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Fall 2015 Fashion & Outfits – Shopping Recap

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Fall 2015 Fashion is here! I love Summer, and I really didn’t want it to go away, until I went on my latest shopping trip. It was quite refreshing, really, walking in and seeing the bright colors, and belly shirts back in the clearance section.

Ahhh… the neutrals! The browns, the grays, the whites… it’s almost a calming feeling. 🙂
It’s like my eyes are getting a break from all of the bright colors over the Summer.

Since I receive so much feedback from you all on my Stitch Fix Reviews, I couldn’t WAIT to show you my recent clothing purchases. This will be a little different, because I won’t be trying to decide what to send back {because I already bought it}, but I do need feedback from you with ideas of how to wear it, and how not to wear it. 😉
So let’s get this party STARTED!


For all of you moms who are sitting in the carpool lane, waiting to pick your kids up at school, I created a video showing you what all I purchased too! 😉
{Sometimes it’s easier to watch, then read everything about it, right?!}

Fall 2015 Fashion – Try On’s

I know that most of you like to see what the clothes look like on, and well… I do too. Sometimes seeing myself in the clothes, in a photo… rather than a mirror, makes me think a little differently about a piece of clothing. Why is that?

I’ve given details of the pieces, and even links to some of them, if you see something you GOTTA have! Just look for the “gray,” words, in the little notes under each photo, and it will take you directly to the goody!

Fall 2015 Fashion - Outfits Review stripe button-up and wool hat! Love the pink heels with this. https://fantabulosity.com

Jeans: Low-Rise Frayed Ankle Jeans. They were only $24.90!!!

Gray/White Button Up: Only $19.90! Yes really!

This gray hat was a no-brainer. I had to have it as soon as I saw it. It’s perfect for that quick run to the market, when you haven’t washed your hair yet. It’s so comfy and stylish too!

I’ve had the heels for a while, so they aren’t available anymore. However, I found similar ones HERE!

Fall 2015 Fashion - Outfits Review stripe button-up and wool hat! Love the pink heels with this. https://fantabulosity.com

Fall 2015 Fashion - Outfits Review. Love this light gray puffer vest with dark gray sweater! https://fantabulosity.com

Oh this vest! I’m not a fan of cold weather, but this vest actually makes me wish it was cool enough out to wear it, like… right now.

I also snagged this gray sweater to wear underneath it, well.. because… that’s what the mannequin had on. 🙂

The leopard shoes are my favorite shoe purchase in a LONG time. {I think I say that every time I buy a new pair of shoes.}  I’ve been on the hunt for leopard flats for-evah, and I finally finally came across some. Eeeek!
Fall 2015 Fashion - Outfits Review. This PURSE!!! And those leopard shoes! https://fantabulosity.com

The PURSE! You all went WILD over this purse. I can’t say I blame you! But I’m sad. I can’t find it online for you at Forever 21. BUT… the good news is… Forever 21 has a HUGE selection of affordable purses/bags/totes. So you’re sure to find one that you’ll love, similar to this one!

Fall 2015 Fashion - Outfits Review White Jacket & Tee. So perfect for daily or night wear. https://fantabulosity.com


I’ve had this white jacket for a while too, but the minute I saw the black & gold tank top in the store, I knew the two would be a match made in heaven. I can’t find the white blazer online now, but I found a similar one HERE.  Find similar shirts that would look fabulous under a white jacket, HERE!
Fall 2015 Fashion - Outfits Review I'm so excited to wear flannel this Fall!!! https://fantabulosity.com

Let me be the first to say…

I never wear flannel.. and I never wear button-ups. So explain the photo above for me??? I guess I’ve changed. Because now… I {heart} this black & white plaid shirt.  It screams “comfort,” “stylish,” and gets me all giddy inside. Pair it with the wool hat, and I’m out on the town, runnin’ my errands this Winter.

Fall 2015 Fashion - Outfits Review Red Flannel button up and jeans. Pair it with a hat and it's the perfect Fall outfit! https://fantabulosity.com

Ok, so what… I have a similar hat, in light gray. 😉  But hey, this hat, has brown trim on it… so I had to get it. You know, to go with my new purse.

Here I go again with the flannel button-ups. But aren’t they just sooo stinking cute?! This red & gray flannel button-up is sooo soft, and it was a must have for my Fall wardrobe. {P.S. It’s a little wrinkled. I know. I’ll iron it… ahem… throw it in the dryer… and get the wrinkles out before I wear it in public. Promise.}

Fall 2015 Fashion - Outfits Review Red Flannel button up and jeans. The perfect Fall day outfit! https://fantabulosity.com

Fall 2015 Fashion - Outfits Review White shorts and gray sweater. Love this outfit on those not so hot or cold days! https://fantabulosity.com

My heart, has fallen in love with these boardwalk shorts. In my video above, they’re the shorts that I described as my “buffet, ” shorts? I think I also mentioned that I probably couldn’t find them online for you anymore… but I DID! Snag ’em gals. Why do I love them?

1. They have an elastic band. Thank you sweet Jesus.

2. They can be dressy, or dress them down.

3. Comfy as heck.

4. Multiple colors to choose from!

Buy the Boardwalk Shorts HERE!

The sweater is a rare type of purchase for me, but they had the stinkin’ thing right next to the shorts, and I just thought they looked darling together.

Fall 2015 Fashion - Outfits Review Slight addiction to Victoria Secret bags! https://fantabulosity.com

So on Facebook, I showed you one of the little “bags,” that I bought from Victoria Secret. What is it about these little things!? I’m so addicted with the thought of having to have them, anytime I see them. I think it makes me feel more organized if I have little bags/totes, inside bigger ones??? Plus, when they’re small like this, they’re more affordable. THEN… to top it off, they’re usually super cute, or SO my style. Game over… I have to have a million. Victoria Secret is notorious for always having cute little makeup bags.

Leopard Print: HERE

White: HERE

Fall 2015 Fashion - Outfits Review Slight addiction to Victoria Secret bags! https://fantabulosity.com


I’m not going to lie. There is more. I just forgot about some of it, that was hanging out in my closet, dirty, in the laundry hamper. I had to wear some of it immediately. Like, the other day when I Instagrammed {is that a word?} and Facebooked {is that a word too?} my “Send Coffee,” sleep shirt that I wore the other day, at 5:00 in the afternoon.

"Send Coffee" sleep shirt! https://fantabulosity.com


If I get a wild hair, I may show you all the other pieces when I have them on. So if you don’t follow me on Facebook or Instagram… wait.. what!? You don’t! Oh we should totally be friends. I mean… I already love you for coming to visit! Let’s be friends: Fantabulosity Facebook  | Fantabulosity Instagram

BONUS TIP:  So there’s something I’ve learned while creating this post for you. Ok… two things I’ve learned.

1.  I love to shop & share it with you all.

2.  I had no idea you could shop online at some of the stores I bought some of these pieces from. You guys… like J.Crew Factory and Banana Republic Factory? I’ve always loved J. Crew and Banana Republic clothes, but I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg. Well guess what! J. Crew Factory and Banana Republic Factory, is pretty much the same clothing, but WAAAAAY cheaper!

Does your favorite outlet store let you shop online?? Pah-Leeeeese, tell me who it is. You know I’ll wanna know.

Until next time,


2 thoughts on “Fall 2015 Fashion & Outfits – Shopping Recap

  1. Jaime says:

    What a fun blog post!! Love fashion and those shopping trips where you feel you hit the jackpot!

    1. Jessica says:

      Thank you!!! Sometimes I wonder if I have to be in the mood for a good successful shopping day? There are times I’ll go shopping, and I can’t find ANYTHING!

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