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Date Night – Random, but Successful

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Recently, my husband and I squeezed in a date night at the last minute, and we flew by the seat of our pants.

Matt and Jessica - Marriage Q&A

Our closest friends know that my hubby and I don’t stick to schedules very well. Well… at least the “fun,” weekend type of schedule. We have to follow schedules all week, so the last thing we want, is an agenda for the time we have “off.”

We decided to “wing it,” and see where the night took us.

About an hour and a half away from home, we passed by a cute little building that had a sign out front,

“Asian Day Spa”

Oh what the heck, let’s check it out.

We went in, and luckily, they had two appointments available for a massage.

 I thought I was going to die. 5 minutes in, I was looking around the room for a clock. She really got that elbow a grindin’ on my sore spots. Not your typical, “Relax and fall asleep… kind of deal.”

They barely spoke English, and my gal even just up and left the room after a while, and was gone for about 5 minutes.

Leaving me to think the massage was over.

As soon as I rose up to get my clothes on, in she comes…

(In her Asian accent)

Ahhh… no no no! You not done. You lay down.

I was terrified, and got down like a beaten dog… {chuckle}  But what in the crap did she go do? Knit a blanket?

 After the massage {AKA, the beating I received}, we headed down the road and happened on a place called “π.” You know… the symbol for 3.14. I had heard that they had similar Chicago style, deep dish pizza, so we whipped the car in the parking lot and made it happen.

Meh… it was good. But not as good as my favorite Chicago style pizza.

THEN we went to a movie. Not your ordinary movie.

A Night at the movies

A “Five Star Lounge,” movie.

I’m still flabbergasted, and in love.

We walked in, they escorted us to our assigned heated recliners, and waited on us hand & foot. I may or may not have gotten carried away with the ordering:

• Lobster Nachos

• Milk Duds

• Vanilla vodka and Rootbeer

• Popcorn

• Beer

…don’t judge.

We watched the movie “Martian,” with Matt Damon, and I kind of took a 10-minute cat nap half way through it, but that is in no way a reflection of the movie. I’m just a sucker for a comfy warm chair, with no children. I like to take advantage of a dark room, and get some shut-eye.

What FUN we had on our impromptu date night. Why did I share this with you?

I dunno. Pretty much because I’ve found a new love of going to the movies, and I want you all to do it, if you haven’t. Date night… success. Well… besides the beaten part. Don’t do that. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Date Night – Random, but Successful

  1. kelley says:

    We went to see the same movie at the Cinepolis Luxury Theatre! This was for our 15 year anniversary along with dinner and just walking around the mall holding hands. It was our first date night in about two years… I figure if we see a movie once a year we can afford the good stuff! oxox

    1. Jessica says:

      Ahhhh! Really!? That’s awesome! Congratulations on your 15 year anniversary!!! Yaaay!!!
      Good for you guys, making a date night happen. I loved hearing about it! Thank you for coming by!

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