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I chose number two…

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Last week I could NOT make a decision to save my life. Ask my husband and he’ll tell you that’s one of his daily struggles with me, I’m sure.

Since we built the new house, I knew I wanted bar stools for our kitchen bar/breakfast bar area. I kept putting it off because frankly, we all know that’s not a necessity, and I’d rather create blog posts than shop for bar stools. Well that was until I was browsing World Market the other day, and saw that they had the most adorable bar stools.

Well… of course I got sucked in, and caught myself spending close to two hours staring at the two finalist. Yes… two hours. So what else do you do when you can’t make a decision about something? Ask people on Facebook of course. I posted a side by side of the two chairs and asked my followers which one they liked best. The winner was… #1!

Wait… so why is the title of my post, “I chose number two?” Ugh… because even after staring at the chair for 2 hours, asking my followers on Facebook, I was STILL questioning it. For the love of all things GOOD, why can’t I make a flippin’ decision!

So what else do you do when you’ve exhausted all of your decision-making helpers? Ask your husband. Besides… he designs and builds houses for a living, and I absolutely adore his taste with the house he built for us, so he should know right?

“Honey, which one of these do you like better, #1 or #2?”

Barstools One or Two

“You know I don’t give a crap which one you get.”

“Yes I know, but I can’t decide.”

“Uh… #2.”

YESSSSS! Decision has been made! Why in the world didn’t I just ask him in the first place? I guess maybe I secretly wanted #2 the whole time, and just needed someone to give me the green light. Sheeesh.

So… do they look ok?

barstools for kitchen breakfast bar
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barstools for kitchen breakfast bar

2 thoughts on “I chose number two…

  1. Kelly O'Bryan says:

    I love the bar stool u picked!! You have great taste:)

    1. Jessica says:

      Thanks Kelly! You know you’ll be sitting in them often, so I hope you do like them! 🙂 XOXO

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