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How to Create – and Fill – a DIY Date Jar!
DIY & Crafts, Marriage, Real Life

How to Create – and Fill – a DIY Date Jar

Ali from Homey Improvements was so nice to share this DIY Date Jar here for us today! I absolutely adore this idea, and can't wait to do some of them: Take it Ali: Is dinner-and-a-movie just not doing it anymore? If so, it might be time for you and your significant other to roll up your sleeves and make yourselves a date jar. You can stuff it with out-of-the-box ideas for your next date, pull one when you’re in the mood to go out and you’ll have the perfect itinerary for your night. DIY Date Jar This DIY Date Jar is also a...

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Teacher Survival Kit - Teacher Gift Idea
DIY & Crafts, Gift Ideas, Review

Teacher Survival Kit & FREE Printable

My kiddo will be starting his second year of preschool this year, and we are BOTH looking so forward to it. He loves going, and I love it for him for a couple of reasons: •  I love it, becaues HE loves it • He's making friends and being social • I get to have one on one time with my youngest for a few hours a day Although he only goes for only a few hours, his teacher plays HUGE part in his life. So I wanted...

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Minion Cookies DIY. I'm no cookie decorator, but I can do these!
Desserts, DIY & Crafts, Recipes

Minion Cookies DIY

So as you can probably tell from my photo of the DIY Minion cookies below, I'm no professional cookie decorator. That's for SURE. BUT... according to my 4 and 1 year old toddlers, they are the best thing ever. I was sitting in my counselors waiting room the other day {Yes, I go to counseling about once a month for a little mental maintenance. Even if I don't have a stressful thing going on in my life... I still go. Being able to sit and talk with someone about "life," is so refreshing. Ok back to Minion cookies...}, and I...

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DIY Coat Rack {towel rack or apron rack}
Decorating, DIY & Crafts, House + Home

DIY Farmhouse Coat Rack {Towel Rack or Apron Rack}

Hi! I'm Fotini from Glamorous, Affordable Life and I'm super excited to be here today!! I am so thrilled to be a monthly contributor here, sharing some of my passion for creating and crafting! I can't wait to share a super simple, but oh so adorable project with you all today! If you follow along with me on my blog, you know that my style is farmhouse-chic. If you don't follow along with me yet, I sure would love to have you ;) So, today we are staying in my comfort zone of farmhouse and creating a little something for...

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How to Create a Kid's Birthday Invitation with Canva!, and FREE printable!
Birthday, DIY & Crafts, Entertaining, Holiday, Kids, Printables

Create a Personalized Kid’s Birthday Invitation with Canva

Canva is an online design tool that you can use to create images and printables. I had never heard of it before becoming a blogger. My daughter's 2nd birthday was coming up and I created a super cute birthday invitation (and a thank you card) and I totally wowed her friends moms, and my husband! I'm not a designer by trade, I'm just a regular mom blogger but I created something really cute and I know you can too!   You could spend a lot of money on a personalized printed birthday invitation. And for a kid's birthday, it just doesn't make sense...

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DIY Corkboard Frame
Decorating, DIY & Crafts, House + Home, Organization

Cork Board Frame

Thanks so much for having me here at Fantabulosity, Jessica! I’m Denyse from Glitter, Glue and paint.   If you haven’t heard of me, Glitter, Glue and Paint is geared towards DIY, Crafting, Home Décor, Organization with a twist of real life. GGP is chock full of articles like painting your own furniture, DIY'ing your way to home decor, and crafting ideas. While I do love the big home projects, most of my stuff uses glitter, glue, and paint (heehee). I seriously love crafts, and some of my favorites include burlap and paint. I'm excited to be sharing my Cork Board Frame with all of you here at Fantabulosity. CORK...

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But first coffee shirt
DIY & Crafts, Style

But First, Coffee Shirt

I've had a HUGE, unexpected, response to the "But First, Coffee," shirt that I made for myself. It was the first time I had ever made a shirt using my Silhouette Machine, and I was so excited, that I had to shout it from the roof tops on my social media. I never had any intentions of making them for others, until: To my surprise, I started receiving messages: Jessica! I love that shirt that you made! Can I buy one from you? This shirt is sooo me. Where can I get it? So on and so on. So my wheels got to...

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DIY Picnic Boxed Lunch Idea
DIY & Crafts, Parenting, Review

DIY Boxed Lunch Ideas

I am SMITTEN with boxed lunch ideas. Anytime I see one on Pinterest, I have to pin it, because the options are ENDLESS. Birthday parties, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, play dates, girls lunch, etc. Grabbing a boxed lunch, is easy and convenient for your guests, as well as pretty precious too. ;) You can even make a boxed lunch for your kiddos, for an afternoon picnic this Summer, like I sometimes do! DIY Boxed Lunch Ideas These are incredibly easy, and is WAY better than grabbing the same ole cheeseburger at a fast food...

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s to make your own tie-dye shirts! & Candy Bar Cart for an afternoon full of Summer fun!!!
DIY & Crafts, Entertaining, Kids

Candy Cart Summer Fun!

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone, promise!. #ShareFunshine #CollectiveBias School is OUT!  I'm not sure if there's a better way to celebrate school being out, than spending time outside with the kiddos in the Summer! Oh wait... yes there is! // Spending time outside with the kiddos AND creating a boat load {or cart} of fun for them too! ;) It is the end of my sons first year of school AND his birthday! So I wanted to do something for him to help celebrate the two milestones! // I secretly snuck...

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Sunshine Gift Basket Ideas
DIY & Crafts, Gift Ideas

Box of Sunshine Gift Ideas

A Little Box of Sunshine Gift Ideas: A sunshine box is a fun gift to not only give, but to put together! Go on a hunt for all things yellow, and surprise someone special with the gift basket! By FAR, my favorite "go-to," gift right now. I couldn't WAIT to share my Box of Sunshine gift ideas with you. Why? Because not only is this gift absolutely fabulous for ANYONE that you know, I had a blast shopping for it! Sunshine Box When you're on...

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Happy Pops Day! Father's Day Gift Idea!
DIY & Crafts, Father's Day, Gift Ideas, Holiday

Happy “Pops” Day! Father’s Day Gift Idea

I have been in a "gifting," mood all week, and although that sounds really good... it's only because I've been putting off getting TONS of gifts that I have been needing to get for a while now, and I'm finally getting around to it. With Father's Day right around the corner, I knew that I better get on the ball, since I was "gifting," anyway. :) We have a friend that has recently become a new "dad," and I wanted to get him something that I had seen on Pinterest, so when I was planning his gift, it hit me... Why can't...

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DIY Teacher Gift Idea quick
DIY & Crafts, Gift Ideas

DIY Quick & Easy Teacher Gift Idea

I've talked about my sister on here before... so it's not a surprise to you that I love sharing her bits of fun every once in a while. She came up with the 4 Takeaways to be a Better Mom, and she also came up with the Healthy Valentine's Day treat for her sons class. She sent me a photo last night, showing me her latest creation. {Her quick & easy teacher gift idea.}, and life as a busy mom leaves us at times needing something quick and easy to put together for those particular...

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Fueled by coffee & Jesus Mug. This is sooo cute!
DIY & Crafts, Gift Ideas

DIY Coffee Mug

It's simple. My mom loves coffee and Jesus. Don't get me wrong... she loves other things too... but she LUUVS her coffee and Jesus. :) When Mother's Day rolled around, I totally waited until the last minute to make her Mother's Day gift. {Ok, maybe the day after Mother's day, I finally made her gift. But don't tell her I said that.}  I'm a HUGE procrastinator with some things. I have no idea why, but I tend to think I have more time than anyone else to get something done. Anyhoo... I had been wanting to experiment with a few things...

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Spring Chalkboard Art Ideas
Decorating, DIY & Crafts, House + Home

Spring Chalkboard Art Ideas

It may seem a tad crazy, but I am always so excited when a new holiday comes rolling around, so I can re-do my chalkboard art. When it was time to erase my Easter Chalkboard Art, I had a hard time deciding which holiday to do next. Spring Chalkboard Art So.... I just decided to wing it. Or "Spring," it. {Hee.} I left up the boarder that I had on the Easter design, because I loved it's simplicity. Ok ok... I didn't change it because I was too lazy. When you walk in our front door, the message of the season is always...

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Turn your crib in to a dress up, dressing room!
Decorating, DIY & Crafts, House + Home, Parenting

Turning a Crib in to a Dressing Room- Let’s Play Dress-Up!

My sister and her husband are the most creative people that I know. With her creative brain, and his mad handy-man skillzzz... the two of them together, blow my mind. If you saw the crawfish boil party that I had for my son, you already know how awesome my sister and brother-in-law are. Seriously... go look if you haven't ----> Crawfish Boil Party Turning a Crib in to a Dressing Room I can't exactly remember how the conversation came up, but when I found out that my sister and her husband took a crib, and transformed it in to a "dress-up," area...

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DIY State Art gift idea
DIY & Crafts, Gift Ideas

DIY State Art Gift Idea

Do you have, or is it you... that LOVES their home state? This DIY State Art idea, is the PERFECT gift idea, or fabulous way to display it in your own home! I recently started thinking about what I was going to get {or make, since I love DIY} my sister for her upcoming birthday. First thought... "She loves things that reference her home state." {She moved from Missouri to Alabama years ago, but her heart still belongs here. Or at least I say it does.} So when I was browsing Pinterest for ideas of what to get/make her for her birthday, I knew...

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Valentine's Day Chalkboard Chalkboard font, art, and decorating ideas
Decorating, DIY & Crafts, House + Home, Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Chalkboard

I'm delighted to share my Valentine's Day Chalkboard with you today! Consider this part of the "Home Tour," that I did, if you will... but it will change from season to season. The other day when I shared my latest chalkboard design on Instagram, and my Facebook page, I had a lot of feedback saying that you wanted to know more! So here we are: Valentine's Day Chalkboard Design It all began when I couldn't WAIT to get my hands on this chalkboard from Restoration Hardware. The day it was delivered, I begged a good friend to come over and help me hang...

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Classroom Valentines Day Ideas, for books instead of candy
DIY & Crafts, Holiday, Valentine's Day

Classroom Valentines -“Booking it Over Here to Tell You…”

Classroom Valentines Idea: "Booking" it over here tell you..." is such a cute and easy idea to make for the classroom! So I'm learning that there are good and not-so-good points about my kids starting school (preschool, daycare, whatever it may be.) Not-so-good: Life is crazier making sure my kiddo is prepared for every new little activity that is taking place within the school. {Field trip, classroom party, etc.} Good: I get to get my "crafting," on, WAY more than I did in the past. Now that I actually have classroom parties and deadlines to meet, I make it a priority to get creative. My Silhouette FINALLY...

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Gift basket idea for men or women
Birthday, Christmas, DIY & Crafts, Father's Day, Gift Ideas, Holiday, Mother's Day

“Take it Easy,” Gift Basket Idea for Men or Women

Take it Easy Relaxation Gift Basket Idea for Men or Women: This simple gift idea is perfect for any man or woman for ANY occasion! Who wouldn't love a basket with an excuse to relax! My sister's birthday was in December, and she's one of those, "My birthday is around Christmas, so everyone forgets about it," kinda people. Do you know someone like this too? ;) This year, I'm pretty excited about her gift. Not only was it so EASY... not only is it a concoction of things for relaxing...not only is it gender neutral and perfect for those men &...

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IKEA Frames Wall Gallery Idea
Decorating, DIY & Crafts, House + Home, Printables

IKEA Wall Gallery Layout

My IKEA Wall Gallery has been quite the conversation piece in my home, ever since I FINALLY got it up in my living area. If you went through my home tour , you may notice that I haven't featured my living area just yet. Well... that's because I was waiting to get the wall gallery up, and the mantle decorated. "How do you even start a gallery wall layout?"---yep, heard that one. "Ok, now I need gallery wall ideas for my house."---uh huh, few people have mentioned that too. "Are those IKEA frames?"--Seems like I know some others that share the same love...

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Reward Card Organization! Stop digging in your purse or wallet for them!
DIY & Crafts, Organization

How to ORGANIZE Your Reward Cards!

I have a MAD crush on Pinterest. At times I wonder how we even lived without it. Did we actually have to come up with ideas on our own? Boring. ;)  At some point in my "pinning," career I came across a way to organize my reward cards. (I can't begin to tell you where I saw this.. because silly me, I didn't "pin," it. So make sure you "pin," this one, so you don't forget to do it, when you have time!) This has been one of the most HELPFUL tips that I have found, and as always... I must share...

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