Hidden Veggie Alfredo Pizza Recipe
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“Fabulously Fast Dinners” Cookbook – Hidden Veggie Alfredo Pizza

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A Peek Inside: Fabulously Fast Dinners Cookbook – Hidden Veggie Alfredo Pizza Recipe

Oh I see you, sittin’ on the couch scrolling through Pinterest looking for a quick recipe to make your family for dinner tonight.

You want to make dinner because it’s more affordable than going out to eat and because you just want to have a homemade meal that your family can enjoy.

BUT, you loathe scrolling through all of the recipes online trying to find something that’s quick, easy and that doesn’t use ingredients that you have to pick up the next time you pass the fancy-schmancy health food market.

REAL Recipes + Quick + Easy

Hidden Veggie Alfredo Pizza Recipe

You want REAL recipes, that are quick, easy and that your family will actually eat.

In my cookbook, “Fabulously Fast Dinners”, you’ll find just that! I’m just like you. I’d prefer to eat out every night, but know that we shouldn’t.

  • But at the same time, I don’t want to spend gobs of money on a ton of ingredients at the store, to make some fancy gourmet dinner for my family that I found on Pinterest, just so I can say “I made dinner tonight.”
  • I want recipes that use ingredients that I already have on hand, or that I can pick up at the grocery store in a pinch and start cooking when I get home, with very little prep or planning in advance on my part. Because… #RealLife.

Fabulously Fast Dinners Cookbook

Slightly Homemade Dinners Cookbook Recipes

Within the 60+ pages of this book, you’ll find a total of 52 mouthwatering REAL-life, and doable recipes that create 26 done-for-you meal pairings (that’s almost a WHOLE MONTH of dinners) where main dishes are already paired with side dishes, including additional side dish and dessert suggestions.

  • Because, have you ever spent so much time searching for a main dish recipe, spending hours making it, only to realize that you forgot to even think about what side dish to make with it?

Well I’ve taken care of that for you!

When I say “dinners”… I mean DINNERS. Not just a quick recipe for a main dish. It’s a full meal plan, so you are armed and ready for dinnertime.

Buy It Now!!!

Hidden Veggie Chicken Alfredo Pizza

Hidden Veggie Alfredo Pizza - Easy Dinner Recipe Ideas

If you’re like me, I HAVE to see a photo of the recipe beforehand that I’m thinking about making. Just words on a paper don’t do it for me, and I don’t want to waste time and money on a recipe that doesn’t look appetizing.

So, I kept that “pet-peeve” in mind while creating this book and thought you may all like to see a photo with each recipe too!

  • You’ll find a photo with each recipe, so you know exactly what you’re making for dinner.

Along with that thought, I wanted to do a quick VIDEO of one of the recipes in the cookbook so you can see even more real-life cooking, and how quickly you can have a slightly homemade dish at home too.

Watch how using premade ingredients, can help you whip up a recipe that you and your family will LOVE.

Wasn’t that so easy? Let me tell you… it’s flipping amazing too. This cookbook is full of recipes just like this one. Head over to my shop, and you can make dinner so much easier, starting tonight…

Buy It Now!!

Slightly Homemade Dinners Cookbook

A few words from some of those who’ve purchased the book already:

Just made two recipes from your cookbook tonight! My family was impressed!

“Love this cookbook and I have been waiting for it to come out! Found some great recipes to use and looking forward to trying. I really wish this would be available in a hardcover or paperback edition!…”

Thank you all so much for your encouragement and support for this cookbook. I’m already excited to start the next one. Hmm… what shall that one be?


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