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Announcing: “Creating Your Happy”

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Creating Your Happy: A sister of the life + style blog,, is a place where we encourage women to find their passions in life, and overall happiness.

Creating Your Happy

It’s Here!

I announced the other day something that I’ve been longing to announce forEVER. “Creating Your Happy”: [Excerpt from the description of our Facebook Group]: “A sister of the life + style blog,, is a place where we encourage women to find their passions in life, and overall happiness.
As a mom, wife, sister, friend, employee, boss, and whatever else society calls you… we sometimes need to be reminded what it is that makes us happy, so we can fulfill our duties with the best intentions and the that way we choose and want.”

Creating Your Happy

 Where is all this coming from, Jessica?

A few short months ago, on a long drive home, I pulled over and I was feeling tired, in a slump, and not excited about really “anything,” in life. Top that off with guilt, because I shouldn’t be feeling this way with all of the blessings and good things in my life… it was a formula that was igniting quickly to explode.

Now don’t laugh… 

I pulled over to a TJ Maxx parking lot. (Now if you’ve been following the blog for a while, it’s no surprise that my steering wheel aimed for the TJ Maxx store, instead of one of the parking lots of 5 nearby gas stations, Walmart, and a McDonalds.)

I texted my husband, and told him that I was going to be 30 minutes later getting home, because I had to make a stop. I got out of the car, walked in to TJ Maxx, and immediately headed for the journal/stationary isle. Now this is about to sound trivial, but I must share this whole process with you, so it to make sense:

I just stood there. I stood in the isle looking at all of the $4.99/$7.99 journals and planners that are brightly colored with hues of pinks/golds/teals/whites. I started flipping through all of them, looking at the blank pages, and the unscheduled sections of the calendars. They were fresh. They were clean. They were… blank canvases. I quickly found myself to began to smile, I began to feel refreshed, and quickly became excited. The blank journals and empty calendars were giving me permission to start over with whatever it was that was making me “unhappy.” Almost giving me the thought that if I bought a blank journal, I could start taking fresh notes with a whole new perspective in life. Picking out my favorites, I took them to the checkout register.

Once in my car, I proceeded back to the highway, and turned the radio off. I sat in silence, and embarrassingly talked out loud to myself and said,

“Gosh I feel so much better. I guess I just needed to find my happy place.”

Creating Your Happy

Creating your happy

My little guy, reminding me what “happy,” can be.

Then it was as if something literally hit me in the head. “Happy Place. I just needed to find my happy “place.” But instead of mindlessly looking for it on a daily basis, and hoping that something would come along to make me happy on it’s own… maybe I actually needed to take the initiative and CREATE my happy, on my own. I had to take the initiative to pull over that day, and find something that I knew I loved to do (hence go in to TJ Maxx and stare at my kryptonite of cute stationary.), to be able to refuel and recharge. It was something that I knew would make me happy, so I made time for it.

So I began to think deeper even more. “Now wait, does this mean I have been missing out on being “happy,” because I’m not working on creating it, but rather hoping life sends me bouquets of happiness on it’s own? And could creating my happy, myself, work in other areas of my life? My marriage, my parenting, my business, being a sister, a daughter, a friend? I don’t see why it couldn’t.

So what is it that makes me happy? Why am I waiting for it to get better on it’s own, or hoping that something will miraculously change? Why can’t I work towards CREATING that happy, and finding what it is in life that gives me that WONDERFUL feeling in my stomach, instead of the gut-wrenching feeling that I so experience more than I would like. Gut-wrenching feelings like: Saying yes, when I should have said “no.” Feeling guilty for working too much instead of reading a bedtime story to my kids, or forgetting that my friend had a birthday, and I didn’t even text her a “happy birthday,” message, because I was so caught up in my day to day rush.

My mind wondered all of the way home, and before I even made the turn in to my driveway, I had talked with my brand manager, best friends, and husband, about the new intentional thinking that was going to take place, and how I needed to find a way to share this with others. Besides, part of creating MY (Jessica’s) “happy,” is the joy in sharing with others in hopes that it inspires them and helps in some aspect of their lives too.

Creating Your Happy

Perfection? Heck no.

Now, I’m not perfect, and I screw up on a daily basis (don’t tell my husband ). So just by saying, “It’s time to create my happiness,” doesn’t mean I’ll never have a bad day again,  but I CAN try to remember to choose to be intentional daily, and focus on what makes me happy. Trying and being intentional is better than sitting by, hoping that happiness comes along on its own.

Now I’m ready to share in this “Creating Your Happy,” journey with you, that’s a place where we can be intentional on creating our “happy,” together, by sharing stories, tips/tricks, life management goodies, embarrassing moments, and where we can reach out for support and advice.

Join our Facebook Group HERE!

Thank you so much for going along on this journey too, because I truly feel like even just one little intentional step, could be one step closer to creating your happy.

creating your happy

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