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IKEA Wall Gallery Layout

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My IKEA Wall Gallery has been quite the conversation piece in my home, ever since I FINALLY got it up in my living area. If you went through my home tour , you may notice that I haven’t featured my living area just yet. Well… that’s because I was waiting to get the wall gallery up, and the mantle decorated.

Wall Gallery Collage https://fantabulosity.com

How do you even start a gallery wall layout?”—yep, heard that one.

Ok, now I need gallery wall ideas for my house.”—uh huh, few people have mentioned that too.

Are those IKEA frames?“–Seems like I know some others that share the same love for IKEA to be able to point them out.

IKEA Frames Wall Gallery Idea https://fantabulosity.com

I’ve had some friends ask me if I would share this here, so they could reference it, and figure it out for their home. So… here it is!

IKEA Frames Wall Gallery Idea https://fantabulosity.com Oddly enough, this wall gallery was supposed to be even bigger. Like… double the size.

The day I decided to finally get this put up on the living area wall, I was DETERMINED to get it up on the wall, even if I was the only one at home…without a ladder…without a level…without the proper hanging tools… heart break occurred.

===> I was REACHING, standing on a small kitchen chair, to hang the largest frame that I purchased, to be the center frame of the gallery…when the frame slipped through my fingers and crashed on the floor. It was a long fall, and the sweet-sweet frame didn’t make it. So… back to square one, with still a determination to get my gallery wall up, it was time to rearrange and come up with a new gallery wall idea!

IKEA Frames Wall Gallery Idea https://fantabulosity.com

I wanted to give you a little close-up, so you can see the types of things I put in the frames, if you’re needing some ideas!

I’ve listed below where each print came from, just in case you gotta have it!

IKEA Frames Wall Gallery Idea https://fantabulosity.com

Wall Gallery Photos & Images:

  • The red/orange print, map, vintage postage stamp, blue/pink print, and the gold glitter chevron print, are all SCRAPBOOK paper! Can you believe it!? I loved using those, because it was super easy to throw together.
  • “Life is Lovely,” and “Families are Forever,” came from “All Things Thrifty,” where I saw the first wall gallery that I loved!”
  • The “Love you,” art came from Persnickety!
  • The black/white/gray “airplane,” art, came from Google images, and I couldn’t find a source at the time of download. 🙁  Still trying to figure out where this one came from, and will post if I can ever find out!
  • The print that has “Burgess,” on it was created by yours truly. It has our last name, fairly large… and then each of our names underneath with “est. 2008,” the year the hubs and I were married.
  • Then of course our little family photo.

How do you hang the IKEA frames? With one of my all-time favorite things. Command Strips. As often as we move, these are my best friend. No damage to the walls, easy to change out photos, and I can pull off and readjust when it’s off centered! {Hence the reason I was ok with doing this project by myself.}

So am I ready to the post the home tour portion of our living area?  Umm… nope. I’ve only lived here a year and a half and I still don’t have my mantel decorated. But I promise when it is… I’ll be going live with the living area home tour! Deal!?

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3 thoughts on “IKEA Wall Gallery Layout

  1. Sara says:

    Love the wall. I have a formal family room that has had blank walls since we moved in! What SIZE frames did you use?

    1. Jessica says:

      Aw, thank you! Oh shoot, you know what… I can’t remember! I’m so sorry! They all came from IKEA, so knowing them, they may have all changed anyhow! But I’d take a look at their frame selection, because when I was creating mine… I just went with the shape that fit my wall size! I hope that helps!!

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