Relaxing by the pond on a summer day - a day of relaxing for self improvement
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Time with Friends + “Check Out” for a Day of Rest

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Check Out for a Day of Rest: Usually once a week, I’ll “check out” and get off the map with my husband and kiddos for some mandatory distraction-free time.

A day on the farm. Unplugged.

“Check Out” for a Day of Rest

I’ve mentioned quite a bit lately on Facebook that we’ve spent an abundant amount of time on my parents farm. It’s funny—when I was a little girl, I didn’t appreciate the serenity of the country and farm life. I thought it was SO awful that I missed out on parties, quick last-minute sleepovers, and other random outings, because “heading to town” had to be a planned event.

Now, in the world of instant notifications, hundreds of emails in my inbox each day, and the constant sound of electronic beeping, I can’t get ENOUGH time on the farm.

Distraction-Free Time

During our self work and marriage counseling, my husband and I have really become aware of how much we love those quiet moments that we spend with our kids on the farm. Phone service is super limited, so we’ll find that we won’t even think twice to leave our phones/laptops/ipads back at the “ranch” (A.K.A. my parents’ house, and the house I grew up in) when we head out to go fishing, play on the swing, or crawdad hunt in the creek.

After realizing the peace and connection between us that comes with “checking out,” we’ve made it a habit to “forget” our phones back at the house for the least amount of interruptions and distractions.

Jessica Taking Photos on the farm for a day of rest

I may leave most the electronics at the house, but my camera is usually right there with me to capture any memorable moments!

“A Mom is Always Prepared”

…or at least we always want to be, right?

When we head to the farm, I always have a bag that’s filled with the requirements to save my sanity as a mom of boys who love the mud, and who love the outdoors.

• Snacks
• Rubber Boots
• Fishing Net (for little critters that the boys think they HAVE to catch)
• Camera
• Bug Spray
• Change of Clothes
• Sunscreen

Day of rest, and relaxing by the pond. Quiet serenity on the farm.

The other day I grabbed the Special K Nourish Chocolate Almond Chewy Nut Bars for a snack. They were easy, and a snack that we could all eat when the craving hit after being away from the house for a few hours. Have you had these things? Oh my goodness…so good.

Easy to eat snacks on the farm

I’ve become such a huge fan of the Special K snacks lately! I’m not kidding… I wasn’t sure how the combination of the real, visible ingredients like quinoa, pistachios, almonds, dark chocolate, etc. that’s in some of their bars and bites would taste. (I know, I’m such a child.) But they’ve actually nailed making snacks that are delicious and I feel so much better about eating.

OMG: Have I told you that I gave up soda the other day too!? I haven’t had a soda in a week! (Coming from the girl who had to have a HUGE soda every single day. It was my weakness.) I’ve lost 5 pounds since giving it up! So I love having snacks like the Special K Nourish bars to munch on when the sweet craving strikes to help me “own it” and go about my day without giving in to the temptations that arise!

Relaxing by the pond on a summer day - a day of relaxing for self improvement

My son had my camera and he caught me in the moment of giving my husband “the eye” when he was picking on me. #boymom #outnumbered

Boys + Fishing

The other day, our “check out” time was spent on the farm fishing. We headed to the pond and I couldn’t WAIT to sit back and watch the boys try to catch a big monster.

Caught a fish! On the farm at the pond. A day of rest is so important for a busy working mom

But it wasn’t long…

Mommy! Your turn! Here, you can use my superhero fishing pole!

I’m proud to say I caught this beaut, but my hubby had to take it off of the hook because I forgot my gloves!

I don’t like to get my hands dirty… ok? I know, I know. 

Me and my hubby on the farm for a day of rest and quality time!

“Check Out Time” for YOU

You may not have a farm nearby to run off to for secluded “check out” time. But even turning your phones off, and shutting off the TVs/computers is a great start for some “check out” time. I have found that we’ve become so much closer on a family connection level, and it has been absolutely priceless. Here’s to you finding some much needed quiet time for yourself, and for those you love!

Checking Out with Friends

For other “checking out” moments, setting aside some time with friends is incredibly important. Real, deep heartfelt discussions are good for the soul. See an inside peek at our recent get together last month here!

Creating Your Happy Facebook Group — Come on Over!

If you’re not a part of our Creating Your Happy Facebook group yet, we’d LOVE to have you. It’s where we share tips and tricks about some the important things in life. You know, like YOURSELF. See you there —-> Creating Your Happy Facebook Group

check out time for self work

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2 thoughts on “Time with Friends + “Check Out” for a Day of Rest

  1. Laura says:

    Jessica what a cool video!! I love this idea!!! The table was beautiful and super simple!! Love it all! I love Special K and this was such a great idea!

    1. Jessica says:

      Thank you so much Laura! That means so so much!

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