Blogging questions answered: q&a affiliates, time to blog, and how to grow and get followers

Blogging Q&A Video: Affiliates + Gaining Followers + Finding Time To Blog

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Blogging Q&A Video: Affiliates + Gaining Followers + Finding Time To Blog — I’m answering a few of the questions you’ve asked, in a REAL way. Keep the questions coming!

Blogging questions answered: q&a affiliates, time to blog, and how to grow and get followers

I’m gettin’ a bit down and to the point with some answers to your questions today!

Hey blogging (or soon to be blogging) friends! I could NOT be more excited to answer some of your blogging questions today. You all, there are SO many good ones!!! For real. I couldn’t answer them all in one video, so there will have to be multiple videos to answer all of them.

But for today, I’ve answered 3 for you! You’ll see that in the video below, but in light of the blogging topic, I want to also take a second to touch on a blogging-related mindset that I feel VERY passionate about. Hopefully hearing the approach that I take to blogging will encourage you to determine your own approach and mindset. Because without a clear focus and mindset… you may open yourself up to a game of chasing your own tail one day.

Why I Believe I Still Enjoy Blogging After Almost 8 Years…

Blogging Q&A: Affiliates, increasing followers and how to find time and content to blog about.

Now we all know how much I love a good recipe, room reveal, and Trunk Club unboxing… but I also love it when I get to sit and chat about my favorite all-time “job”… blogging.

You all, I am NOT sending any fluff your way when I say the cliche things like:

I work at home…

…Get to stay at home with my kids

…Do what I love

…And make money while doing it.

Sure, I totally get it. We hear those things all of the time, and we often wonder if that’s even true, or if they’re just telling us that. But hear me loud and clear when I say “That is 100% true for me.” Now, are there days that are challenging, hurtful, and just overall unrewarding? You bet. Are there some months where I don’t make as much as I had wished I did? Yep. But isn’t that with any “job” in life?

Keeping It Real

Now part of the reason that I enjoy blogging so much is because I’m constantly talking about things that I adore. Things like marriage, party styling, cooking, fashion, and home decor. But I truly think that I still enjoy blogging after almost 6 years because I made a commitment in the beginning to only blog about things that I love, and never bow down to just trying to earn a penny from someone or something.

I see so many bloggers get caught up in the “Well, I’ll recommend this product because they’re paying me to.” Or “I’ll do a quick post about this item because it pays a really good commission if someone buys it.”

I Look at Blogging in this Light

Out of all of the things you could be looking at online today, you chose to come to Fantabulosity. So I’m going to cherish and appreciate that. I’m not going to sell you out, hoping to make 30 cents off of you because of a new kitchen gadget that I recommend.

This way, when I’m real, authentic and upfront about things… I don’t feel a pressure to “say it right,” or have to remember what I once told you because I want to make sure to still give off an appearance that you expect. (Which all falls back on stress, pressure, and soon “dread” that can come along with getting burnt out with a “job.”) With this mindset, blogging stays fun for me, and I look forward to sitting down at my computer and chatting with you about real life with no expectations.

Still to this day, I only recommend things that I love, and I strive to provide quality content. Things that can either improve your life, or give you a bit of entertainment away from your busy life.


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Now, let’s get with some of the questions that were submitted about blogging! You all, you are asking AMAZING questions. Today I’m answering 3 of the questions that have come in, and I’ll get to the others as soon as I’m able. So if you still have questions to ask, you can submit them anytime right HERE!

Blogging Q&A Video: Affiliates + Gaining Followers + Finding Time To Blog

Questions I’m answering in this video:

1. How do you become an affiliate with companies?

2. How do you gain subscribers and viewers?

3. When you’re exhausted after a long day, how do you find energy to create content?

… let’s get with it!

Whew! Ok, so that last question had me all “gettin’ super real with it.” But it’s so true right? We tend to make time in our lives for things that have little to do with improving and working towards our goals. I really encourage you to dissect your average day, and see what you can remove. This way, you can replace it with something that’s important to you, something that you want to see improvement in.

How Would You Like to See the Next Blogging Course?

In the video I mentioned how the next blogging course could either be one really big course that covers a TON of info about growing your blog, or I could offer it in small little packages/classes so you could purchase only the courses on the topics that you’re interested in. Let me know below which you’d prefer please!

One package deal… or a bunch of different ones? Let me hear what you’d like to see!

Plus, sign up for my newsletter HERE so you can be notified when the next blogging course is ready for you!

There’s Still Time to Submit Your Questions!

If you’d like to hear your specific question about blogging answered, give it to me! I’m so excited to answer it for you, if I’m able!

Submit Here!

Blogging how to and questions answered

6 thoughts on “Blogging Q&A Video: Affiliates + Gaining Followers + Finding Time To Blog

  1. Sarah says:

    That video was FABULOUS!!! As for the course thing, id love to see it more “a la carte”- so we can pick and choose what we feel like we need and skip what we don’t. Thanks for all you do- you’ve been a huge encouragement to me.(hugs!)

    1. Jessica says:

      Oh yay!!! I’m so happy that you liked it. And thank you SOOO much for the feedback on what you’d like to see! XOXO

  2. Laura says:

    Jessica, I loved this Q & A! Such good content! I LOVE this and just want to learn more and more! I am obsessed with learning more. 🙂 I honestly don’t have an opinion which way you offer your courses. I will buy either way! I learned so much from you the last time. I really appreciate all that you do to help all of us beginning bloggers. Ok, BTW can I say I love the music at the beginning and end of your videos!! LOL!!

    1. Jessica says:

      Oh Laura, you always have such a way of getting straight at my heart strings. I’m so appreciate of YOU!
      Thank you so much for your constant support, and I’m THRILLED that you’ve found help along the way already!!! THank you Laura! XOXO

  3. Mauri says:

    Well, I came to your blog to look up some party ideas, and I ended up hovering over your blogging section for a while instead! I’m very good at chasing rabbit trails. 🙂 I love coming to your bright, cheery blog! I really enjoy blogging about parties, too, and I’m wanting to focus more on that in 2018 than I have in the past. They’re so fun! Thanks so much for the blogging info – I consume this type of advice ravenously, so it’s fun to get it in various forms! – Mauri

    1. Jessica says:

      Hi Mauri! I’m so glad that you popped by for a visit and hung around a while, and thank you for the sweet words! I’m glad that you fond the blogging info help too! Thank you!

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