My Blogging Secrets - Links to what MAKES my blog more successful.

Blogging FAQ’s

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I think I’m just NOW picking myself up off of the floor, from the astonishment of how fascinating last weeks Blogging Workshop turned out.

As I said on the “live,” stream, I thought like ONE person would be on to watch. Seriously you all… there were 128 (not that I counted) people who attended and watched. My heart is FULL.

I promised you all the links to my favorite blogging must-haves, to make life a little easier on you.

If you missed the LIVE Blogging Workshop, no fear. I’ve had TONS of requests to do it again, because of some that weren’t able to make it, and some because they want to learn more! Make sure you sign up as an eClub VIP, so you don’t miss the announcement for the next workshop! Sign up here —-> Sign UP!

Blogging FAQ’s:

My Blogging Secrets - Links to what MAKES my blog more successful.

My top-performing Affiliate Programs:

•  Flex Offers

Ad Income Links:

Google Adsense

A Technical Life Saver:

I use someone to help me with the “technical,” side of things that I don’t like to do. (Rather, I don’t know HOW to do.)  Guys… the day your blog gets hacked is quite possibly one of the most sickening feelings, ever. Protect your site.


I use A2 Hosting and have been tickled pink with them. Not only have they been amazeballs as a host, but they contact me if they see ANYTHING suspicious at all. And like I said above… the minute someone tries to hack your site, it’s one of the most violating feelings evah. At the time I’m writing this to you… A2 Hosting has a special they are running that only charges $3.92 a month! Whaaat!? Get A2 Hosting!

I also mentioned a second host that I have used before, and although I had them for a LONG time, I switched to A2, due to a couple of issues I had with them. But all in all… they were pretty good to me.  Sign up for Host Gator hosting

Increase in Traffic:

With NO doubt, my biggest traffic source is Pinterest. About an average of 90% of my traffic stems form Pinterest referrals. Follow me here: Fantabulosity Pinterest

Blog Design & Templates:

I’m all about a blog looking good. Many times, I’ll go to a site and I immediately hit the “X” in the upper corner to close out and leave. It’s not because it doesn’t have great content or great ideas… but that because… well… it just doesn’t look good. The font is hard to read, the colors don’t work well, etc.
I use Pretty Darn Cute Design and purchase templates for my blog. I’ve NEVER been let down by them, and they always go above & BEYOND to help me make it the way I want it. {I’ll buy a template, adjust a few changes, and they even have a 24 hr turn around package that you can purchase. So if you’re like me, and you want something done, PRONTO… PDCD is your must-have. Search their templates here: Pretty Darn Cute Design

So that’s it! (At least all I can think of at the moment! If I find another good item to add to my Blogging FAQ’s, rest assured I’ll fill you in! 😉

 So tell me… did you sign up for any of these? Are you a blogger, and already use these? Should I add something that you love to this list? Let me know below in the comments!

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