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It’s the Little Things… and How They Grow

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It’s the Little Things… and How They Grow: A fun and simple activity for mommas (and daddys) to do with their kids that can be cherished and remembered.

Picnic Lunch Idea

Parenting. It can come with so many cherishable moments in life. Some that are “big,” moments like vacations, the first day of school, and those first birthdays. But then there are the small, sometimes unexpected and unpredictable moments that are cherishable beyond measure.

It’s the Little Things… and How They Grow

During story time with my boys the other night, I decided to get on their level, and tell a story to them that would cause giggles-galore. We literally all laughed so hard, that there were tears in our eyes. Then, my giggle-tears, quickly turned in to joyful-tears.

Lately, I had been going about things all wrong. I had thought that I had to do something BIG for my kiddos for them to enjoy and cherish. But I quickly realized that my little guys didn’t need something big. They just wanted my time, and to experience the “little things,” to feel loved and important. They talked about our little story-time moment, for DAYS.

Its little moments like these that help me realize that they’re quickly growing up right before my eyes. With the busyness of the day-to-day, sometimes I can use quick little reminders like these to appreciate those little moments and activities too.


When I found out that Mott’s was launching a “Watch Me Grow,” campaign, where as a “thank you,” they’re sending their customers a growth chart to help track of their children’s height, I realized that it was PERFECT timing. It’s the perfect way to help me be intentional, and serve as a reminder about how fast my kiddos are growing right before my eyes.

So I couldn’t wait to share this with you, in case you’d love to snag a growth chart too. Plus, the kiddos will LOVE tracking “how big they are,” with the free growth chart from Mott’s. (That’s super cute by the way. See what we did with ours, and more on how to get your own growth chart too, below.)

Watch me Grow with mott's apple

Our house is STOCKED with Mott’s at all times. If we run out, it’s a mandatory trip to the grocery store!

Watch me grow with motts

Dedicated Mommy-Time

The other day, I had planned to spend some dedicated one-on-one time with the boys. I had a few other things going on, where I couldn’t leave the house, nor plan a HUGE activity at home. But it was time to set aside some dedicated “mommy-time,” with my boys, so I needed something easy and fun that we could do at home together.

Remembering the “little thing,” of “telling them a funny story the other night,” meant SO much to them, I began to think about what little activity we could do that day.

We hadn’t put our growth chart up yet that we got from Mott’s, so I thought it would be a good time to hang it up in their playroom, and then finish up with a quick picnic lunch outside for some fresh air. (We had been cooped up in the house after DAYS of rain.)

Once we had it up on the wall (which was super easy, because it’s like a giant sticker) my oldest had to run right up and see how tall he was!

Watch me grow with motts

Then it was outside for lunch!

Watch me grow

A Little Lunch…

Now a paper plate lunch would have been JUST as fine with my little guys, for our little picnic that day. But I sort of have an obsession with cute food packaging, which leaves me with a closet full of paper goodies.

So when they were behaving so well, playing in the other room, I decided to put a little extra character in to their picnic lunch.

The looks on their faces when I handed them their own boxed lunch, was priceless. To which my youngest said,

This is for me!?

It’s the little things… remember?

A Lunch of Their Favorites:

Watch me grow with Mott's

Drink of choice: Mott’s Apple Juice, which is a-ok with me because it’s full of real fruit goodness and is an excellent source of vitamins to help the little guys grow strong and healthy!

Watch me grow with Mott's

Vegetable of choice: Carrot Sticks. We like carrot sticks much more than baby carrots. They’re so full of flavor!

Watch me grow with Mott's

Side dish of choice: Mott’s Unsweetened Apple Sauce. When I find a food that my kids love, AND it’s healthy… it’s a win-win!

Watch me Grow

Main Dish of Choice: Peanut Butter Sandwich. I’m pretty sure they’d eat a peanut butter sandwich, with every meal, for every day, for the rest of their lives.

Watch me grow with motts

The little turkeys ate it up! (The lunch and the fun!)

Watch me grow with Mott's

Watch me grow with Mott's

Keep it Simple:

Now you don’t have to make a boxed lunch like I did, and you don’t even have to go all out and make a picnic like we did. I’ve realized that my growing boys just like to have my dedicated attention. If I can give them that, then all is good in their world.

For me, I’ll just try to keep on hanging on to their “littleness,” as long as I can.

Watch me grow with Mott's

One More Tip when it Comes to Mott’s:

I adore keeping the little Mott’s Apple Sauce pouches in the car for on-the-go snacks. When the car is stocked, we have the choice to be healthy, and snack on these, instead of grabbing something that may not be as healthy. They’re wonderful to grab-and-go.

Watch me Grow with mott's

Get YOUR Free Growth Chart Too:

Watch me grow

Here’s How You Get Your Growth Chart:

  1. Buy $10 worth of Mott’s juice or sauce at Walmart

  2. Register for the offer on

  3. Upload receipts on now thru 9/15/2017

  4. The growth chart will be mailed to your home once receipts have been verified.

You can find Mott’s juice items in the juice section, and the Mott’s sauce items are located in the apple/fruit sauce sections at Walmart.

Watch me Grow

Thank you so much for coming by! I hope you get a chance to snag your free growth chart, and found a little inspiration for thinking of the little things that you can do with your kids instead of the pressure of going “big.”

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  1. Alyssa Zola says:

    Where did you get the lunch boxes? They are so cute!!

    1. Jessica says:

      Hi Alyssa!! Thank you! I found them right here!

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