4 Must Have eBooks for kids
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eBooks for Kids, on the iPad!

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I’m ecstatic to have Bethany from Using Educational Technology, here, sharing brilliant eBooks for kids, for the iPad, today! She’s not only a teacher, but a lady who’s up on the up and up, on technology for education and children. Love using her resources. So without further ado, here’s Bethany:

“I swore I would never become the parent that allowed their toddler to use an iPad. I definitely never, in a million years thought I would be the parent that allows EACH of her TWO toddlers to use an iPad.

However, as I began to use my iPad more and more in my high school classroom, I began to realize the extraordinary educational potential the iPad possessed.

I started to download apps that I thought my young daughters would enjoy, including apps encouraging shape and color recognition, and many more.

As my oldest daughter played these apps repeatedly, I noticed she began to master her shapes and colors, and she needed more challenging activities.

I began searching for some of her favorite books in electronic form…otherwise known as eBooks.

The results were amazing!

Many childhood favorites are available in eBook form, including my daughters’ favorite, Dr. Seuss’s ABC, which is available on iTunes for $3.99.

I typically try to stray away from paid apps, if I can help it. However, when I researched this eBook app, as well as the other Dr. Seuss eBook apps, I just couldn’t resist!

When my daughters use the Dr. Seuss’s ABC eBook app, they can choose to have the book read to them, or read the book themselves. If they (or I) choose to have the book read to them, then as the words are read, they are HIGHLIGHTED! My children can even record their own voices in this wonderful eBook app!

Does iPad time replace my time as a parent with my children? Absolutely not. Do I simply give my daughters iPads and give them “free reign?” Oh good gracious, no!

Amazing apps and eBooks are available to help young children get excited about learning; which is a feeling that will hopefully accompany them through elementary and secondary school…and adulthood!

When my daughters start elementary school, they will most likely (hopefully!) be in classrooms that successfully integrate technology to enhance their learning environment. Why shouldn’t I give them a head start by exposing them to these technologies now?!

Below are a few of my family’s FAVORITE eBook apps for our daughters’ iPad usage. I hope you enjoy!”

Dr. Seuss’s ABC – SAMPLE – Oceanhouse Media

Little Critter Library

Sofia the First – Disney

Disney Storytime – Disney


Thank you Bethany!!!

I’ll be checking those out, ASAP!

“Pin for Later!”

4 Must Have eBooks for kids

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