How to clean a chalkboard: my Christmas chalkboard art
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Christmas Chalkboard Art

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Having a chalkboard in your home is FABULOUS way to incorporate each holiday and season that comes around.

From the minute we moved in to our house, I knew I wanted a large chalkboard in our foyer. Visions of little rabbits for Easter, hearts for Valentine’s Day, and snowflakes for winter, were all in my head, and I couldn’t wait to get “drawing.”

This year, my friend Kate came over, and while helping me prepare for my Favorite Things party, I looked at her and ever so gently asked, got down on my knees and BEGGED, her to create something beautiful on my chalkboard, before the party.

I had seen a printable on Pinterest, from Rooted In Paper, that had the EXACT look that I was wanting for my chalkboard this season. So I pulled it up on my phone, and Kate got to work. With a few minor changes, my chalkboard had the EXACT look that I wanted.

Christmas Chalkboard Art

Christmas Chalkboard Art Idea - Deer All Is Calm, Holiday

You know what’s sickening? She literally had this done in 5 minutes. I tossed her the chalk markers, and BAM. Before I knew it, she was saying,

Ok Jess, now what do you need me to do.

I proceeded to tell her that I no longer like her {but not really}, because this chalkboard art would have taken me 2 hours to complete. That’s including taking the time to find a deer image online, to send to my Silhouette Machine, so I could stencil it on to the board.

Christmas Chalkboard Art Idea - Deer All Is Calm, Holiday

Scarf Tutorial

So you may be wanting to know how she made the scarf on my deer? That’s not colored chalk markers, people. Earlier in the day, she was helping me clear off my cluttered party counter…

OMG, I know… I know…

Free Buffalo Plaid Gift Tags

… and she found super cute, plaid gift bags that I had picked up from Target. She saw that I wasn’t using one of them, and asked if she could cut a “scarf,” out of the gift bag, to tape on the deer.

She’s just plain GENIUS.

I will now forever invite her over for cocktails, in exchange for Chalkboard Art design. She is also working on launching her own blog, where she will share DIY, Recipes, and all the goodies that she can whip up in no-time. So stay tuned for that, because I’ll be sure to share that with you!

Here’s my Christmas Chalkboard Art Tutorial:

  1. Get chalkboard
  2. Get chalk markers
  3. Invite talented artist friend over for cocktails
  4. Beg them to decorate your chalkboard. Getting on hands & knees may be required.


Christmas Chalkboard Art Idea - Deer All Is Calm, Holiday

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Until next time,

Jessica Burgess, Fantabulosity Blog

2 thoughts on “Christmas Chalkboard Art

  1. Heather T. says:

    Hi Jessica! Just wanted to let you know that i made your apple martini’s at my annual Christmas Eve family celebration and they were a huge hit! I especially loved how easy they were to make. Thanks for the suggestion it was so much fun to introduce something new and fun! I love your website I check in on It frequently as I am creatively challenged. Found your website due to our mutual obsession with Stitch Fix. Happy Holidays and keep blogging. Heather

    1. Jessica says:

      Eeeeeek!!!! I’m so happy to hear this! Thank you so much for commenting, and letting me know! I have to admit… I served the Red Apple Martini’s at my family’s Christmas again too! Lol! They are SOOO good!
      I really, truly, appreciate you, and how you follow along! You’ve made my day. XO

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