A Mom's Review of ABCmouse.com

A Mom’s ABCmouse.com Review

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So I “bit the bullet.” I have been seeing abcmouse.com commercials on TV, ever since my son was old enough to start watching cartoons. {So about 2 years}…

A Mom's Review of ABCmouse.com

I’m always hesitant of joining & paying for programs online, because ONE: I’m a tightwad. TWO: I’m always afraid I’ll join, never use it, and then forget that I’m paying for it, and it’s just wasted money. THREE: Well, it’s just one more thing that I have to remember that I have. SO… I thought I’d give my abcmouse.com review, for any of you others out there that may want some reassurance before joining:

My Review of ABCMouse.com:

  • It’s affordable in the sense that my son is learning things when he’s using it. I joined at $7.95/month, and I was even able to get the first month FREE, so I thought I’d try it out, and if I didn’t like it, I would cancel the membership. But really, I don’t feel I can put a price on learning, if my son is REALLY learning new things.
  • We were able to create an avatar when we first joined, and we were able to make it “resemble,” my son. He thought this was super fun, and when I told him that it was him, his eyes lit up. 🙂
  • I worked with my son at first, and browsed the entire site with him. We were able to choose which level of learning we wanted to start with. (For example: toddler, preschool, etc.)
  • My son IMMEDIATELY loved ABC Mouse. He especially loved reading books (or having them read to him rather), and exploring the animals in the zoo.
  • I’m not kidding when I say this: My two-and-a-half year old (almost 3), was using my laptop, and operating the mouse finger pad ALL BY HIMSELF, 3 days after using ABCmouse. NOW, ABC Mouse did not teach him how to use the finger pad… I did. BUT… I do feel like ABCmouse kept his attention and assisted in the role of teaching him. He’s now able to use learn and play, without me having to sit right next to him and surf ABC Mouse like I had to do in the past with other programs.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself:

Toddler Using ABCmouse.com

So do I recommend ABC Mouse.com?  You betcha! I think it’s a GREAT tool to have for your little ones and toddlers. Of course older children can use ABC Mouse too, but I don’t feel right telling you what I think about that for older kiddos, because I haven’t even gotten there. 🙂

Get the first month free, and try it out yourself:
First Month Free Subscription Offer!

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