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How to Overcome Feeling “Stuck” with Your Blog

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How to Overcome Feeling “Stuck” with Your Blog: When you lack inspiration and motivation, and feel like you’re hitting a blogging “wall.” 

Hey blogger. If you’re new here, I’m so happy you came by! If you’ve been a Fantabulosity follower for a while… well I’m glad you’re here too! As some of you know, I’ve been blogging since 2011, and I’ve learned quite a bit. (From strategies and techniques, to how to make money blogging.)

How to get motivated with your blog

It Was Hard to Find Answers

But there is one thing I remember clearly when I started out… it was SO hard to find answers to a ton of blogging questions that I had! So I made it a mission in the beginning of my blogging career, to try and help other bloggers along the way if I could. During the blogging Q&A submissions I opened a while back, I heard over and over again from bloggers

“I feel so stuck, and not sure what to do next with my blog.”

So with the overwhelming response of those who are feeling the same thing, I knew it was time for a video to touch on that very thing.

I give a bit of encouragement and strategies to help you get past that “stuck” feeling. If you’re not in a good place to watch a video, I’ve included them below for you to read! (But make sure to come back and watch the video when you can, because I cover SO much more in the video, and really just insert the cliff notes below.)

How to Overcome Feeling “Stuck” in Blogging

  • Baby Steps

Starting small, can lead to accomplishing so much more than you realize. Starting with the “baby steps” mindset, it’s not as intimidating to get started and then I’m happy with even the little bit that I do get done!

Occasionally I’ll think of something I’ll want to write a blog post about. So I’ll go in to my WordPress dashboard and insert the title of the blog post that I want to do. Then, when I have time, or when I’m in the mood, I can easily go back and finish what I started. Just remember, each time you sit down at your computer, doesn’t mean that you have to type out a full blog post and make it Pinterest perfect all at one time. Which brings me to my next tip…

  • It Doesn’t Have to be Perfect!

Friends, please don’t wait for your blog to be perfect before you launch, or make it LIVE! It will never be perfect, and I guarantee you’ll always want to change. Technology is always improving, styles and fads are always changing, and you’ll always have an ongoing to-do list of the things that you want to improve.

My biggest tip for new bloggers: Even if you’re not ready to announce to the world that your blog is now ready and LIVE… go ahead and make it live. Don’t worry, the world will not rush to your blog the minute that you have it LIVE online anyway. (So if you’re afraid of what people will think… it will take some time for people to even be able to find it without you telling them about it.)

But taking the baby step of at least pushing your blog out there into the online world, will help you hurdle over the anxiety that you may be experiencing with actually making it go LIVE, which may be keeping you “stuck” in a position that you don’t want to be in.

Then, when you realize that it wasn’t actually that bad to get your blog online, you may just be ready to start publishing blog posts and announcing the heck out of it on your social media and to family/friends. (If not, no worries. Just start with the baby steps, and maybe tell one good friend about it and have them look at it first. Whatever it takes to ease in to a comfort zone for you!) Plus, you may just find that when you do tell others that you’ve actually started a blog, they’ll be so proud of you, and impressed that you DID IT! Besides, they won’t be looking at the stuff that you’re nitpicking anyway.

  • Outsourcing

In my blog post “5 Ways You Can Outsource & Help Grow Your Business“, I talk about how I outsource every single day for my blog. I either hire someone to do the items that I don’t know how to do, or don’t want to do! If I didn’t outsource, I would be stuck like heck with some items, because it would take what seems like forever, to learn how to do some of the technology tasks. Or, I outsource items that are easy, yet time-consuming, so I can work on the bigger/better things, that make more money. If you can hire someone that’s cheaper than paying yourself to do the tasks… do it! But you can read more about that in the outsourcing post HERE!

  • Make To-Do Lists

There are many times I’ll think of a blog post topic, when I’m away from my computer. While I’m out grocery shopping, making dinner, driving in the car, etc. a thought can pop up in my mind of a blog post that I MUST do. Yet, when I sit down to write a blog post, the thought has totally escaped me. So I’ve made it a habit to make a note of what blog post I want to write, when I’m in the mood to tackle one! This has saved me, MANY times when I’m feeling “stuck” and not sure what to write about. I just head over to notes and quickly take a peek at what I wanted to do once upon a time.

For my note taking, I use Trello. It’s a free online tool where I can keep notes, tasks, and just about anything that I want… to help organize my thoughts and keep my ongoing blog to-do’s. I talked more about this in my 7 Organization Ideas and Tips blog post, if you want to take a peek at that too! Or, the notes feature on my iphone catches a lot of quick, random thoughts that I have.

  • Focus on One Thing at a Time

In the online world, we can easily find new and improved ways to better our blogs at a moments notice. While creating posts on our Facebook page, we may see an article about how to grow our Instagram in our Facebook newsfeed. Oh how exciting to know there’s a possibility to increase followers on Instagram… right?! So we have a “squirrel” moment and head over to work on our Instagram instead. Before you know it, we are looking at the Instagram feed and we’ve found a new blogger that we’d love to follow.

Ooooh! Now look at her Pinterest feed!! It’s beautiful. I need to follow her…

…and before you know it, we’ve wasted a good two hours browsing social media, and we’ve completed… NOTHING. Focus on one thing at a time. If your goal is to work hardcore on SEO, stick with SEO. If you find something that you can improve about your Instagram while working on SEO, make a note of it (refer to the “Make To-Do Lists” bullet point above) and come back to it later when you’re ready to conquer Instagram.

I’ve found that when I focus on one thing at a time, it EXCELS with improvement. Growth and engagement really take off.

One other tip? Work on what’s already working for you. Why not enhance and improve what’s already working pretty good… to make it excel.

  • Be Inspired by Others

Be inspired by other bloggers, rather than be jealous or discouraged. When you change your mindset about this, it can encourage you to tackle so much more and aim for goals to reach a certain level that you’re admiring.

When you feel jealous or discouraged, it gives a negative mindset that can depress and can flatline your motivation.

Find a blogger (or a small group of 3-5 bloggers) that you can look up to and check their blogs about once a week. Make notes of what you like about their blogs, and what they’re doing. Don’t copy them… but use them as guidelines and motivation to improve your own blog!

  • Be Confident

When you’re confident about your blog, the confidence spreads and others can “feel” it. If you’re proud of your blog and blog posts, and you express that in your social shares or while you’re even talking to others… others will be excited about it too.

Now, don’t hear what I’m not saying. Please don’t post about how awesome you and your blog are, like an egotistical maniac. That will surely turn people off and no one will want to feed your ego. BUT… you can be excited about your new recipe, outfit, or new blog post topic, and be tickled to share it with others. Keep your excitement and confidence in mind when creating your social status updates. People love positive vibes. Be positive and share the excitement.

how to get motivated with blogging

Are you Encouraged?

I so hope those tips helped get you encouraged and “unstuck” with your blog!

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I’m so glad that you came by, and I hope this blog post helps you get UNSTUCK with your blog! I’d love for you to drop a note below and share a link to your blog! Also, let me know what you need help with, or if you’re still feeling stuck with your blog! If I can help you, it would make my day!

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