Fantabulosity Studio where we will film cooking and recipe videos, and some of our Creating Your Happy segments.
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Fantabulosity Studio Renovation + “Before” Look

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Fantabulosity Kitchen Studio Renovation “Before” Look: It’s a peek at JUST the beginning of our new white, farmhouse style kitchen as our new “home” for our cooking videos!

Fantabulosity Kitchen Studio Before and peek at what's to come

Fantabulosity Studio Renovation + “Before” Look

It’s finally happening. It all started with a friend coming over saying,

Jessica, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t utilize this unfinished space for your blog, and turn it in to a kitchen studio for your quick and easy recipes, and weeknight meal ideas.

He was right!? Why hadn’t I thought of that!? I thought for sure when I mentioned his idea to my husband, he would say “Heck no, that’s going to be a theater room… not a kitchen.”

But to my surprise, his response was, “That’s actually a really good idea, and it would be a great place for you to do a lot of your videos for the blog and YouTube channel.” (Exqueeze me?!)  So I hopped on the planning process immediately before he changed his mind.

Fantabulosity Kitchen Studio for recipe videos, appearing on YouTube and the blog! Slightly Homemade recipes

This is my gal pal Kate, who is a major help with all of my crazy and random ideas. She’s also a huge part of the creativity behind some of the recipes around here!

White Kitchen + KILZ COMPLETE COAT Paint

I am ECSTATIC to be working with KILZ® COMPLETE COAT™ Paint on the Fantabulosity studio. When we started chatting about the plans of the space, I just knew their line of KILZ COMPLETE COAT Paint & Primer in One would be a perfect fit.

I’m far from a professional painter, so I knew I wanted to work with something that would be easy to use! KILZ COMPLETE COAT Paint is the brand for DIYers who believe in starting their projects right. Being married to a home builder, using the right products to get the Perfect Finish is a MUST. He is meticulous when it comes to quality and a perfect look when it comes to a home. For the studio kitchen, we chose to use the KILZ COMPLETE COAT PAINT, (interior and exterior paint in one) in semi-gloss “PRE TINTED WHITE”.

KIlZ Paint for the Fantabulosity Studio

Fantabulosity Studio Inspiration

These days, it’s MUCH easier to plan and gather design ideas thanks to Pinterest. When I searched for kitchens to use as examples to show my husband and contractors, these two were by FAR my favorite!!!

This first one is from Elizabeth Roberts Architecture and Design, and I absolutely LOVE the white subway tile backsplash, white/gray countertops and floating shelves.

White Kitchen Inspiration for the Fantabulosity Studio Kitchen

Photo Credit & Source: Elizabeth Roberts Architecture & Design and Dustin Aksland for the photography

This second image has me all “heart eyes,” over here with just about every stinking detail! The white cabinets, the hardware, and the kitchen accessories are absolutely stunning. This kitchen inspiration is from Monika Hibbs, and I’m smitten with her entire home and blog.

Kitchen Studio Inspiration for the Fantabulosity studio

Photo Credit and Source:

But for now, this is where we must begin! It’s like a blank slate and I’m ready to tackle this baby!

Fantabulosity Studio where we will film cooking and recipe videos, and some of our Creating Your Happy segments.

Thank you SO much KILZ!

I cannot thank the KILZ Brand enough for working with us on this project. It’s helping us feel so much more comfortable about the entire process, starting off with an incredible brand like them.

KILZ is the brand for people who see the world not as it is but as it could be. (Those like my husband who can envision so much, by looking at an empty room!)  They see past problems, and can see the potential in the room, house, and any home renovation project.

To snag KILZ COMPLETE COAT Paint, explore the colors at Walmart, and visit the KILZ website too

Kilz Paint for the Fantabulosity White Kitchen Studio

Sneak Peek Videos

To give you a better idea of the “before,” I shot a quick video from our shopping trip at Walmart which is our first step towards the white kitchen, and another video tour of the very beginning stages of our Studio Kitchen! I can’t wait to show you the finished product with this beautiful white paint on the walls!

Eeeek… it’s finally happening! It was quite possibly the most exciting trip to Walmart I’ve ever had! I loaded the two littles up in the car and we were on a mission for white PAINT! (Then of course a trip to window shop the toy isle for good behavior while mommy snagged the supplies.)

The KILZ COMPLETE COAT Paint was super easy to find in the paint isle, and I LOADED my cart up! I MAY have had a few people looking at me like I was crazy, while filming myself, talking about paint

Quick “Before” Tour…

I can’t wait to keep you all posted through the entire process!!

Have any “MUSTS” for a kitchen? I’d LOVE to hear them below.

Kilz paint

The before of this new kitchen studio. It will soon be transformed to a bright white farmhouse kitchen!

4 thoughts on “Fantabulosity Studio Renovation + “Before” Look

  1. Laura says:

    OMG!!! I LOVE this idea!!!! YAY! I am so excited for you!!!! I can’t wait to follow along!

    1. Jessica says:

      Eeek! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to get to filming! 🙂 Thanks for coming by!!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Super exciting! LOVE your ideas/inspiration! Good luck 🙂

    1. Jessica says:

      Eeek! Thank you! You’re so sweet. Thank you for coming by and dropping a note too!

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