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Easter Chalkboard Art Ideas

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I told you back around Valentine’s Day, when I designed the Valentine’s Day art on my chalkboard, that I’m such a fan of changing the theme every season. Well it wasn’t two days after Valentine’s Day, and I was putting up my Easter Chalkboard Art.

     ~Before I purchased the chalkboard from restoration hardware, I thought long and hard over whether or not to put up something permanent, such as a piece of art, a mirror, or a collage of photo frames. But the more I thought about it, the more I wanted a chalkboard in our entry, so I could change it with the seasons.~

Easter Chalkboard Art Ideas https://fantabulosity.com

There’s just something about decorating a small space of my home for every season/holiday. It makes me feel like I’m actually on top of things for once. {Which is far from the truth, because I NEVER am.}

No… I’m not even close to being an artist. My 3 year old even laughs when he asks me to draw an animal for him on the placemat coloring sheet at the restaurant.

So how did I do this Easter Chalkboard art, if I’m not an arteest?

  —> I would laugh if I even tried to tell you that I drew the rabbits on this chalkboard “freehand,” style. So how did I do it?

Oh with my favorite new crafting tool of course… the Silhouette Cameo. I just downloaded a “bunny,” image from the Sihouette store, cut the shape with my silhouette with cardstock, to use as a stencil, and traced it on to my chalkboard.

Guys, I’m learning that the Silhouette Cameo is crazy cool, and I have a MAD crush on this thing. Did you see the shirt I made for myself the other day? I totally made it in like 30 minutes. Dead serious. You didn’t see it? Oh man.. follow me on my Facebook Page, so you’ll see the goodies that I share on there!

 Easter Chalkboard Art Idea https://fantabulosity.com

I did free hand the words and little flowers by the rabbit feet, but don’t get me wrong… I erased, and erased, and erased, until I got it the way I had it pictured in my head. 🙂

If you’re looking to decorate a chalkboard for Easter, I hope this gave you some inspiration and some ideas! Or heck.. just copy the way I did mine! 🙂

To see the other chalkboard ideas I have had for holidays, you can see my Valentine’s Day Chalkboard, and you can see my chalkboard from my Favorite’s Thing party that I hosted!

Until next time all of you lovelies.

8 thoughts on “Easter Chalkboard Art Ideas

    1. Jessica says:

      Awww! Thank you! I just wish I had about 5 more to decorate! It’s a bit addicting! 🙂
      {P.S. Thanks for dropping me a note! I love love love it when people leave little notes for me} XO!

      1. kelley says:

        Of course! And you’ve inspired me again because I still have my chalk board calendar set up for February! And the big heart I copied from you is still there too! Time to update!

        1. Jessica says:

          It’s about time to wipe the chalkboard clean again!! What theme shall it be? Spring?

          1. kelley says:

            Yes! That’s a great one! And soon…4th of July!

          2. Jessica says:

            OOOOooooooohhhh!!!!! Yaaaay!

  1. I always break out into a sweat when it’s time to do chalkboard art! But you just need to let go of perfection, right. That’s part of the charm! But the silhouette is awesome, no?!? I love it too! Your Easter chalkboard turned out beautifully!!

    1. Jessica says:

      You’re so sweet! Thank you! And yes… breaking out into a sweat is dead on. 🙂 Thank you so much for stopping by!!! XO

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