And the car, and the driveway, and his little brother? πŸ˜‰

Back to School, Summer Fun. Get outside!

Joy ridin’ around the Subdivision

Yes, that’s food in my sons hair. No, I didn’t notice it until just now. {Hey, that’s life.}

This guy LOVES strollin’ around the neighborhood. When it’s his idea. Go to the zoo or to a mall, and try to put him in the stroller? Fo-getta-bout-it.

Back to School, Summer Fun. Get outside!

Kickin’ it…

Yeah, I have some sweet moves with the soccer ball. Well… compared to my one year old. Gettin’ active with the soccer ball kept his attention for about, oh, 3 minutes.

Back to School, Summer Fun. Get outside!

Two-Wheelin’ It…

Those sweet little legs just can’t reach those pedals yet. “Mommy poosh?” {insert heart melting}

Back to School, Summer Fun. Get outside!

Not Just for Kids…

Alright, if you’ve never been on a Plasma Car, you’re missin’ out on some cheap fun. I was surprised at how fun these things were, especially when my sister and I raced down the driveway on them, and possibly broke one with our reckless behavior. :/

Back to School, Summer Fun. Get outside!

“Helicopter Mom,” Needs a Break…

Have you ever read my post on how I’m a “helicopter mom?” Well… I am. Or was… or who knows. Anyhow, my boys are getting big enough now, that I can sit and “watch,” them while they play at the park. Sure, I’ll push them on the swing, and do that motherly “thang,” but man do I love sitting and watching for a break. This typically only happens when there are other kids at the park, who want to play with mine. You know, when Mom’s not “cool,” enough to play with? πŸ˜‰

Back to School, Summer Fun. Get outside!

Back Home…

The day is done, these feet are finished moving. My boys are sound asleep, my boys are exhausted.

I may have walked a mile in my shoes, and can’t wait to do it again… tomorrow. {Or maybe the next day. I’m pretty tired.} πŸ™‚

Back to School, Summer Fun. Get outside!

School will be starting soon, and the kiddos will spend the majority of their time inside at a desk. If it’s not too crazy hot where you live, let’s try to encourage each other to take our kids outside to play. Trust me, I need the encouragement, just like some of you may need.

Until next time,


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2 thoughts on “A Day Outside, A Day in my Shoes

  1. krista says:

    Why does playing outside seem so daunting? I have the same problem.
    Right now it’s too hot in GA to be outside for more than 5 minutes at a time, but I’ll remember this as it cools down!

    1. Jessica says:

      I know, right!? I think it’s because we are probably pretty exhausted as moms, and adding to the exhaustion does not sound exciting. Lol!

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