DIY Corkboard Frame
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Cork Board Frame

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Thanks so much for having me here at Fantabulosity, Jessica!

I’m Denyse from Glitter, Glue and paint.


If you haven’t heard of me, Glitter, Glue and Paint is geared towards DIY, Crafting, Home Décor, Organization with a twist of real life. GGP is chock full of articles like painting your own furniture, DIY’ing your way to home decor, and crafting ideas. While I do love the big home projects, most of my stuff uses glitter, glue, and paint (heehee). I seriously love crafts, and some of my favorites include burlap and paint.

I’m excited to be sharing my Cork Board Frame with all of you here at Fantabulosity.


I have so many appointment cards in my purse, on the fridge and sitting on the desk. Since I spend most of my time at my desk it made sense for me to keep them there. Well then they started getting lost in the piles of mail.

I don’t know if you ever missed an appointment, but my DR. really doesn’t like it. So, I put on my creative hat on got to work making a cork board frame to display all my appt. cards.


  • Photo Frame
  • Fabric
  • Cork Tiles
  • Embellishments
  • Ribbon

Remove the glass from the frame and use it as a template to cut out your cork tiles to fit in the frame.

Once you have the cork tiles cut you can cover them with your fabric. Then to dress it up add a ribbon across the top and hot glue an embellishment on.

Glue the back of the frame back on and there you have it. A cute way to keep your appointment cards organized. This works the best for me since my phone calendar is so full of my other stuff.


I hope you were inspired to make your own Cork Board Frame.

For more fun projects and crafts, visit Denyse at Glitter, Glue & Paint! You can also connect with her on Facebook Pinterest and Instagram. Hope to see you soon!

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