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A “Must See” Baby Nursery

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Cute Baby Nursery Ideas: This little girl bedroom is adorable with pinks and yellows, with gorgeous gray walls! Fun decor ideas make this a special room for the baby!

My gosh, where do I even start with this baby girl nursery?! Ok… I’ll start here:

My dear friend “Roseanna,” from Picture Perfect by Roseanna, is one of the most amazing women I know. She’s not only one of the sweetest, and most caring people in my life, but what a TALENTED individual! Her photography is exquisite, (check out her website to see just what I mean) and she manages to run her super successful photography business, all while being a fantabulous wife and mother to two little girls.

When she posted photos of the nursery that she designed for her newest little addition on Facebook, I immediately contacted her and asked if I could “show it off,” on Fantabulosity. She graciously said “yes,” and sent me the photos of this SUPER cute baby girl nursery, and info to share with you all! Thanks Roseanna!

So here we go: (Head’s up… this baby girl nursery is unbelievable!)

Cute Baby Nursery Ideas

Everything on the wall (besides the little dress) came from Hobby Lobby. Roseanna painted the bike yellow, and the cardboard “G.”

Baby Girl Nursery Gray and Coral Design Wall Decor

Here’s where super money saving strategies come in:  The Dresser/Changing Table came from Pottery Barn, and was given to her by her sister, but it was black and she repainted it, using a Coral Martha Stewart paint.

Baby Girl Nursery Gray and Coral Design Wall Decor and Changing Table

Her curtain’s were purchased from Urban Outfitters, and I think it’s safe to say they were MADE for this nursery. Sheesh they’re gordge!

Baby Girl Nursery Gray and Coral Design Curtains

Roseanna definitely has an eye for this type of thing. If I were in a store, and saw this bird cage, I’d probably think to myself, “That’s so neat,” and keep walking… NEVER thinking how perfect it would look in a room like this! I just adore this piece for this nursery! She purchased this at “Real Deals.”

Baby Girl Nursery Gray and Coral Design, Bird Cage Decoration

She has chosen to incorporate nursery chairs, in such a creative way! Why not take an old chair, paint it the color you want… and viola! You have a gorgeous way to add color to the nursery, and a place to sit down while getting some snuggle time with the little one.

Roseanna picked this chair up at a craft bazaar!

Baby Girl Nursery Gray and Coral Design Teal Chair

There is something about sentiment when you’re creating a nursery for your own children. Roseanna’s mother rocked her in this chair when she was just a wee little one. She re-stained it, and gave it a fresh look for her little one’s room. Sweet sweet!

Baby Girl Nursery Gray and Coral Design Rocking Chair

The crib was also from Pottery Barn, and also given to her by her sister. It was once black, but she painted it white. The throw came from Urban Outfitters!

Baby Girl Nursery Gray and Coral Design White Crib

What an awesome idea for nursery wall art! She purchased the map from Urban Outfitters too! Simple, but what a HUGE statement! I ADORE how the colors mesh so well with everything else, but that little baby will be studying that map every day, and will probably know every continent before she’s one. 🙂

Baby Girl Nursery Gray and Coral Design World Map Wall Decor

Oh my goodness, a nursery chandelier!!! Oh how I LOVE this chandelier. She purchased this adorable light fixture from IKEA. I will be adding this to my store list so I can put it in my office. Absolutely precious for nursery lighting!

Baby Girl Nursery Gray and Coral Design Chandelier

Urban Outfitters is once again the go-to location to buy amazing things for this baby girl nursery! The chevron rug is a must! (I’m thinking she hit the jackpot for nursery décor with this store!)  I love, love, love, rugs in a child’s room. It can always add a touch of color, and extra added “softness,” to the playing area in the floor, for their little tushies.

Baby Girl Nursery Gray and Coral Design Yellow Chevron Rug

Eeeek… what is it about baby clothes hanging up in a closet? They’re just so small and petite, and look so stinkin’ cute on baby hangers. The totes in the closet help keep her organized (perfect for general nursery storage) and also add a pop of color to even the “hidden” area of the room. She thought of EVERYTHING!

Baby Girl Nursery Gray and Coral Design Closet Organization

So will you join me in saying that this chick is talented and creative, or what? I’m totally jealous of her creativity, and her knack for refinishing and repurposing items to make it look like she wants. I think she totally supplied you with cute baby nursery ideas, right?

Follow her on Facebook to follow all of her amazing photography sessions: Picture Perfect by Roseanna Facebook

Now… if I could get her to move back to Missouri so she could decorate my house on a budget.

Until next time…

Baby girl nursery ideas

24 thoughts on “A “Must See” Baby Nursery

  1. Super super cute! I love the little yellow bike on the wall. 🙂

    1. Jessica says:

      Oh gosh I know it! It’s adorable!! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Jenn @UpsideDownKids says:

    I love the vintage bird cadge. Something a bout vintagevI just adore.

    1. Jessica says:

      Isn’t it amazing! She has the best taste in décor!

  3. I absolutely love the color coral–My kitchen is coral! But I’m not good at mixing all the different colors and media like she is! It’s adorable! And I think you can keep up with her. I’ve seen all your party decorations!

    1. Jessica says:

      Ahhh! I’d love to see your coral kitchen! Thank you so much Tammy! You’re too sweet!

    1. Jessica says:

      I agree! She makes it looks so simple!

  4. Tess says:

    What a simple but beautiful room. I would of loved to been able to of done that for when my girls were little!

    1. Jessica says:

      Oh gosh I know! I have little boys, so I never got to do the girly little baby nursery! How fun it would be! 🙂

  5. Heather says:

    very VERY cute! Not only congratulations on the little one, but what a lovely room to have and rock that precious baby in! I love to see how creative others are with their children’s rooms, and I think this one has a chandelier that I would love to whisk off to my littles room! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing over at Pintastic Pinteresting party!

    1. Jessica says:

      I think children’s rooms can be one of the best rooms to decorate! 🙂 Thank you for stopping by!

  6. Sara says:

    I love this nursery! Thank you for posting! Do you by chance know the exact paint color for the coral changing table? Thank you SO much!

    1. Jessica says:

      Thank you for coming by! You know, all Roseanna could remember was that it was a Martha Stewart coral color! I’m hoping she only carries one coral so everyone can find it easily if they want to use it! I hope that helps!!

    2. Roseanna says:

      hey Sara! I just happen to be doing some spring cleaning in my garage last night and found the color swatches!! The changing table color Behr Ultra Cool Lava (180B-5)

  7. Adriana Maes says:

    I love all your colors! They are very modern and don’t feel too babyish. I Love the wall color! Would you please share the color? It looks like a Gray blue but so hard to tell.
    You did a Great Job!

    1. Roseanna says:

      I know I’m a year too late but I was doing some spring cleaning and found the left over from her room. I can’t see the whole name because they put some paint over it but what I can see is (460E-3) Smokey ______ can’t read the last part. Hope this helps if you’re still looking to paint!

      1. Jessica says:

        Roseanna, you are so awesome! Thank you for helping out! XO!

  8. Ashley says:

    I love, love, love this nursery design! We are expecting our first baby in August and I have been researching ideas for her nursery when I came across this and fell in love. One question: what is the name of the paint color on the wall?
    And where can I find it?

    1. Jessica says:

      Oh yaaay! Congratulations!!! The first baby is such an exciting time {Well heck, they all are… but the first is so new and such a fun experience!} Oh man… I’ve been asked that before, and I’ve contacted the owner of the nursery and she can’t remember what color the paint is! 🙁 I am SO sorry! It’s definitely a “gray,” color, and there are sooo many choices out there for gray’s. I almost bet any gray you select would look fantastic with just about any accent color you choose. Gray is my FAVE-O-RITE color to decorate with now, because it’s so neutral. PLEASE let me know if you have any other questions, and thank you so much for stopping by!!! P.S. Since you are having your first baby, you should check out my other posts that you may like: Pregnancy Must Haves, Hospital Bag Must Haves, and the Baby Packing Travel List! “Pin,” them on Pinterest so you can reference back to them when you need them! 😉 XOXO!

      1. Ashley says:

        Thank you!! We are very excited – and they have such a variety of adorable things for girls :). I thought the paint color looked like a gray-blue, so I will have to check out what options are out there in the paint world. I LOVE gray also! Not only is it nuetral, but so clean and fresh looking!
        Thank you for the suggestion of looking at your other posts – I will definitely check them out!
        Thanks again – I appreciate your response and enthusiasm!

        1. Jessica says:

          Oh good!!! 🙂 You’re too sweet. Thank you! XOXO

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