Creativi-TEA Custom Tea Bag Tag
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A Little Creativi-“TEA” Gift Giving

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Creativi-“TEA” Gift Idea: A “creative” way to give someone a small gift for any occasion. Perfect for a teacher gift, friend, or co-workers.

This Fall, I get the pleasure of speaking at the Inspired Retreat, in a little town just outside of Nashville Tennessee. After attending the retreat last Spring, I fell in LOVE. The relationships, the inspiration (pun very intended), and the overall self-healing that was accomplished during that time, changed my life.

When I was asked to speak this Fall, I knew there were about 40 women that I’d get the pleasure to also inspire and “gift” something to. (Who doesn’t love giving gifts, right?!)  So the gift-giving brainstorming BEGAN!

Creativi-“TEA” Gift Idea

It wasn’t long, and one morning while working in my home office, my gal pals and I came up with the most adorable gift idea that would be incredibly fitting for the gals at Inspired Retreat.

It begins with a favorite…

Creativi-TEA Custom Tea Bag Tag

Creativi-TEA Custom Tea Bag Tag-7

I love all things “hot,” when it comes to finding comfort in a beverage during my day to day routine. Tazo® Tea carries my all-time filterbag favorite tea, Passion®, which is an herbal infusion of hibiscus, orange peel, rose hips & passion fruit flavors. One sip sends me in to total relaxation mode, all while making me feel like I can tackle the world.

It’s pretty too…

Ok ok, so although I’m smitten with the fruit blend… there’s something about the gorge color of this Passion tea! It’s purple! And well, there’s really no need to explain how much I love “color,” and “prettiness,” in my life. It just makes things seem a little more exciting.

Creativi-TEA Custom Tea Bag Tag

Gift Assembly

We decided that the overall gift would be an “Everyday I’m Hustlin'” travel mug, with an included tea bag, and creating a custom tag, that says “Creativi-TEA.” How fun is that!?

Creativi-TEA Custom Tea Bag Tag

Why I love this gift idea…

• This is a gift where the mug can be used over and over again, and I also get to introduce them to my favorite TAZO tea!

• It took barely anytime to assemble 40 of them, and I just know that they’ll all love the chic travel mug, and the Passion tea.

herbal infusion of hibiscus, orange peel, rose hips & passion fruit flavors

“On-the-Go” Gift:

Remember this the next time you need the perfect gift idea for the creative girls in your life. Like teachers, best friends, co-workers, and so many more! They’ll be able to add hot water and GO! Convenience, adorable, and thoughtful. Three of my favorite gift giving characteristics.

"Creativi-TEA" gift idea with a travel mug

Looking for other words to use for “tea,” if “Creativi-Tea,” isn’t fitting for the recipient? How about…

• Beau-TEA-ful

• Simplici-TEA

• Tranquili-TEA

• Pre-TEA

… and so many more options! Give it a whirl, you may be surprised at how many words you can come up with that have the “tea,” name in them.

Creativi-TEA Custom Tea Bag Tag

Have you tried TAZO? I’m also a bit fond of the Zen™ tea that they carry as well. It’s a blend of green tea, lemongrass and spearmint, and it instantly makes me feel I’m spending a day at the spa. If you’re looking for a breakfast tea, they also carry Awake™ English Breakfast blend that you’ll love. Tazo teas are made with some of the finest quality tea leaves, spices and botanicals to create unexpected blends that are always vibrantly delicious which you can find at your local grocery store. If you’re not sure of where to find TAZO, you can find a location near you, on!

Creativi-TEA Gift idea

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