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Wrapping Up Our New Home Construction {Part 1}

I'm so fortunate to be married to someone that is so talented in new home construction.  We've been married for 5 years {together for 15}, and we've never built a home to call "ours."  We've always built a spec home, moved in, and moved out as soon as someone bought it.  So to move in to a home that doesn't have a "For Sale," sign in the yard... well... I just don't know what that will feel like!Baby #2 is due any day, and we are down to the wire on this house.  Normally, I wouldn't care so much...

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Hospital Must haves checklist for the minimalist free printable fantabulosity.com
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Hospital Bag Must-Have’s Checklist for the Minimalist

Hospital Bag Must-Have Checklist for the Minimalist: A free printable to help make your life a little easier come "baby-time," so you can make sure to have the essentials!Pregnant Girl Speaking Here... I'm 4 weeks away from "popping," with my 2nd little bundle of joy.  Eeeek... did I really just say that?  Wow... I'm a little nervous.  We have to move in to a new house before then, get set up for baby, AND pack my hospital bag, for when I go in to labor.  Problem???  All of our baby stuff is still in storage.  YES.. STORAGE!!!!  So we have to...

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Grocery List – Free Printable Download Organizer

Alright friends.  I hate grocery shopping as much as you do.  Yes, sometimes if I get out of the house without the kids to go grocery shopping, it may feel a little like a vacation... but still... I DESPISE grocery shopping. Well... my mom is a GENIUS!  For probably close to 10 years, she's been using something that has changed her (and my) daunting grocery shopping trips. How to Use a Grocery Shopping Master List: My mom created a master copy of a grocery shopping list, and after taking hers and adding a little pink and "fantabulosity flair", I'm sharing this version with you! Simply download and print, hang...

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