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I Took a Nap with my Toddler Today…

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I took a nap with my toddler today.

Ok… I didn’t fall asleep. But I had every intention of taking a nap with my toddler today.

Have you ever done this? Have you ever laid down with full intentions of stepping in to this heavenly thought of,

I’ll just lay down with him, we’ll both take a beautiful long nap, and then we’ll both wake up, staring in to each other’s well-rested eyes, saying to each other, “Let’s get up and enjoy the rest of our day!”

Yeah. Me too.

The Reality of Taking a Nap with a Toddler

Yeah… look at him laying all precious there… don’t let him fool you.

I Took a Nap with my Toddler Today... fantabulosity.com

I was brutally attacked.  About 3 stuffed animals, and a Thomas the Train, whacked me in the head when I wasn’t looking. I got a swift kick to the ribs with his foot.

Isn’t this precious?

I thought to myself, telling myself that the abuse I just received was all unintentional.

My mind began to wonder, like I was being tested to see how many random things could go through my mind, while I was “supposed” to be taking a nap with my toddler.

Why am I not sleeping?

I should really dust his nightstand…

Gross. That fish tank turned green. I better clean it next week when I have time..

I’m not tired anymore. I could be doing so many other things right now while he’s sleeping.

I’m hungry. Did I eat today?

I should really wash all of these stuffed animals. I wonder if I ever have washed them? Gross.

I should have went pee.

I’ve never laid on pillows so flat. How does he do this?

I know… I’m just going to sneak my phone under the covers like this…so he won’t see… and text my friend back from 6 hours ago. {However this takes me 15 minutes to type a one sentence text because I’m trying to do it one-handed, so my toddle won’t notice the movement, and ask to play on my phone.

I Took a Nap with my Toddler Today... fantabulosity.com

The dust stand that ever so badly needs a dusting…

I Took a Nap with my Toddler Today... fantabulosity.com

The oh-so-gross fish tank that has taking a turn for green…

I Took a Nap with my Toddler Today... fantabulosity.com

In these quiet minutes, emailing, posting, and texting, on my phone with little movement, not to wake him…

The Important Reality of Napping with my Toddler

Before our short nap was over, I cleared my mind to focus on those things that I’ll one day miss about being able to lay down with him, “taking a nap,” with him…

I closely paid attention to each individual precious sound of his deep breaths, and sighs of “relaxation.” His little body was finally shutting down for a short break, and I rarely get to appreciate the simple, quiet moments in his life like this, because I’m constantly looking for the next thing that I could be doing.

That precious face.

Why did God choose his daddy and I, to be the parents of something so perfect? We did not deserve that.

All of those things… those cleaning chores, those work to-do lists, that dinner that’s going to be late on the table… it can all wait. I was the last thing my son looked at before he fell asleep. When he woke up, I was the first thing he saw,

Mommy, did you sweep good? We took a nap togwever, didn’t we? Mommy, I’ll always be by your side.

{Where does he come up with this stuff? Heart forever melted}

Dear Future Wife of my Toddler:

Although I want to, I can’t come take a nap with him when he’s older. So I beg of you, please take care of my baby. Take a nap with him, and stare at him, taking in each precious moment he has to offer. He is such a gift.

A gift that I never want to let go of, but will.

{only because then, you’ll be the one who must dust his nightstand and clean his fish tank} 😉 I Took a Nap with my Toddler Today... fantabulosity.com

Have you taken a nap with your toddler lately?

I completely and totally encourage you to… soak it all in…

Until next time,


2 thoughts on “I Took a Nap with my Toddler Today…

  1. Ali Gilbert says:

    I recently took a nap with my toddler…and she rolled over and said, “I wuv you, your my best fwend.” It was completely worth not getting anything done for that hour and a half!!

    1. Jessica says:

      THAT is soooo sweet. Ah! You’re right… it totally makes it worth it! 🙂

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