DIY State Art gift idea
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DIY State Art Gift Idea

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Do you have, or is it you… that LOVES their home state? This DIY State Art idea, is the PERFECT gift idea, or fabulous way to display it in your own home!

I recently started thinking about what I was going to get {or make, since I love DIY} my sister for her upcoming birthday.

First thought… “She loves things that reference her home state.”

{She moved from Missouri to Alabama years ago, but her heart still belongs here. Or at least I say it does.}

So when I was browsing Pinterest for ideas of what to get/make her for her birthday, I knew immediately my search was over when I found {and pinned} the Simple State Art from “In the Blue Room.” “I can do this,” I thought. So I did!It was a no-brainer. I wanted to make her something that would reflect her love for her home-state, and this DIY State Art was born.

DIY State Art

I’m a tad obsessed with my Silhouette Cameo. I’m sure you’ve taken note of that, after seeing my But First Coffee Shirt, the Fueled by Coffee & Jesus coffee mug, and the Classroom Valentine’s Day cards for my kiddos school? 🙂 But GOOD NEWS… you DON’T have to have a Silhouette Cameo to make this DIY State Art… REALLY!

State Art DIY Tutorial

…WHICH is why I thought crafting something for my sister, would just make sense.

 You guys… this was sooo super easy. {But don’t tell my sister that.}

How did I Make the DIY State Art?

Silhouette Machine Method: So I made my state art using my Silhouette Cameo machine. However, I DO understand that not everyone has one of these . {I had mine on my wish list for YEARS and my hubby finally got it for me for a birthday gift! Ok… I bought it for myself for my birthday, but told him that it was from him.} ?

Anyhoo… I found an image of the state of Missouri {so you’ll find an image of whatever state you want to create with} and a “heart” image. In the Silhouette design studio, I simply aligned the two images the way I wanted, adjusted the size for an 8×10 frame, and sent it to my silhouette machine. I used a piece of glittery gold card stock and simply glued the cut-out shape of the state to a piece of white card stock and framed it! Done! Yes… that easy.

Print and Cut Method: Maybe with just a couple of more steps, but not a lot harder at all… this DIY project can be created in no time with scissors/cutting tool instead of a Silhouette machine.

Simply find an image of the state that you are wanting to use and print it. You’ll want to adjust the size correctly for what you plan to frame it in. So if it is going in an 8×10 frame, you may want the size to be a bit smaller than an 8×10 image. {This will all depend on which image software you are using.}

Print out the image of the state. Then simply cut the state out so you can use this as a “stencil.”

Grab the card stock of choice {I used gold glitter card stock} and you can either gently “tape” the stencil to the card stock and cut around the shape, or you can grab a pen/pencil and lightly trace the shape and then remove the stencil and cut the shape out of the card stock.

Ready to cut your heart?  Print a small heart, cut it out to use as a stencil, and place it on the state where need be. You can either tape or trace it like you did above with the state. Using an X-Acto knife, or any straight edge crafting tool that you may have… cut out the shape of the heart.

Glue the state to a piece of white card stock and frame in to whatever frame your little heart desires.

There it is! Your DIY State Art, in NO time! 

DIY State Art Gift Idea, or make it for myself!

Until next time you DIY crafters…

Jessica Burgess, Fantabulosity Blog

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