Best air fryer reviews
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Best Air Fryer: Reviews and Favorite Picks

Best Air Fryer: The top 5 air fryers after researching customer reviews and specs of each one! Shop them today on Amazon and find out the favorite pick from Walmart!Fantabulosity participates in affiliate programs, which means we may receive commissions if you purchased an item via links on this page to retailer sites, at no extra cost to you! However, our recommendations do not reflect commisions. For more details, you can read our affiliate and earnings disclaimer!You know my love for my new kitchen gadget, the Instant Pot... so now I'm totally intrigued with what else I could add to my...

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Instant Pot Review - How to Use an Instant Pot
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Instant Pot® Review: How to Use an Instant Pot®

Instant Pot® Review: How to Use an Instant Pot® - With so many recommending the Instant Pot® pressure cooker, I knew it was something I had to try for myself when it wasn't seeming like just a fad anymore. I'm so glad that I did. I unboxed it, and made chicken breasts, all in a few minutes. Instant Pot® Review So I'm not going to lie. I've heard about the Instant Pot® for a long time, I seriously thought it would be old news in about a couple of months. But then, I started seeing more and more recipes pop up...

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How do you use a ninja coffee maker
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Best Coffee Maker: Ninja Coffee Bar

Best Coffee Maker: How to Use the Ninja Coffee Bar - Tutorial and instructions on how to use the CF091 coffee maker! It's easy to use, and now you can make your own lattes at home!Best Coffee Maker So the other day on my Facebook page, I shared with you how much I love my Ninja Coffee Bar! A lot of you said you have been eyeing it for a while, but were either intimidated by it or wasn't sure if you wanted to take the plunge and switch to one or not.Then, someone asked if I'd make a video...

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After photo of cabinet for Kitchenaid Mixer Install
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Kitchenaid Mixer Lift for Kitchen

Kitchenaid Mixer Lift for Kitchen: One of my FAVORITE kitchen must-haves when building!It's finally in! Quite possibly my most favorite invention ever. (For the kitchen I suppose.)If you followed me on my home tour that I gave a while back, you saw Part 4: The Kitchen. I showed you all of the nifty little tricks that we incorporated, like the spice rack, ice machine, pots/pans pull-out shelves, etc. But I didn't get to show you one thing that I was totally excited about, because it wasn't installed yet. Kitchenaid Mixer Lift Now, the mixer lift is installed! Check out the before...Now...

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