Home Tour Part 9 The Nursery
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Home Tour Part 9 – Baby Nursery

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I’m SO excited that I’m finally getting around to continuing the home tour. Life kinda happened, and I took a short pause in decorating the rooms. The nursery however, REALLY didn’t take up too much of my time. I kept it very simple, (some may say “bare,”) but that’s ok with me. Less is more, right? Let’s get started…

I sinned.

Yep. Go ahead, roll your eyes at me… tell me I’m a horrible mommy…

What did I do? I re-used the nursery décor from my first baby to decorate my new baby’s room. Eeeeek! Well heck, let me tell you why. One, I was having a second boy. Two, I’m a tightwad and I didn’t want to go out and buy all new. Three, we moved in to our new house 2 weeks before my baby was born. Long story short… I’m guilty of the “2nd child,” treatment. Besides, I really liked the colors.

Since this post, I’ve updated the nursery with ALL NEW decor! I’d love to show you:

The NEW Nursery!

“Hey there! Welcome to my room!” -Baby S.

Home Tour Part 9 The Nursery

{He’s sitting on the “Comforter,” that came with his bed set. Tell me again why we buy “comforters,” for our new babies, when they aren’t even supposed to sleep with them? So… I made a rug outta mine.} 😉

I remember before having any children, I thought a nursery “must have” was a changing table. No. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they’re great. But for me, I found a great solution was to go this route. Buy a chest of drawers, and a changing pad, and viola. There’s your “changing table.” No extra piece of furniture in the room, and when the baby has grown out of diapers, you still have a chest of drawers that can be used.

What’s in the little blue basket at the bottom left? More diapers. I buy the big ‘ole box of diapers when I go to the store, and I HATE looking at those ugly cardboard boxes. So I empty them out, and stick ’em in a basket. MUCH better.

Home Tour Part 9 The Nursery

Here’s a closer look at my “changing table.” More diapers in a bin, changing pad, a little bin {polka dot} with goodies like diaper rash cream, hair brush, etc., and of course his piggy bank.

Home Tour Part 9 The Nursery

This is not the most attractive thing, but I felt it needed to be seen. When my youngest started rolling around, he would get his leg/arm stuck between the rails. Well I was told {or read} that crib bumpers are a big no-no now. So… I found the solution. A mesh bumper that is soft, and breathable. SOLVED! {I got this one at Target}

Home Tour Part 9 The Nursery

I can’t even tell you where I got these little precious canvas photos? I got them in 2011 when my first son was due to arrive. My guess? Target…

Home Tour Part 9 The Nursery

You know, I don’t think I’ve mentioned this on here before, but my husband is a pilot. {Hobby pilot}  So when we had our first son, when ANYTHING would come up that we could incorporate “airplanes,” in to, we would. See his first birthday party that we also did in “airplanes.,” here: Airplane First Birthday Party

So when I found this airplane mobile in the nursery color scheme that I had going, I had to have it.

Home Tour Part 9 The Baby Boy Nursery Home Tour Part 9 The Baby Boy Nursery

Yep I’m gonna say it. IKEA. You know I have a crush on IKEA. This “bookshelf,” below is actually a spice rack from IKEA that I turned in to a bookshelf. LOL… now I gotta say… I’m NOT good at being crafty. I attempted spray painting this thing, and my husband just laughed. It didn’t turn out so “hot,” but it’s still up on the wall. Just don’t look close, and see how I pried it off of the cardboard box after it dried, ripping the paint off. Oh well. 🙂

Home Tour Part 9 The Baby Boy Nursery

 Did you see my post the other day with the nursery ideas for wall décor? I featured the wall art collage below, and admitted my “crafting” ability that I don’t have. 😉Home Tour Part 9, The Baby Boy Nursery

Thanks for coming by and seeing the “not so original nursery” on our home tour. Let me make it up to you…

To see a FANTABULOUS nursery for a little girl, see my dear friend Roseanna’s nursery that I shared a few months back:  “A Must See Baby Nursery

Next room on the tour? My office and craft room! {My hiding place}

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