June stitch fix reviews 2016 Summer Fashion Fantabulosity
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June Stitch Fix Review: Is it Time to Pull the Plug?

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June Stitch Fix Reviews: My June Stitch Fix box is here, and it’s full of tops and dresses for Summer. Is it time to retire Stitch Fix reviews? Why I think it’s time to pull the plug.

Spoiler Alert: Is it time to end Stitch Fix? I’m starting to think so. But I have a FABULOUS new idea, that I’ll mention at the end of this post, that I need your feedback on!

The last few fixes have been “duds,” and I secretly wanted the June fix to determine my continuation. I must say, after this fix, it may be the end of something that was once wonderful. It could be, because I thoroughly enjoy shopping now, and picking out my own finds. But I do have Stitch Fix to thank for helping me find my style. Before I started Stitch Fix, I didn’t have the time, or knowledge of what I should/could wear. So thank you Stitch Fix!

June stitch fix reviews 2016 Summer Fashion Fantabulosity

But I’ll of course need your feedback and help on this. Maybe it’s just the validation I need, to actually pull the plug… or maybe I’m hesitating because I know just how much you all love seeing what I’ve received. So keep me posted. Will you join me in agreeing that it may be the end of a fabulous “run,” of Stitch Fix?

June Stitch Fix Review

Right? After this fix I’m 99% sure I’m “done” with Stitch Fix. I’m not angry… I’m not aggravated! I have so much to thank Stitch Fix for!

  1. They’ve helped me figure out what looks “right,” on my body type
  2. They were there for me, when I had little babies at home with no time to shop at the mall
  3. They had me out to Hollywood to appear on TV for an amazing time on Access Hollywood
  4. … and so much more!

But here’s the reality. I LOVE shopping and picking out my own clothes now. I’ve had a few “dud,” fixes, so I’m wondering if it’s “me,” since my shopping style has changed a bit. I think Stitch Fix is STILL an amazing company/service! I’ve been a part of Stitch Fix for almost TWO years, getting fixes every two weeks! That’s a lot of fixes you all!

But it may be time to retire the subscription, and start something new.  Like… making it mandatory that I schedule it, and go shopping at least once a month and do a fashion review of all of my latest finds and faves!? (You know you love the blazers and dresses I’ve found lately!) Perhaps also doing a lot of Facebook “live,” shopping videos and reviews? Yes, yes?? Bueller… Bueller? (That’s my poor “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” humor.)

So let me know what you think. Retire Stitch Fix, and start a monthly (ahem, or twice a month) fashion post, featuring ALL of the fab fashion finds that I’ve found lately? Besides, this way you can have a better chance of finding the same items that I do, rather than hoping you get it in a Stitch Fix shipment next time!

june stitch fix reviews fantabulosity


26 thoughts on “June Stitch Fix Review: Is it Time to Pull the Plug?

  1. april aakre says:

    I love your fashion posts. I would love to see monthly shopping that you do yourself. I cancelled my Stitch Fix. I had several boxes and ended up keeping an item just so I wouldn’t lose my styling fee.

    1. Jessica says:

      That’s the feeling I’ve had with my most recent fixes too!!! But then I just end up sending it all back, and losing out on the $20.
      I’m loving shopping so much lately, that it’s probably time to end Stitch Fix. Thanks for dropping a note April!

  2. Laura says:

    I would love to see fashion posts because I can actually go and buy the stuff myself. I cancelled my Stitch fix because the things I kept still have tags on them.

    1. Jessica says:

      Excellent!! Thank you Laura!!
      I hear you. When I did my Facebook “Live” closet video the other day, I realized that I still had Stitch Fix stuff that had the tags on it! Ahhh! I didn’t like that at ALL!

      Thanks for dropping a note, and letting me know!! XOXO

  3. Amy Frye says:

    I love Kansas City. It’s sad to admit the last time I was there was to see Taylor Swift with my daughter in September.

    Your finds at Legends are so much better than your Stitch Fix. My cousin is lucky, she only has a 10 minute drive to Legends from her house.

    I’m trying to decide if we would be great shopping buddies or it would be a complete disaster.I can shop for anything in the world, unless it happens to be clothes for myself. I always think I’ll look horrible, I worry about how I look, ect. But if it happens to be for someone else, I can always pick out the cutest things. Why can’t I shop for my own clothes? Uggh!

    I was laughing when I kept hearing your kids at the door. My kids do that to me all the time. My husband will be sitting watching tv or at the computer, yet the kids will come to me for something when I am scrambling like a nut trying to fix dinner or cleaning, whatever. I can’t ever sneak away for a second, they always find me.

    1. Jessica says:

      Ahhh! 10 minutes from Legends. I.Would.Die. LOL!
      Oh are you kidding!? We’d be great shopping buddies! Haha. You just need someone to stand there and tell you if it looks good or not, I bet! 🙂

      Haha! Omg I know. They told me that their daddy was in the shower, so he couldn’t help put their costumes on. After recording, I come upstairs to find him on the couch watching tv. He was never in the shower. They just wanted me to do it. LOL!!! Thanks for dropping a note!

      1. Kelly says:

        Legends is great, I am only about 20 min away! Did you not do the try -on video? I was looking forwards to seeing everything on you!

        1. Jessica says:

          Ahh yes! Legends IS great! I never did a try-on video with this one, because they wanted me to send it back ASAP, and I didn’t want to be charged for it! I ran out of time. Haha! But I am trying a new subscription service, and EVERYONE is loving the idea of it! If you haven’t seen the Facebook live video of me unboxing that one, you should!!! Here you go: https://www.facebook.com/fantabulosityblog/videos/1187016718017585/

  4. Amy says:

    Hi Jessica!

    I never leave comments, but I watch a ton of your videos so I thought I would this time. By the way, I love your blog and everything that you do, you are just so darn cute! ???? Anyway, I love the idea of you just going shopping and posting what you found and links to the item! I have tried stitch fix multiple times and I just feel like they never really hit home for me. I see other people’s cute items, but I never LOVE mine. I end up keeping something just because I feel like I have to, but end up never wearing it. I have a ton of items from stitch fix with tags still on them or have only been worn once or twice. Unfortunately I think their styles are kind of a bust. It’s definitely a fun concept, just don’t love their pieces. Anyway, thanks again for your blog, it’s fantabulous!

    1. Jessica says:

      Hi Amy!! Thank you so much for leaving a comment! I love hearing from you! You are the sweetest. Thank you so much for the sweet words. Really. You’ve made my day!
      You’re so right… when I did my Facebook live video the other day of my closet… It made me realize how many items I still had, that had Stitch Fix tags on them! It was like a major reality check. LOL!
      I think I had a good run with them for a while, but I think it’s time to shop on my own again! I have waaay too much fun doing that now anyway. Lol!
      Thanks again! Sorry it took me a day to respond! I try to be a lot quicker than that! Lol!

  5. Janet says:

    I have found that with Stitch Fix, I’ve become more courageous in my style, and regularly wear items I would never have chosen for myself. On the other hand, I now have a good handful of pretty pricey items hanging in my closet that get virtually no wear. I think the real appeal is that it’s so fun to get a surprise, but once you know what you like and what you’re looking for, you can just do it yourself. What if you change to getting them every few months for a few on trend surprises, but stick with your own shopping otherwise? I’d love to see fashion videos as long as you promise to do fashion shows!!!

    1. Jessica says:

      You’re so right. The surprise is what has kept me with it so long. But I have to admit… the surprise is lacking now. It’s like I’m not even looking forward to getting the next box. 🙁
      I may stick with it every once in a while to see how it turns out! Thanks for the advice!!! XOXO

  6. Elle says:

    I can’t wait to see you try on the white and black shift dress! I think it has a lot of potential! Great finds at the outlet too! I am glad you and your family had a great trip! My mother’s side of the family all lives in Kansas City (the Missouri side) and we love it there!

    1. Jessica says:

      Oh you’re kidding! You know, I had been to KC before, but this is the first time that we were actually able to REALLY enjoy it with out little ones. It’s so family friendly! I love it! Thanks for dropping a note! XO

  7. Chelcei says:

    I agree – maybe not STOPPING it all together, but a few a year and mark like TRENDY items to get out of your comfort zone? We’ve loved so many things you’ve hated in the unboxing that maybe you need to try things on you’d never try yourself?

    1. Jessica says:

      That’s a good idea! So true… so true. Maybe I should just see how this “try-on,” goes and make the final decision from there. I’m thinking a Facebook “Live,” Stitch Fix try-on! 😉

  8. Melinda says:

    Yes, you should cancel or at least take a break! But we all still want to see your fashion posts. 🙂

    1. Jessica says:

      Thank you Melinda!! You got it… I don’t think I could give up the fashion. Contrary, I may justify shopping more now. LOL! 🙂 Thanks for dropping a note! XO

  9. DINA says:

    Hi Jessica
    I will certainly miss your stitch fix reviews, but I can truly understand trying something new. The items you purchased at the mall are so cute! You can also control costs that way as well. One thing stitch fix has done for me is it introduced me to different items I would of never bought for myself. I tend to buy similar item groups and color schemes. I think it’s great to try something new. I can’t wait to see your shopping finds!
    You’re adorable and so funny too! I love your facial expressions!

  10. Katie says:

    I am WITH YOU! I just received my (probably) last StitchFix. I’m sad! Not only did I not love anything…I hated everything except for a necklace!! I asked for short sleeved shirts in natural fabrics…I got ZERO short sleeves. Just two tank tops and two long sleeves. I wonder if they have become so popular and busy that they have lost their edge??

    I have better luck shopping thrift stores with occasional trips to Nordstrom.

  11. Kym R says:

    Hi! Watched your stitch fix reviews and loved all of them. I think we actually got some of the same outfits! This fix I am initially drawn to your polka dot dress! Looks fun for summer. I have kept stitch fix but reduced the frequency to every other month. I wish I could shop my Pinterest board!

    1. Jessica says:

      Hey Kym! Thank you so much for the sweet words! I thought about reducing the frequency, but thinking about just pulling the plug all together! I wish I could shop my Pinterest board too! I do sometimes… haha!

  12. Megan says:

    Hi Jessica I’m relatively new to your blog but have fallen in love with your Stitchfix reviews! I will definitely be sad if you stop getting them, especially since we have similar style and I always pinned lots of your outfits for my stylist! But I totally get your disappointment! I do hope that you continue to do fashion posts of some sort! Keep us posted on what you decide! (Btw I liked Janet’s idea of just scaling back your Stitchfix, maybe just at the beginning of each new season?).

    1. Jessica says:

      Aw, hi Megan! Thank you so much!!
      I did decide to pause it for a while. I was afraid if I just scaled back.. that it would drive me nuts waiting for it. Lol! Plus, the excitement was gone, and I just didn’t feel right, to keep getting shipments… even if it was every so often. But oh yes! More fashion posts to come! I have a lot of fun fashion finds to share!! Thank you so much for following along, and dropping a comment. It means a lot!

  13. Kerri says:

    I just realized that this post was from 2016 BUT I had to comment because I think I came up with a good solution because I am going through the exact same thing.
    Stitch Fix really just starting feeling a little “Kohls-Esque”, like not high end or good quality pieces. Honestly, a lot of the patterns and colors were looking a little cheesy to me.
    Recently, I needed some very specific staples for a trip to NYC (Jumpsuit, Brown Crossbody, White Body Suit) and that brought me to Nordstrom which brought me to Trunk Club. HOWEVER, before I got my trunk styled I started watching Trunk Club Videos and began pinning the things I wanted on a pinterest board. I found EVERY single thing I needed on Nordstrom Rack for 1/4 of the price.

    So here is what my solution was:
    I spent about $300 for 9 items at Nordstrom Rack. I picked specific items I wanted and then went out of my comfort zone on a couple pieces. It’s free shipping over $100 and free returns! So I’m just going to give myself a budget and pick pieces that I love from there and return the rest. They are all name brand like Free People, Joe, etc..

    I think once you establish a style, it’s better just shop for yourself and find the deals. I don’t really find the value in the pieces I’ve received from SF anymore.

    1. Jessica says:

      Hi Kerri! Oh my goodness. Thank you so much for sharing this! I think it’s fantastic.
      Why oh why do I always forget to shop at Nordstrom Rack!? Did you notice that you had to wait a while after Trunk Club videos to find the items at Nordstrom Rack, or do they carry current/recent items from Trunk Club videos? (Does that make sense?) Like, since it’s July, do you think you’d be able to find items in July Trunk Club videos at Nordstrom Rack now, or would you have to wait a while?
      For some reason I always thought that Nordstrom Rack only carried the items that were overstock items. I have NO clue why I think that though. Lol! Thanks again for sharing. I always love tidbits like this.
      P.S. You nailed the Stitch Fix description for me. That’s exactly what I thought about my latest fix’s! Thank you!

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