Day on the Dozer
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Day on the Dozer

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My husband practically grew up on a piece of equipment, sitting on his dads lap as they developed commercial and residential property in our home town. Having boys, I knew one day we would be able to re-create those special memories my husband has of him and his father, back upteen years ago.

{If you missed the story of how my husband’s father tragically left this earth in such a short time, I pushed through and told you the details a while back in my post, “An Afternoon of Bonding.”}

Day on the Dozer

Look at those sweet babies!

“Daddy,” had told me before he headed out the door this morning that it would make his day if our little guys could come operate with him today. However, they weren’t awake when he left, so it was up to me to get ’em there. 🙂

Day on the Dozer

We surprised Dad with breakfast since he headed out the door without fueling up. And.. I wanted to be a little like the Pioneer Woman. She always delivers food to her man on the job. However, I guess I was lacking one thing… “good food.” My husband took a couple of bites, smacked it around a little and put it back down & said…

Time to operate boys…

Day on the Dozer

{Guess it wasn’t Pioneer Woman tasty. He didn’t even eat half. Oh well, I tried! 🙂 }

Day on the Dozer

The two little guys couldn’t WAIT to get up on the big D10 Dozer.

Day on the Dozer

The shades kill me. The Children’s Place always pulls through with cute boy accessories.

Day on the Dozer

I don’t think there is truly anything else that pulls on my heart strings as much as seeing my boys spending time with their daddy.
Day on the Dozer

And they’re off!

Day on the Dozer https://fantabulosity.comYou see my two little bobble heads in there?

Their daddy said he’s never seen these two so quiet in his life. I believe they were a bit flabbergasted.

Day on the Dozer

Best part? I got to go sit in the car and reflect on the rare silence. {and I kinda ate the rest of the sandwich I made for my hubby. It wasn’t THAT bad.} 😉

Day on the Dozer

It was truly a day my boys won’t forget.

Oldest: “That was the best! I moved that dirt Mom!”

Youngest: “Twactor!”

Men of few words… but they didn’t have to even say it.
Day on the Dozer

 They had smiles all over their faces.Day on the Dozer

That’s a peek in to our family life…

Next up? Who knows. I’m surrounded by boys. It’s terrifying, not knowing.

Until next time,


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