Before and After Casual Makeup for Night Out
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Casual Night Out Make-Up

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Remember when I hit the “jackpot,” and found someone to do my hair and makeup, flawlessly? If not, I shared the before and after with you a while back here. I contacted Jennifer at Flawless Makeup again recently, and asked if I could come visit. Granted, I love her as a friend… but I had an ulterior motive too. 😉

I felt like Cinderella the day she gave me a total makeover, but when I woke up the next morning to start another day, it was back to my ragged dress and messy hair. {Minus scrubbing any floors.}

—-> I had remembered Jennifer saying that she gives make-up lessons, and I knew I needed to make an appointment asap. I told her that I wanted to share a couple of make-up tricks with my readers {YES YOU}, and she was totally pumped for it.

Turns out, I had a dear friend, Roseanna, {Picture Perfect by Roseanna— Shameless Plug I know}, coming in to town, ALL THE WAY from Washington, and we made plans to have dinner and a cocktail {or two… ok 3} so I came up with a “Casual Night Out Make-up,” plan for my stylist. Perfect excuse.

Makeover bound! Before a casual makeup night out


I kept you posted on my Facebook page, with a before photo, above, {well… with shades and a little Kate Spade}, and told you that I would share the results with you very soon. Whelp… fast forward about a week and a half, and I’m finally sitting down to put it all together. {Yes, I know… slacker. But I went to the BYBC2015 conference in Salt Lake City for a few days, and I kinda got a little distracted. 🙂  P.S. If you’re a blogger and haven’t been to a conference, do it. I’m sure I’ll give more on that tidbit later.}

Before, casual makeup for a night out

When I got to Jennifer’s studio, I snapped a quick pic of my “before.” I gotta say… before I started using Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate, and Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye Concentrate,  I would have NEVER went out and about on the town, without makeup on. Something about this stuff makes my face “glow,” and I’m loud and proud about not sporting the makeup some days.

So the after?

After, casual make-up night out

{Sorry… the backwards iPhone selfie just doesn’t cut clarity like it should. An iPhone 6 is on my “to-buy” list.}

We skipped on the fake eyelashes this round, and airbrushing. (Remembering it was just a casual night out, and simple makeup tips that I was needing.)  She also gave me a lesson on how to fix my hair in a “fancy pony,” I like to call it, but I had her take it down before I left, so I could wear it down for my night out.

I’m a firm believer in online makeup and hair tutorials, but there’s just something about getting something done in person, hands on, so you can really let it all soak in. But I do want to share a couple of major “good to know,” things with you that she told me. Why? Because I love you. Aaaand… if you’re in the St. Louis area, I REALLY recommend you go pay her a visit, so you can see why I adore her. If you don’t live near here, or don’t plan to visit, you may even hit her up for a Skype lesson. Did I just volunteer you for that Jennifer? Ooops. Maybe I shouldn’t do that. It may not even work. But I can’t help it. I want everyone to be able to utilize you… somehow. 🙂

So a couple of tips I learned that day?

{I learned sooooo much that day, but I’m tellin’ ya. You HAVE to do it in person with her. The best. But just in case you can’t, here are my faves that I can share here.}

  • Do your eyes first. What? Yes. I thought she was crazy. But after about 2 minutes, I totally get it. She told me that if you do your eyes first, it allows time for the eye makeup to “fall,” so you’re able to remove it, or cover it up… before you head out the door. Ooooh! So that’s why I was finding myself wiping the gunk off underneath my eyes about an hour after I left the house every day.
  • Bronzer-I was doing it wrong. Not hard to believe right? I mean, I did go to have “lessons,” for applying makeup. What I WAS doing, was swirlin’ my brush around in the bronzer pallet, and covering my whole stinkin’ face and neck with it. Jennifer said to only put it on the areas of the face where the light would hit. So the sides of the forehead, cheekbones, and jawbone. Then, if you want… take a little and touch the front of the forehead, nose, and chin. Woah… I must have looked like a “spray tan, gone bad,” before I started following her tip.
  • Ok one more…Concealer. I was using my concealer all wrong. I have this “stick,” concealer, that I would “swipe,” under each eye every morning to hide those dreadful bags. She said I was using the wrong type of concealer for this. Apparently, the stick concealer is best for blemishes, not bags. Ooops.

I did my hair in about 5 minutes… my new favorite style technique for sure. I plan to share my quick “beach wave,” look with you VERY soon too, and show you what my fave-o-rite hair products and hair tools are, that I can’t live without! 😉

Before and After Casual Makeup for Night Out

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