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Creating Your Happy: Episode 4 – Marriage Q&A

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Creating Your Happy: Episode 4 – Marriage Q&A with Matt and Jessica Burgess. Date nights, intimacy, and dealing with infidelity.

It has always been a dream of mine, to bring my husband in on something here in Fantabulosity-land, and my dream has finally come true. Although he’s made small guest appearances through Facebook “live’s,” and having input on marriage related posts,  this has put the cherry on top. I’m so happy to officially introduce you to my other-half, Matt. The guy who I’ve been hanging around for the last 18 years. (Yes, we were babies.)  So why bring him in now??? Let me fill you in a little bit…

During a lot of my research, asking you guys what topics you’d love to see/hear more on, “marriage,” was a HUGE one! I’ll be honest, it totally excited me, because I love talking about that topic too. Although we don’t have the perfect marriage, and are FAR from marriage counselors… we do love sharing our story and experiences with others, in hopes that it can help in some way.

CYH Episode 4: Marriage Q&A

“Creating Your Happy,” was born, to focus on topics that can sometimes be tough in life. Topics like:

• Finance

• Marriage

• Parenting

• Friendships

• Time Management

• and so much more.

I’ve only tackled a few of these so far, in videos over on my YouTube channel, and it’s been a BLAST. But today, I brought you know who in, for a little help. Today, we’re answering only a few of the questions that you’ve submitted to us. Keep the questions coming in, because I have a feeing they’re just going to keep getting better and better. Submit your anonymous question(s) here: Marriage Q&A Submissions

Let’s Get to Answering Your Questions:

There’s More Coming!!

You guys, (Ok ok, I know he said in that video that I say that a lot… but I can’t help it.) were those questions SO good, or what!? Man alive, I knew that I’d enjoy answering your real-life questions, but I had no idea how good for the soul it would be on my end… and hopefully yours too.

Helpful Links:

Matt mentioned in the video that I may be able to provide links to help you look for a third-party, during a tough time. So I quickly went online and did a search to help you find someone near you. Now, I’ve never used this site, so I’m not recommending it… just providing it, in case it will work for you: Find Help Near You

I SO hope you enjoyed our first episode together, and stay tuned for more! We already have more questions coming in that we can’t WAIT to tackle for you!

Marriage Advice and Questions

marriage q&a creating your happy

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