"Fabulously Fast Dinners" E-Cookbook


It’s HERE! Your answer to dinner time chaos is HERE!

I’m a big believer in the idea that recipes don’t have to be difficult to be delicious.

I’m a busy momma and I know what it’s like to have kiddos wanting dinner while juggling homework, planning for tomorrow, piano lessons and baseball practice and so much more!

So I created this e-book for people just like me. Just like you. See what others have said about this below…

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I have enjoyed your cookbook so much! I love recipes that are easy and family-friendly. My family loved the queso joes, roasted broccoli, and the strawberry spinach salad! Truly, we have liked everything we've made so far. Can't wait to make the rest!
Madonna B Testimonial for Cookbook
Madonna B.
Cookbook Customer
I love so many of these recipes, but my favorite is the tomato mozzarella avocado salad! Great as a side dish or just eating on a bagel. Yum! All of the recipes give me ideas for different ways to modify them or just create my own. The possibilities are endless!
Melissa M. Cookbook Testimonial
Melissa S.
Cookbook Customer


 I hear your struggles busy gal. I used to meal plan and come up with a main dish for a busy weeknight dinner, only to realize half way through cooking that I forgot to plan on something to serve with it! With this cookbook I’ve taken out all of the guess work and planning for you! With each delicious main dish recipe I’ve paired an easy side dish recipe to go along with it!

Refunds: Due to the immediate disbursement of this cookbook after payment, no refunds are given or allowed, but I’m pretty certain that you’ll love it anyway!

Hi, I'm Jessica!

Hey you! I’m Jessica, the creator of the “Fabulously Fast Dinners” cookbook! I created this e-cookbook just.for.you. I know what it’s like to be a busy momma, where dinner can sneak up on you in a flash and you’re left with feeling like the only option is take-out.
But with this cookbook, of over 50 recipes (that’s longer than a whole month of dinners) you’ll not only find easy-to-make main dish recipes but you’ll find easy side dish recipes to go along with each one, rounding out your dinnertime meal plan!

This cookbook has ALREADY solved the dinnertime crisis in so many homes and I can’t wait for this to make a difference in yours!

Jessica Burgess in Kitchen


Got questions? Find the answers to common questions I get below.

Nope! This is even better. Instead of waiting for a physical book to come in the mail, you get immediate access and can download your cookbook and start planning your dinners right away!

You absolutely can! However, it could use a lot of your ink since I made sure to include a photo with every recipe so you may actually prefer to have it printed at a print shop!

Absolutely! I have kiddos of my own and I know what it’s like to make dinners that can snub their noses. So I wanted to do my best to try and create recipes the whole family will love!

Nope! You may see a couple that you’ve found on the blog before but that’s truly because they are my STAPLES and I couldn’t imagine creating a cookbook without them. But this book includes a LOT of never before seen recipes!