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Over 50 Blog Post Ideas for a Lifestyle or Personal Blog

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Blog Post Ideas for a Lifestyle or Personal Blog: for the days you’re in a rut, or if you’re just starting out with your lifestyle blog, here are ideas to get the ball rolling!

Blog Post Ideas for Lifestyle or Personal Blog

When I first started Fantabulosity, I don’t really remember struggling with what to write posts about because I just remember living life, and writing about whatever I thought may be helpful for someone else. But over the years I’ve been asked time and time again,

“How do you come up with blog post ideas?”

and I always answer with the same thing,

“Oh gosh… I just blog about whatever I’m doing or feel like blogging about.”

Now if I had more of a niche blog, than a personal blog, I don’t think I could get away with that. But the fact that I started a “lifestyle blog”, does give me the opportunity to write about a lot of different things. And if you have, or are wanting to start a lifestyle blog, then you can do that too! It’s your blog… and you can do what you want!

List of Blog Post Ideas

Here you’ll find a list of blog post topics and ideas that I came up with to give you a head start for your own blog, or to inspire you when you’re drawing a blank.

Lifestyle and personal blog post ideas

Personal Life

  • marriage tips and what works for your marriage
  • parenting toddlers
  • the potty training trick that worked
  • moving into our new home
  • something I learned at church
  • mental health and how working on it can change your life
  • how to get the most out of the holidays with your family
  • game night and why our kids love it


  • easy recipes
  • gourmet recipes
  • low carb recipes
  • kid recipes
  • recipe for two
  • pantry staples
  • family favorite recipes
  • date night meal ideas
  • meal prepping for a week
  • how to make and store freezer meals
  • favorite food items to buy from Aldi, Walmart, Target
  • spices to keep on hand

Home Decor

  • how to decorate bookshelves
  • how to create a retreat-like master bedroom
  • bathroom decorating and storage
  • how to decorate your front porch
  • staple pieces every home should have
  • favorite stores to buy home decor
  • why less is more for home decor
  • how to decorate a small space
  • favorite home decor on Amazon


  • how to organize your pantry
  • 3 ways to organize under your bathroom sink
  • tips to get a handle on toy organization
  • desk organization ideas
  • meal planning and grocery shopping tips
  • organization supplies must-haves from a dollar store
  • how to organize your bedroom closet
  • how to organize a kitchen without a pantry


  • fashion for moms
  • affordable clothes for kids
  • how to organize and store kids clothes for hand-me-downs
  • staple items for every closet
  • shoes for a night out with friends
  • what to pack for an overnight outing
  • winter clothing staples


  • top 10 favorite Beaches
  • how to pack clothes for kids
  • what to do in Chicago on a weekend trip
  • girls trip ideas
  • self-retreat highlight
  • luggage review
  • how to entertain your kids on a flight
  • taking the train vs. flying or driving


  • how to style beach waves
  • favorite makeup products
  • how to whiten teeth naturally
  • favorite drugstore finds
  • home recipes for face masks
  • the perfect beauty gift to give a best friend

Business and Finance

  • favorite work-at-home business ideas for moms
  • 3 strategies for saving money on groceries
  • blogging and how to start one that you love
  • how to manage your family finances
  • finance tools for running an at-home business

Ready to Start Your Blog?

If you’ve already started your blog… GREAT!

If you haven’t yet, and you were just browsing here to see if you could find enough ideas to start a blog with… then you’re ready to:

how to start a lifestyle blog

so you can get your blog started TODAY!

By the end of this video series, you’ll have your very own blog, publishing your first blog post! Click here to learn more!

More Lifestyle + Personal Blog Inspiration

If you’re a data or example lover like I am, then that means you LOVE to get your hands on more ideas and strategies that you can.

So I made it easy to grab more blog-related posts that I have, to help you on your blogging journey.

Feel free to browse my entire blogging archives or click below for some of my favorites that relate to this post!

Do you have any specific questions about blogging? I’d love to hear and I’d love to help if I can. Feel free to comment below, message me on Facebook, send me a DM on Instagram, or stop me if you see me out and about in your neck of the woods!

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