How to start a blog - answering blogging questions

Blogging Q+A – #6 Answering Your Blogging Questions

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Blogging Q+A – #6 Answering Your Blogging Questions: Tips to get noticed by brands, besides WordPress what blogging websites do you recommend, and what tools do you use? I’m answering all of these for you today!

How to start a blog - answering blogging questions

Hey blogging friends! If you’ve been around here for a while, you know that I love to occasionally answer YOUR blogging related questions. Remember that I’m always leaving the submission form open, in case you think of new questions to ask, so feel free to do that anytime, HERE!

Today, I’ve selected three of the questions from the submissions bank, and I’m hoping they can help those who have asked them, AND others of you who are looking for blogging help too!

Ready to Start Your Blog?

If you haven’t started your blog yet, and you’re ready… you’ll want to get your hands on Fantabulous Blogging 101: How to Start Your Blog pronto!

how to start a lifestyle blog

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Blogging Q+A – #6 Answering Your Blogging Questions

In today’s (raw video, as a stay-at-home mom) blogging video, I’m answering:

  • Do you have any tips to get noticed by brands?
  • Besides WordPress, what blogging websites do you recommend?
  • What tools do you use?

Help for the Beginning Blogger

I’d say this video is geared more towards the beginner blogger, but experienced bloggers may find something helpful too! You just never know!

Links I Mentioned in Video:

TRELLO BLOG POST: See that organization post HERE



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Not Ready to Stop Learning?

I truly hope I was able to answer some of your blogging related questions today. If you’re dying to learn more about things like:

…there are easy to understand resources right here in my blogging archives, where I share the strategies that have worked, and currently work for me!

Remember to submit your anonymous blogging related questions HERE, and I’ll get to it on one of my future videos! Can’t wait!

How to create a blog

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