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Is blogging right for me


Blogging and having an online business has been my secret to being able to stay at home with my kiddos, work only when I can/want to, and the best part… being able to financially support my family, especially during difficult times.

 When our personal life was crashing down around us (mainly back in 2018), I didn’t feel like working on the blog.

My family was way more important to me than “work” and all I cared about was that my family was safe and healthy. ❤️

But the coolest part?

Even though I BARELY worked on my blog…

…the blog was WORKING FOR ME.

Here’s a screenshot of my gross income from 2018 — yes — when I barely opened my computer all year long. No lie.
Blog Income report
Needless to say, I’m SUPER passionate now about helping other moms start their blogs, so it can possibly be a saving grace for you too.

Whether that’s to generate extra income to help out with the bills, to plan a trip to Disney, or just have money in savings for a rainy day.

This FREE training is a 4 part training, where I teach you how to…

  1. Identify a topic(s) you LOVE that will be the foundation of your blog’s focus
  2. Validate your blog niche (lifestyle, teaching, food, fashion, i.e.) so you can be confident your blog will be successful
  3. Have clarity about your blog’s direction
  4. Discover your purpose that will help you serve your audience!
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