January 2016 Stitch Fix Review Unboxing Video: Fantabulosity
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January 2016 Stitch Fix Review Unboxing Video

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It’s a GOOOOOOD one!!!

So last month, my fix was just kind of “so-so.” I’m not sure if it was just an off-month for Stitch Fix selection, or if it was “me.”

Anyhow… I was TOTALLY looking forward to my January 2016 Stitch Fix Review though, because I was hoping it could redeem itself… and it did. 😉

January 2016 Stitch Fix Review

January 2016 Stitch Fix Review Unboxing Video: Fantabulosity

The little lovely Stitch Fix box arrived on my door step, minutes before stepping out to attend my husband’s work Christmas party. {Yes, we scheduled it for after Christmas, because it was just too crazy with everyone’s schedules to do it before.}

It was PERFECT timing to make the unboxing video, because I had just gotten ready, and I was also able to show you my new dress that I have recently purchased. Details on that below too…

Stitch Fix Unboxing Video

So the dress that I’m wearing in the video is from Choies. I looked, and it was actually $35.00, not $20.. but the rest of the dresses that I purchased were all around the $20 mark. Plus, $35.00 isn’t bad at all, considering how well-made I think the dress is, and how “fancy-schmancy,” if feels.
Anyhow… if you need a dress, or just WANT a dress, you may want to take a look at Choies, because they have an AH-MAZING selection. Just remember:

• It took about 2 weeks to get my order

• Order up a size or two

• If you Google “Choies reviews,” there are some bad reviews out there. However, I was very pleased with my service, and plan to order from them again! I guess almost every online store will have some bad reviews show up out there.

January 2016 Stitch Fix Review Thoughts?

So what do you think? What do you think is cute, or should I send anything back?  Don’t forget I’ll try everything on, and do a “try-on,” video & photo review too, so you can see what it all looks like on. But I love hearing your “first thoughts.”
My first thoughts????  I want to keep EVERYTHING. Even the blue {shoulder-cut-out} shirt, because if I keep it, I get the $100+ discount for keeping all 5.

Stay tuned for my Try-On Video! Until next time,

Jessica Burgess, Fantabulosity Blog

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January 2016 Stitch Fix Review Unboxing Video: Fantabulosity

2 thoughts on “January 2016 Stitch Fix Review Unboxing Video

  1. aprila says:

    I am excited to see the try on video to see how everything looks. Stitch Fix always sends awesome jeans that fit so good.

    1. Jessica says:

      Thank you April!!! I’m hoping to get it all wrapped up today! Fingers crossed! You’re so right, their jeans are ah-mazing!!!

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