Toddler Packing Checklist Free Printable for when we travel!
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Free Toddler Travel Packing List

Free Toddler Packing List: This checklist has saved my sanity a TON! No frantic, last minute things to worry about forgetting. Our family loves to travel, and about 90% of the time, it's last minute. So I've learned to save my sanity, by always having my toddler travel packing list, for our toddler's items to pack his bags super quick. {This is a snapshot of me and my little guy, when we visited Gulf Shores Alabama, when he was just an itty bitty guy. I was also horribly sick with morning sickness, at 3 months along with baby #2, so excuse the pale skin color.... Toddler...

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The SMART way to pack your Baby or Toddler for Vacation
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The Smart Way to Pack for Baby or Toddler

Ever since creating the baby & toddler packing list for you {ahem, years ago...}, I've wanted to fill you in on the SMARTEST way that I know how to pack my little guys. I'm certain that this one little life-changing tip, will CHANGE the way you pack for your baby or toddler. The SMART Way to Pack a Baby or Toddler: 1. Start by sorting the clothes that you plan to take with you. I do this by pulling articles of clothing out in categories. For instance: I start with onesies & shirts. I pull them out of the closet, and place them in a...

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Restaurant Kit - Toddler Busy Bag Ideas!
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Restaurant Kit: Toddler Busy Bag

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone, promise! #MARVELSnackBar #CollectiveBias Sometimes I wonder what in the heck we were thinking when we decided to go out to eat with two little boys. Forcing them to sit still for a long period of time, is almost a cruel joke. Since the majority of the time, we decide to eat out at the last minute, I may not have time to round up toys & snacks for a restaurant trip. So the new trick up my sleeve, (thanks to Blue I Style) is my...

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How to Declutter & Declutter Tips!
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How to Declutter & Organize. The Harsh Truth.

I'm sooo not a hoarder. I think there could be a good chance that I would be a packrat, if we lived in the same house for years. Or had plans to. But... we tend to move at least every couple of years, and the clutter... just doesn't happen, because I don't allow it to. So after years of decluttering, I wanted to share my decluttering tips with you. How to Declutter & Organize: 1.  Start with one room. If that's too overwhelming for you, start with one small space. I'll admit, I usually have to start with a small space, and expand...

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DIY Corkboard Frame
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Cork Board Frame

Thanks so much for having me here at Fantabulosity, Jessica! I’m Denyse from Glitter, Glue and paint.   If you haven’t heard of me, Glitter, Glue and Paint is geared towards DIY, Crafting, Home Décor, Organization with a twist of real life. GGP is chock full of articles like painting your own furniture, DIY'ing your way to home decor, and crafting ideas. While I do love the big home projects, most of my stuff uses glitter, glue, and paint (heehee). I seriously love crafts, and some of my favorites include burlap and paint. I'm excited to be sharing my Cork Board Frame with all of you here at Fantabulosity. CORK...

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5 Secrets to a guest ready house in minutes
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Secrets to a “Guest Ready,” House in Minutes

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone, promise!  #RealLifeClean #CollectiveBias It's no secret that I love to entertain. If you've been hanging around here for any amount of time, you've probably seen some of the parties that I have designed, and can tell that it's a HUGE passion of mine. Oh yes, the frilly cake stands... the fancy-schmancy hors d'oeuvres... it's all a blast. BUT... like everyone out there, we don't always have a months notice before we hear that someone is coming over. If you're married to someone like my husband... it's typically, Oh...

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Reward Card Organization! Stop digging in your purse or wallet for them!
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How to ORGANIZE Your Reward Cards!

I have a MAD crush on Pinterest. At times I wonder how we even lived without it. Did we actually have to come up with ideas on our own? Boring. ;)  At some point in my "pinning," career I came across a way to organize my reward cards. (I can't begin to tell you where I saw this.. because silly me, I didn't "pin," it. So make sure you "pin," this one, so you don't forget to do it, when you have time!) This has been one of the most HELPFUL tips that I have found, and as always... I must share...

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How to Organize your kids printables
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Printable Organization for Kids

If you're like me, you see TONS of free lesson plans and printables on Pinterest that you want to print out for your kids to work on. Drawing, coloring, matching, shapes, and the list goes on. For a while, I struggled with printing something out on a whim, and I'd cross my fingers that I'd remember to pull it off of the printer for my toddler to work on the next day. In the meantime, we'd make it about half way through the stack of printables, life would happen, and then I'd find the other half of the printables ripped in...

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Free Printables for Medicine Cabinet Organization
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Medicine Cabinet Organization with FREE Printables

Hey there all of you wonderful people! It's Friday and I'm feelin' fine. I have dinner in the crockpot, a clean kitchen, kiddos are napping, a new Kitchenaid Mixer on the way {see my Facebook post}, and an organized medicine cabinet! Gotta apologize in advance for the "shadowy" (is that a word?) photo of my medicine cabinet organization. Boooo! My linen closet is in my hallway, and no matter what time of day I took the photos, it always came out with a shadowy look to it. But... I couldn't wait any longer to spread the love with you all,...

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Home Tour Part 7-The Pantry

Is the pantry considered a room? Maybe not, but I'm always a fan of seeing pantry organization on Pinterest, or on my favorite organization blogs, so I thought I'd include it on my home tour. If you missed the beginning of the "Home Tour" last month, you can see it here: Our Home Tour So I must start off by saying that this is a "before" photo of what our pantry WILL be... I have so many plans for this pantry, and it involves bins and baskets GALORE! I get so tired of seeing snacks scattered everywhere in boxes, so when...

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Garage Organization Ideas, Peg Board and Tools
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Fantabulous Garage Organization Ideas

When I asked you all on Facebook, which area in your home needed organized the most, "Garage Organization," was the most requested! So I immediately started looking for ideas, because friends... my garage needs organized too! So here we go: First I'm going to show you two realistic garage organization ideas. I did find some garage's that were fan-freakin-tabulous, but let's be real. You know some of them were probably done by professionals, and most of us don't have the time to accomplish that. My goal is to help you find ideas that can be realistic, like when I give...

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#1 Tool To Manage Your Family’s Schedule-My Online Family Planner

Is your family constantly on "the go?" Do you feel like you're running ragged trying to remember what practice, birthday party, dentist appointment, is when and where? Well let me tell you how I manage my family's schedule! I’ve had a few people ask me how in the world I manage all of the things going on in my life. If you don’t know me well, I’ll give you a brief overview of what’s going on in “Jessica-Land.” First, you should check out my “About” page if this is your first time visiting, to give you a brief description of who...

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Items to always keep in the car, and how to organize them, Car Organization

Car Organization Ideas

I can't BEGIN to tell you how many times this little car organization project has come to my rescue. While browsing Pinterest one day, I ran across a lady who did something like this in her minivan, and I fell in LOVE with the idea. I have to admit, I'm EXTREMELY jealous of her space that she has in her minivan, and what she had to work with. Although I do drive the longest SUV they make, a minivan tends to just have more car organization capabilities and cooler features. Anyhoo, I...

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Grocery List Template – Free Printable Download

Grocery Shopping List Template: This adorable and free printable download will help you organize your grocery shopping to make things so much easier! So I hate grocery shopping as much as you do. Yes, sometimes if I get out of the house without the kids to go grocery shopping, it may feel a little like a vacation... but still... I DESPISE grocery shopping. And now that grocery pick-up and delivery is a thing, my grocery shopping life is SO much easier. BUT...

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