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Best Sources for Affordable Home Decor

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Best Sources for Affordable Home Decor: With a mix of modern, craftsman and farmhouse decor, here are our favorite places to shop online when decorating a house!

When we moved into our last home, I fell in love with decorating a home. It was as if I didn’t know “my style” until then and when I figured out what I loved to decorate with… I became hooked.

I even found myself toying with the idea that I may want to start offering interior design services for others until I realized that it just wasn’t for me.

So much so, I started talking with someone who wanted to hire me to decorate a room in her house and it just didn’t feel “right”. It was at that moment that I realized I only wanted to decorate and stage homes of my own, so I could have the freedom to do what I want.

However, to fill the void of wanting to help others decorate and stage their homes, I decided that creating blog posts about decorating may be the key.

So, I started sharing posts like my DIY Farmhouse “Gather” Sign and sharing rooms like my living area, in the home tour.

The best online stores for affordable home decor

Best Sources for Affordable Home Decor

The cool thing about blogging is that I get to chat with a lot of people through email, messages, and comments about things that I love, and in turn, hopefully, help someone in some way and I absolutely love when someone contacts me and asks about needing advice about decorating their home.

Now although I know I’m NO expert at decorating (hence part of the reason I didn’t want to offer this as a service) I can at least share my style and favorites with you here on the blog, and for those of you who have similar tastes can hopefully use it as inspiration in your own homes!
This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience.  Click here to read my full earnings and affiliate disclaimer.

Home Decor Stores Online

— Links below each of the photos for more information —

Today I’m sharing some of my FAVORITE stores to shop at online (and in-store if available) for home decor! I had realized I never created something like this, and it that it could be a helpful space for you to refer to when needing inspiration and ideas when looking for products for your own house!

So without further ado, in NO particular order… here are my favorite stores, and some of my current favorite items that they have right now!


For real. Did you know that this store has a “home” section? It’s the BEST. It’s affordable and it literally nails my style of decorating. From baskets to wooden crates, laundry bags, pillows, and the list goes on!

It’s possibly my favorite AFFORDABLE place to shop online for home goods. Shop their whole home decor section HERE!

Love these items from H&M? Me too. I’ve linked to each one below, so you can snag them too!

1. Wooden Storage Box 

2. Laundry Bag

3. Wooden Hanger

4. Gold Metal Basket

Heads up: I’ve yet to see a “home” section in H&M in-store, so online may be the only option to shop for home goods for now.


Now you KNOW I couldn’t go without listing Target. I love Target for ALL THE THINGS, but especially for home decor.

We all know the drill. You walk in for laundry detergent because there’s a red card discount this week, and it’s not long before your cart is full of $1 and $5 items from the dollar spot, which usually consists of toys for the kids, dish towels for the current holiday and a cake stand in a color that you don’t have in your collection yet.

Just me? Well, then, let’s just carry on. No need to spill all my dirty laundry in one post.

Here are some of my current favorites, and if you ask me… STAPLES that every home must have.

My Style Advice: The wicker crate is the perfect home for that white fuzzy blanket, sitting by the wall-length mirror and the cute little succulent placed on an end table for a pop of color.

Shop their entire “home decor” section HERE!

Love these items from Target? Me too. I’ve linked to each one below, so you can snag them too!

1. Brown Wicker Crate

2. White Fuzzy Blanket

3. Artificial Succulent

4. Floor Length Mirror

Totally could have featured more than just four items from Target, but I wanted to leave room for another favorite store…

World Market

World Market has such a fun variety of items online and in-store. It’s almost like there’s a rustic side of things, mixed with a very worldly type of design. I absolute love heading in there to drool all over their furniture, wall decor, and dishes.

But something you may not have thought of is that World Market is a great place to look for items like curtain rods and light fixtures! (At least online.)

Say “heck no” to boring curtain rods and add some flair to that room with a golden touch!

Shop their entire “home decor” section HERE!

Love these items from World Market? Me too. I’ve linked to each one below, so you can snag them too!

1. Wall Clock

2. Two-Tier Serving Tray

3. Antique Gold Chandelier

4. Gold Curtain Rod

Aren’t those the cutest finds? Don’t forget to check here for furniture when you need to update the big stuff too! They have super cute, trendy… yet timeless items to choose from usually!

TJ Maxx/Home Goods

Well last, and certainly not least… TJMaxx and Home Goods. Why are they together? Because they’re owned by the same company and they pretty much have the same type of items.

However, you can’t shop online at Home Goods, but you CAN shop online at TJMaxx. Here you’ll find super cute and AFFORDABLE items for the home, and you can almost always bet they’ll have items that look super expensive but are a fraction of the price. Hello bargain shopper paradise!

If you haven’t considered TJMaxx for home decor, you may want to. Here are a few of my favorites I found online so I could show you just what you’re missing.

Or, you can shop their entire “home decor” section HERE!

Love these items from TJMaxx? Me too. I’ve linked to each one below, so you can snag them too!

1. Candle Holder

2. Hanging Wall Shelf

3. Metal and Wood Bar Stool

4. Metal Wall Cabinet

TJMaxx seems to always be changing and updating their products so check back often. In my experience, checking back once a week for items that I was specifically looking for, worked like a charm.

For instance, when I needed baskets to organize my pantry, this was the first place I looked!


I mean, if you don’t live, eat and breath Amazon…please tell me how you survive. I literally use Amazon Prime as a lifesaver that makes me feel on top of my game.

Even today, while driving down the road, it started to rain; which made me say to myself,

“I don’t have an umbrella. I need an umbrella.”

So I pulled over and ordered an umbrella on my Amazon app. In two days, the cutest little red and blue polka dot umbrella should be arriving on my doorstep. I truly believe Amazon is a gift from Heaven.

When it comes to decorating my home, Amazon is one of the “musts” on my list. I know, “Amazon for home goods?” But seriously, don’t doubt the online “giant” when it comes to home goods. 

What is YOUR Favorite Home Decor Store?

So did I list your favorite? No? Tell me what yours is below. I probably need it in my life.

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