Allume Review - Personal Styling Service
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Allume Review – A New Styling Service Must Have!

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Allume Review: A personal stylist service for fashion that has the convenience of shopping for you from the stores that you already love!

Allume Review - Personal Styling Service

Allume Review

Oh my goodness. I’ve been so excited, waiting to tell you about this new styling service I’ve found. (New to me, not new to them.) Allume.

I wanted to wait to spill the beans until I had my opinion on the whole service (from talking to the stylist, ordering items, receiving the items and trying on the items) so I could give you all of the details at once.

I’m so glad I did because this is so so good and now I feel fully confident in recommending this service to you!

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Allume Video Review

In the video below, I get to show you what items I received from this styling session that I had, with my stylist Hannah.

I’ll also give you a brief overview of how this works, and how it differs from Trunk Club and Stitch Fix.

Then, after the video, scroll down and see what all of the items look like on, and I’ve even given you the links of where to buy the items that I received in case you want to get your hands on them too. But hurry… things sell out QUICK!

PLUS, use code: JESSICA50 to get 50% off your own styling session, making it only $10, and that’s refundable with your purchase!

LOFT, H&M, Ann Taylor, Sole Society

Don’t you LOVE those items that Hannah helped me find? I cannot WAIT to set up another “appointment” to have more looks sent over.

Allume Review - LOFT, H&M, Ann Taylor

Shop my Look:

Sole Society Boots - Allume Review

How Does Allume Work?

First, fill out your style quiz HERE.

Next, you’ll choose a time that will work for you to “meet” with your stylist. (This is where I loved being able to text my stylist so it was super convenient.)

During the time that you picked, your stylist will show you the first draft of what she (or he) picked for you and you’ll give feedback on what you love/don’t love.

Then, you can buy directly from your lookbook using Allume’s built-in checkout system. (So this way you don’t have to go to every single website and order separately.)
AAAAAnnnnd… they even provide the coupon codes that the stores had, so it can save even more money for you, without having to go look for them yourself! BONUS!

Finally, your purchases will ship from the brand or retailer within 2-7 days.

What about Returns?

If you need to return something, you’ll return it to the retailer just like you normally would and the refund is also issued directly through the retailer, just like when you return when you’re shopping for yourself.

Your Own Personal Stylist – Virtually

So gals, it’s what we’ve always wanted!

  • someone to pick out clothes for our body types
  • then to shop around at the stores that we love to find those items
  • one simple checkout
  • coupons and discounts found for us to save us money
  • 50% off your first styling session with code: JESSICA50

I’m unbelievably excited about this and can’t wait to hear how you like it.

Will you tell me below if you try it or are going to try it?! I love sharing in this with all of you, so keep me posted!

Try Allume Now!

5 thoughts on “Allume Review – A New Styling Service Must Have!

  1. Maura Willie says:

    I love this idea! Do you know if they do maternity?

    1. Jessica says:

      Hi Maura! I actually had someone else ask this, and I have a question in to them at the moment. Once I hear back I’ll be sure to let you know!

      1. Jessica says:

        Hi Maura! Just in case you haven’t gotten an answer yet, I reached out to them and they responded: “We actually do partner with several brands that offer maternity! Your followers will just want to share that they’re looking for maternity
        when they sign up and take the style quiz and their stylist will shop accordingly.” I hope that helps!

  2. Megan says:

    Looks like a great service! Can you ask them to search for a specific type item or do you just choose based on what they picked out? Also do you have to pay return shipping?

    1. Jessica says:

      Hi Megan!! Oh you can DEFINITELY ask them to search for something specific!! That’s what I love about it. It’s different than them sending you random items that they think you’ll like (they’ll do that too) but they love it when you tell them what you’re looking for! The return shipping works according to the store’s policies. So each store may be different.
      Really what I like about this service is that it’s like me shopping online and finding different pieces from different stores, knowing that if it doesn’t work, I return it like normal. But the plus of using Allume is that I don’t have to actually spend the time looking around at all of those different stores myself and they do it for me! Plus, they help me figure out what looks good and what works together. I hope that helps!

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