Making a to-do list every morning has changed my life!
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Find a “Break” in your Everyday

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You all… I’m exhausted. Like, everyday exhausted. Being a wife, working-mom, and someone who loves to entertain on a weekly basis… I’m constantly feeling overwhelmed. Can you relate? I know you can, or you probably wouldn’t have popped over here to read something on how to find a “break,” in your everyday, right?

Work at home mom

There was a time that I literally felt like I was on a hamster wheel, each day I’d wake up. I work at home, and my two littles are both under the age of 5, so a routine like most families have; like going to school, going to work in an office building, or even having 5 minutes to myself in a traffic jam, are non-existent. Even more… nap times are pretty much “over,” for my kids, so the peace and quiet during 1:00-3:00 everyday, are really just a vague memory. So my daily life consisted of getting up, doing the same thing over and over, and sometimes just watching the clock until Daddy got home, or bed time arrived.

However within the last little while, I have been fortunate enough to run in to some of the most amazing people. Although I’m still unsure of how and why they came in to my life, I’m taking away so much of their advice, by constantly trying to improve each and every day, just living in the moment, and thinking about “me,” for a change.

We all know as a mom, a full day can go by, and we may say to ourselves CRAZY things like,

Did I eat today?


I can’t believe I never even changed out of my pajamas.

But what I’ve learned, and have implemented in to my “everyday,” are small breaks that have CHANGED my daily routine dramatically, and have improved my days in an incredible way. Let me explain…

Find a “Break” in your Everyday

Finding a break in your everyday

Someone I ran in to a while back, asked me the question,

Do you ever try to get some time by yourself during the day? Even a few minutes?

I seriously looked like a deer in headlights, with the answer,

Do you mean when I secretly run off to the bathroom, while my kids are watching Daniel Tiger, so I can go to the bathroom in peace?

She kind of looked at me like, “Oh honey. No.” Then she proceeded to tell me how important her small breaks during the day are to her, and how it has dramatically changed her life.

I began to get “big-eyed,” and listened to every single word that she had to say. I had no idea how I had been longing for a little relief as a mom, and she was speakin’ my Mom “love-language.”

It was Time to Take a Break…

You all, I have felt so much relief since allowing myself a “break,” everyday, and I know that some of you are where I was just a few months ago. Those 5 minutes of “you time,” can change how you look at the rest of your day. The way you look at your kids. The way you look at your husband. The way you rest your head at night. So what does this look like?  Let me tell you how I make it work in my world, and then hopefully you can use it as inspiration to create your own “me,” time.

Cafe Breaks Mom Time

Designating a Space & Taking a Break…

I strongly encourage you to find your space. This could be the bathroom… a rocking chair on your front porch, or even in the car while you’re waiting to pick your kids up from school. No matter the location, pick a spot that speaks to you, and creates a place of serenity.

My space:

Although I have a BEAUTIFUL office, I rarely get down there to work on “work.” During the weekdays, I’m usually stationed at the dining room table with my laptop, right in the middle of the toddler chaos. I thoroughly enjoy being able to see them all day long, while I also earn a living. However, there are the times where “Mommy needs a break,” and I’ll run off to my “mom space.” My office consists of pretty things, inspiration, and my favorite… secret snack stash, and coffee station.

At Home Office Coffee Station. Such a great idea, so you don't have leave the office and get distracted with something else in your home.

This is always full of small snacks, (because to me, food = love) and stashed with enough coffee to perk me up on a “much needed,” day.

Right now my secret snack station is full of my current favorite snack: Cafe Breaks. Oh my goodness… so delish, and I don’t have to keep them refrigerated, so it’s perfect for my office stash. Plus, I put out cute little wooden spoons to make me feel “pretty,” while I eat. 😉  I’m going to tell you more about these new found favorites of mine below, and give you an Ibotta coupon too!

Cafe Breaks! These are currently in my secret "mom stash!"

When to take your break:

The friend that encouraged me to find my daily “break time,” suggested I do this every morning before the kids get up. However, you could be the type of person that loves to unwind at night, after the kids go to bed, and your “break,” is best spent in the bath, with a glass of wine. No matter what time of the day it is, make sure it’s a time that you can stick to, look forward to, and build a habit around. When it becomes a scheduled habit, you will be more likely to take that time, if it’s expected from those you live with.

My “when”:

I love… like LUUUV my sleep. So I tend to sleep until my kids wake up. I’ve found that my favorite time to take a mom break, is “late morning,” or the middle of the day. That way I can shrug off any stresses of the morning, and prepare myself for the remainder of the day.

Cafe Breaks

What to do:

This time could be filled with simply sitting in silence, listening to last weeks message from church, meditating, list making, or even listening to your favorite music.

Whatever it is that quickly reduces your stress level. What is it that calms you? Is it beach music? Is it silence? Is it an inspirational podcast?

My to do:

Since I’ve already admitted that food = love, my “break time,” consists of grabbing my cup of coffee & Cafe Breaks, to relax and enjoy some “me” time.

Occasionally, I’ll also create a to-do list, or mind-dump, of all of the things I need to get done that day. There’s something about seeing it all on paper, that creates organization in my head, and gives me the confidence that I can tackle the rest of the day.

Making a to-do list every morning has changed my life!

Making a to-do list every morning has changed my life!

The Result:

Taking a “mom break,” in “my space,” for even 5 minutes of quiet, snacking, and list-making… can leave me feeling refreshed, and ready to go back upstairs to tackle toddlerhood. I tend to have more patience with my kids, it helps me put a smile on my face for when my husband walks through the door, and it also helps me remember to take care of myself. At times I feel we as “momma bears,” tend to only manage to get through the day, making sure our cubs are safe and sound. But we’ve all heard it before…

You have to take care of yourself, to take care of those that you love.

I’ve decided to enjoy my 5 minute mom-breaks, hiding in my home-office, indulging in Cafe Breaks.  What are you going to choose to do? I’d love to hear!

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Until next time,

mom break cafe breaks

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