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Halloween Cupcakes – Cookies N Cream

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I had a sweet tooth the other day, and I wanted to make something since my hubby was coming home from being out of town for a week for work. I like to show him my appreciation when he gets home by baking some treats, to let him know that we love and missed him while he was working so hard. (Don’t let me fool you. I’m a mom of two young boys, so I don’t ALWAYS make this happen.)

Halloween Cupcakes – Cookies N Cream

Halloween Cupcakes Cookies N Cream

I’m a fan of making cupcakes, and I was in the cupcake mood… so that’s what he got! I know, I know… selfish right?

Well… it was Halloween week, and I wanted to put a little Halloween “spin” on the Halloween cupcakes. I remembered I had a cookies n cream frosting that I bought at the store the prior week. (Surprise surprise, yes… I’m a sinner and I buy cake mix and store bought frosting to make most of my goodies, instead of from scratch. I’m a mom of two young boys… remember? So don’t judge!) 😉  But ya’ll this frosting is killer, so you need to look for it the next time you go to the store. Yumm-O!

Halloween Cupcakes Cookies N Cream-2

I just used a chocolate cake mix to make my mini cupcakes (Mini because I had black and white mini cupcake liners, and I knew that would look fantabulous for Halloween), and to add a little more holiday “flair,” I used red and yellow food coloring to make the white cookies n cream frosting, ORANGE.

(P.S. I suck at trying to combine food coloring to make a specific color. To be honest, I gave up trying to make the perfect orange, and after 20 minutes, it turned the perfect “orange, ” all by itself! Who knew letting it sit for a minute would make it change colors more?)

Halloween Cupcakes Cookies N Cream-3

I frosted all of my little bitty cupcakes, and topped them with left over candy corn that I had sitting in a candy dish nearby. The cookies n cream frosting already came with crumbled chocolate sandwich cookies, so I did each topping on half of the cupcakes.

I LOVE how the chocolate cookies crumbles are a “black” and it totally makes the cupcakes “pop!”

Halloween Cupcakes Cookies N Cream-5

My neighbors and a few family members totally benefited from my mini cupcake sweet tooth experiment. I had so many cupcakes flowing throughout my kitchen, that I was begging people to take them! Well nothing leaves my house without some cute packaging to accompany the goods. {At least I try to!} So I used left over “Fall” themed stickers and bakers twine to finish off the treats!

Halloween Cupcakes Cookies N Cream-6

Happy neighbors, happy family, happy husband = Happy Jessica. 😉

Halloween Cupcakes Cookies N Cream-7

What are you handing out to trick or treaters this year?  Candy? Popcorn balls? Cake Pops? Dollar bills? {If dollar bills, leave your address… I’ll be by in a jiff.} 😉

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