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Working with Brands: How Much to Charge for Blog Posts

How Much to Charge for Blog Posts: When you’re not sure what to charge, how to charge, and where to even begin, when it comes to writing a sponsored blog post for a business or company. 

What started out as one blog post, quickly turned in to two. (Possibly even three, maybe four. The more I tell you, the more I think there’s just ONE more thing that you should know, when it comes to blogging and working with brands.) So if you missed my first blog post, “What you Need to Know About Working with Brands“, I recommend that you start there so this post will make more sense.

Working with Brands: How Much to Charge for Blog Posts

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I want to begin by saying this…please just remember as you read this, that each blog/blogger is different, so my numbers may not be a reflection for you and your brand.

When I first started my blog, I despised reading “how-to” blogging articles that didn’t include some type of number example, to help me gauge my work. I just wanted to get a better idea about whether I was WAY off of what everyone else was, or if I was actually doing ok. So that’s why I’m sharing my numbers with you like an open book today. I’d love to help someone out that may be asking themselves the same thing I did in the beginning, and even different times along this blogging journey!

From Beginning Blogger Rates to Professional Blogging Rates:

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When I first started working with brands for payment, I started out at…

a sponsored post. (This was simply writing a blog post about a product, without taking photos, editing, without video/editing, etc.)

Then, I increased to the rate of…

for a good while, when I was receiving about 25,000 pageviews a month. This included taking photos, editing, writing a blog post, and coming up with the blog post topic to feature the product.

Around this same time I started receiving “party styling” sponsored posts, which paid more than the average sponsored post because of all the extra work that went in to it. (Photography, party supplies, etc.) This rate usually hung out around

a post.

From there, I gradually started raising my rates about every 6 months, by
$500 increments

for my standard blog posts. (Then I would add on more for each post, if it required extra items like: party styling, video creation, extra social shares, etc.)

So What am I Charging Today?

Well again, every blog is different, pageviews and social numbers can vary per influencer, and so many other factors like expenses of a photographer, videographer, editing, etc., can determine a blog post rate for everyone. Here are some things to consider before I tell you my rates, and before we all start playing the comparison game here: (which I urge you STRONGLY not to do, and I’ll tell you why below)

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My Current Stats:

  •  Expenses for each post: (Not including general expenses for the blog like hosting, newsletter, etc.) I take my own photos and video, edit them, write them and do the cooking/styling on my own with occasional help from friends if they want to. So I don’t have expenses like some may. The only expenses I have associated with sponsored posts are the products and supplies I need for each post. (ingredients, accompaniment items like garnishes, fabric napkins, backdrops, etc.)
  • Current Followers on Social: 54,000+ Pinterest, 13,000+ Facebook, 4,000+ Instagram and 4,000+ on newsletter
  • Current Pageviews: I’ve been averaging around 200,000 but there has been a decline in traffic all across the board lately for social and search engine traffic. After talking to other bloggers, I’m finding this is pretty common for others right now too.

Here are my rates today:

Standard Blog Post with One Social Share Each on FB, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram & Google Plus: 300 word minimum blog post with large, bright, beautiful imagery of the product and supporting photos. $2000

Video Creation: This will depend on the type of video they’re looking for. Is it a 1-minute video of a recipe to be shared on Facebook? Or is it a 5-10 minute video where I have a production crew come in to my home and film with a script?  Video rates range from $1000-$5000.

Is this what you should charge?

Friends, please hear me loud and clear… charge what is right for you, and just because this is what I make with my stats, don’t think that everyone with similar stats makes the same. Some make way more, some may not make as much. The comparison game can be super dangerous, and that’s not why I share this. I share this because I truly hope it helps you with a starting place when it comes to your sponsored posts rates, and trying to figure out what to charge.

Just remember these things when you’re pitching a brand with your rate:

  • Don’t undervalue what you and your blog posts are worth
  • Don’t be greedy
  • Pick a rate that feels a little scary to ask for, but doesn’t feel insane.
  • Determine a rate that makes you excited to work on the blog post. The last thing that you want to do is feel crappy about doing a sponsored post, because you don’t feel you’re being compensated fairly.
  • MOST importantly: DO NOT work with a brand that you truly don’t recommend and love or that doesn’t fit your niche, just for the money. When you’re genuine and authentic, your readers will know it and hang around for more!

So tell me, now that you’ve read What You Need to Know About Working With Brands, and this post, what questions do you have?

Curious how I make money blogging besides doing sponsored posts? I’m happy to share that with you all too if you find it helpful! Just let me know in the comments below!

How to make money blogging

2 thoughts on “Working with Brands: How Much to Charge for Blog Posts

  1. Laura Orlando says:

    Loved this post and thank you for sharing the possibility of what I could make for a blog post someday. I have always wondered what the possible amount could be and now I am understanding. This would be a dream! Thanks again Jessica and I need to keep at this so maybe I can quit my day job, LOL! XOXO

    1. Jessica says:

      Hey you! I’m so glad that you liked it and found it helpful! Oh sister, with your talent and determination, I KNOW you’ll reach what you’re working towards. I already think you’re a success and wonder how you do it all! Much love sweet thing, XO

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