Oh No! Enrollment has Closed, but Join the Waitlist for the Fab Society!

I’m so sorry you missed the opportunity to join us for the Fab Society workshop for the fall of 2020. BUT… make sure you join the waitlist below to be notified when we open the doors back up for enrollment!

Feel free to keep reading below to find out what those in the Fall, 2020 workshop are a part of, so you get to know what also to expect when you join us next time!

Is the Fab Society Workshop for you?

Here’s a quick video for you to fill you in on the details!
If you’re not in a place to watch, see the details I’ve shared about the Fab Society Workshop, below!

The doors are open for enrollment in to the Fab Society workshop for September 15th, 2020 to November 15th, 2020.

So what’s in the video? If you weren’t able to watch it, here’s a quick overview of what you can expect…

This is a BETA Launch of the Fab Society Workshop!

If you join our small group of like-minded gals in this workshop, you’ll be a part of the very first, 2-month membership community where we will work on things like:

  • finding joy
  • helping you discover your purpose
  • tackle the current struggles in your life with encouragement, inspiration, listening ears, and challenges to help you live your best life!

Once you’ve joined, you’ll have access to an EXCLUSIVE, private Facebook group and membership dashboard where we will begin coming together on September 15th and will conclude our group membership on November 15, 2020.

BUT… I will be closing the doors to join in just a few days (to make sure we can build the connections we desire) and will be capping off the members to allow a small and mighty group! (I believe there’s power in small groups!)

Those who were on the Fab Society waitlist have been notified and we already have some amazing gals joining us and I can’t wait for you to get to know them!

What Will You Get Inside of the Fab Society Workshop?

Oh my goodness… well here’s the thing about a “beta” launch. Since this is our first go-round, you’ll not only get what I’m listing out below but I will be adding more and more items and goodies as we see fit.

So not only do you get to be a part of something HUGE, but you get to speak up, and tell me what else you want/need and I’ll do my best to deliver even more than I’m promising here.

Here’s only some of the goodness that you’ll get:

  • Exclusive access to me and your other community members inside of our very own, private (and “hidden”) Facebook group.
  • The background info on our personal story and struggles from the last few years of our lives. The wounds are still too fresh to share with the public but I OWE it to those of you who join the Fab Society Workshop because I don’t expect you to share your struggles with me and I not be open with you.
    Plus, once I share the details of our hardships, it will not only help you understand the hardships we have overcome but it will hopefully be even more relatable to what you may be going through.
  • Challenges to overcome the top struggles so many women face this day in age.
  • Access to workbooks/worksheets to help focus on the items we are making a priority in our lives.
  • Your very own copy of my BRAND NEW “Home Management Binder” that hasn’t even been released to the public yet.
  • Live teachings on the hot topics in our busy lives.
  • “Hot Seats” for those of you who want to share your struggles with me (us) and have personal coaching to help you move forward.
  • …and way more that I have coming down the pipeline.

My Husband Said:

“Jessica… you’re seriously going to offer all of this for just $197?”

Yes. Why? Because since 2015 it has been on my heart to help you all in some way that’s bigger than I ever imagined and it’s time to answer God’s “push” to carry through with it.

Common Questions:

“When does the workshop meet?”

My goal is to poll the group when we kick off and ask what times work best for everyone. (Morning, afternoon, evening, etc.) and try to accommodate members the best that I can.

So we may switch things up as far as times for the LIVE meetings… and the good thing is that if, occasionally, we meet at a time that doesn’t work for you… there will always be a replay and we will always be chatting and carrying on in the group about the videos so you can catch up or chime in when you’re able!

I know “life” can happen and change at the last minute, so I want to make sure that it’s accessible at all times. (That’s the great thing about our exclusive Facebook group. You can access it and post in it 24-7 and I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m able and the other group members will too!)

I’ll also be popping in the group randomly with extra challenges and teachings so for the 2-months, it will all be available whenever you need or whenever you can get to it! 🙂 

That’s also another reason that I want to keep the group small, because I want to be able to accommodate every person in the group, to fit their needs as much as I can during these two months.

Direct Line – Private Messaging Option Too?

I couldn’t stop with just the workshop… so I decided to also offer more of a one-on-one option if it’s something you’ve been looking for.

For the duration of the 2-month Fab Society Workshop, I’m also offering a “WhatsApp” connection, where you and I can chat about anything you want, privately! It will be like messaging your best friend when you’re having a bad day or just looking for advice!

5 Days a Week, Monday through Friday, you’ll have a direct line, to me, through the free “WhatsApp” where we can chat.

Have a question? Want to share a struggle? Pick up the phone, send me a message, and if it’s a day during the week, I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m able!
Think of it like having a best-friend, positive influence, and a breath of encouragement, right in your back pocket!

The “WhatsApp” option is something you can add on at “checkout” if we should be BFF for the next two months!

So if you’re ready to join me and the other gals JUST LIKE YOU, in the 2-month Fab Society workshop, click the button below to enter your info now!

Once you’ve joined, you’ll get immediate access to our exclusive Facebook group, your Home Management Binder (so you can get a head start on managing your life and home) and we will begin the workshop on September 15th!

I’m beyond excited to grow closer to you!