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You all. I love… like LUUUUVVV, Pinterest. Not only is it responsible for about 50% of the traffic my blog receives on a daily basis, but it’s what I “play,” with, in my down-time. {Wait, what’s downtime, right!?}

Incredible Pinterest Growth:

In normal “Jessica,” fashion the other day, {since I’m super addicted to checking analytics} I ran a Pinterest “report,” seeing how much my Pinterest following had grown. I knew it had grown “some,” but just wasn’t sure by how much. I was AH-MAZED. In just 90 days, I had gained 2,344 new followers. WHAAAT!? With just a few easy changes and techniques that I put in to place, my following was shooting up like a rocket.

See what I mean…

My Pinterest Follower Growth in 90 Days:

How I Grew my Pinterest with 2500 New Followers in 90 Days

That Shiny Red Circle of Notifications

While experimenting with my Pinterest growth, I also gave my notifications a test-run, to see what type of action I was getting within a 24-hour period. You know when you log in to Pinterest, you have that bright & shiny red circle, showing you that someone {or someones} have pinned one of your pins, have followed you, have commented, or “liked,” something of yours? The other day, I decided to stay off of Pinterest for 24 hours, to see what amount of activity I received, by simply doing “nothing.” When I logged back in after 24 hours, I had 686 notifications.  I was ecstatic!  One of my favorite things, is having something working for me, while I’m not even “working.”  I want to show YOU how I made this happen in my ebook!

Pinterest Notifications after 24 hours, with all of my Pinterest Tricks put in to place

I don’t want to keep the secrets of what worked for me, to myself, so I decided to create a short eBook on what changes I made, to cause such a growth.

How I Grew my Pinterest Following by 2,344 Followers in 90 Days 3D Book

Longest title ever, but it gets straight to the point. JUST the way I like it.

I’ve explained all of the “golden-nuggets,” divided in to the following categories:

• Your Pinterest Account

• Boards

• Pins

• Images

• Descriptions

• Analytics

• Programs & Tools

• Promoting

• Hiring

The ebook is a quick 30-minute read, only focusing on the “meat,” of the tips & tricks that I know, rather than filling it with all sorts of “foo-foo,” items, that are just space fillers. “Ain’t nobody got time for dat.”

How do I Get the Book!?

It’s super easy. I’ll automatically send you the FREE ebook when you sign up for my Fantabulous Blogging Secrets newsletter. (Which is a fancy word for, “An occasional email that I may send out, with little golden nuts, of information that could help you in the blogging world.)

Important Note: When you are sent the link to download the book, it will prompt you to “Name a Fair Price.” Just type in “$0” and you’ll get the book for free!

There have been some of you that are INCREDIBLY kind, and have graciously supported this book financially, and I can’t THANK you enough. That means the world to me!

I’m so excited to share all of the nuts and bolts that I’ve learned and researched in the last 90 days. I’m hoping this ebook will get you all giddy inside like I get, when I see my Pinterest following skyrocketing!

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