What I use to stay organized. Tips and tricks
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7 Organization Ideas & Tips: What I Use to Stay Organized

7 Organization Ideas and Tips: What I Use to Stay Organized and implement in to my personal and business life to manage stress, finances, and overall sanity! 7 Organization Ideas & Tips I am totally guilty of using the new year, as an excuse to start fresh. Perhaps it's the OCD tendencies that I have in some areas of life, but I'm a sucker for it. Usually about a week before the new year, I start gathering all of my printables, folders, binders, (cute pens too) and start planning my organization strategies come January 1st. Although there are multiple programs, and resources that I...

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The SAHM’s Guide to Staying Active

I'm a Stay at Home Mom {SAHM} ... well... Kind of. I guess you could call me a, "Work at Home Mom," {WAHM} too. I'd say it's a healthy mix of both. Lucky you, I don't hide A THING, and show you a reality video clip of my typical mornings, below. No matter what abbreviation you are...if you're a mom, who is in her home most of the time, you may find it a challenge to stay active. Trust me when I say, I HEAR you. Loud and clear. A few days a week, I have someone come to my house and watch...

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