Personalized Gold Glitter Stationary. YES PLEASE!
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Father’s Day Gift Idea AND 50 Free 4×6’s?

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Father’s Day is RIGHT around the corner you guys. I’m NEVER on top of my game, but for some reason… this year I am. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m seeing “Father’s Day Gifts,” in the media a lot more this year to remind me over and over, or what it is. But hey, I’ll take being prepared any day.

Father's Day Gift Idea: Create Photo Project with a ton of these ideas...

My loves on a family outing on a local mine tour!

My hubby is super hard to shop for. He says he’s not, but he his. Why? Because he’s the type that if he wants something, he’ll go on and go get it, rather than thinking, “Hey… my wife and kids may want to get this for me for Father’s Day, so I’ll wait.” You know a guy like that? Yeah… we shall start a club.

Well, every year I’m faced with the same dilemma. “What would be a good Father’s Day gift idea?” Then I remembered,  that Shutterfly, has TONS of ideas that would make a great Father’s Day gift for a man that has everything! PLUS… they have a

COUPON CODE of “DADSGRADS,” that will give you 40% off of photo projects right now {through 5/28 I believe.}  Did I also mention that when you sign up, {FOR FREE}, that you get 50 FREE 4×6’s? Uh, yeah.

Shutterfly 50 Free Prints

Within 10 minutes, I had my Father’s Day gift shopping DONE! DONE you all. Done.

Now if I showed you all what I got my hubby, then he would see it, and the surprise would be wasted. So… I can’t show it to you yet.

BUT… I WILL show you what I just so happened got for myself while I was browsing Shutterfly last night. {Ok, so maybe I have a little bit of my husband’s bad habit of buying things I want for myself too.}

So every girl needs a little glitter in her life, AND a fabulous notepad to keep things jotted down. I might as well look stylish while note-taking, right? So I “Put a little sparkle in my day,” and got this for myself. I practically “stole,” this, after using my coupon code.

Personalized Gold Glitter Stationary. YES PLEASE!

THEN… I had to get this dry erase board for our fridge. I’m always walking by {ok, not walking by…but rather “opening”} the refrigerator door for a snack, and I seem to always have to jot down a little note that’s going through my head while I’m multitasking. THIS is perfect, and such an adorable little way to showcase your loves. Yeah, I practically “stole,” this too, after using my coupon.

Personalized Dry Erase Board - So stinking cute, and what an AWESOME gift idea!

What an awesome site Shutterfly is. I am totally in love, and will have to restrain myself from going back today to get more. Their notepads are ADDICTIVE.

So… do you have your Father’s Day shopping done yet? Get it done, easily and now. You know he’ll love it. Don’t forget to get something for yourself. 😉

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