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LOFT Dressing Room Finds for Spring

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LOFT Dressing Room Finds with spring florals and coral and pinks galore, plus some items I found at Nordstrom that just make sense!

Well hey hey, those of you who get the Fantabulosity newsletter each Sunday! Why am I saying that? Because I created this post as an easy resource and linked to it from within the newsletter, so they could see the outfits that I was talking about in this week’s email. But even if you’re not on the email list, you’re totally invited to the dressing room party too! So let’s roll!

In my email, I filled you in on some of my favorite shopping tips and tricks, for those RARE times that we busy gals actually get some time to shop for ourselves. Can I get an “amen” on the emphasis of RARE here?

Anyway, I wanted to quickly link to all the fun finds, and even show you some items that I didn’t end up getting, because I wasn’t sure that they were for me; or I had already decided I had bought ENOUGH that day. So if you see something that you have to have, you’ll find a link to buy it under each photo, to almost everything I tried on.

LOFT Dressing Room Finds for Spring

Shimmer Petal Sleeve Vintage Soft Tee

The quick iphone photo does NOT do this gray shimmer tee justice. It is the cutest little thing, and even has that little detail on the shoulder that makes it. When I shop at LOFT I choose the petite over regular fit if I’m able, and for this one, I picked the “petite small” and it fits fantastic!
Buy this Shimmer Petal Sleeve Vintage Soft Tee HERE!

Riviera Shorts with – 4 Inch Inseam

Let’s have a quick moment for these shorts. My GOSH they’re simply amazing. The way they fit, look and feel is indescribable. They will now be my go-to shorts each season, and I want a pair in every color! They do also have longer inseam options in these shorts, like a 6-in. inseam if you prefer a longer version. I bought the regular fit, in size 2. (They’re sizes run big in my opinion. I’m typically a 28/6 waist size.)
Buy the Coral Riviera Shorts HERE!
(And don’t forget to look around for different inseam, style and color options!)

Lily Ruffle Tie Waist Dress

I’m such a sucker for ruffles, but if you’ve watched one of my recent Trunk Club or Stitch Fix unboxing’s, then that’s no surprise to you.

This dress has some of my favorite characters: Floral + Ruffles + Pink and I totally bought it. I bought it in the petite small size.
Buy this Lily Ruffle Tie Waist Dress HERE!

Striped Flutter Tie Waist Romper

Well this romper was getting quite the mixed reviews on Facebook and Instagram the other day. I think I like it, then changed my mind, and then I liked it again… so I turned to, who else, YOU all! But, I received a mixed bag of feedback on it too. So, here’s where I stand… if it goes on sale, I’ll probably buy it. But at full price, I’ll pass.
Buy this Striped Flutter Tie Waist Romper HERE!

LOFT Petite Dotted Ruffle Shoulder Shirt

I saw this top on the mannequin as soon as I walked in, and They didn’t have the size I needed in-store (I tried on the x-small and it gapped at the front) so they ordered it online for me while I was there. (When they order it online for you, it’s free shipping! Woot! I also had it within about 2-3 days at home after that, so it was a quick turnaround.)
Buy the Dotted Ruffle Shoulder Shirt HERE!

Riviera Shorts with 4 Inch Inseam

The yellow shorts I’m wearing here are also the Riviera Shorts, and they are just as amazing as the coral shorts above!
Buy the yellow Riviera Shorts HERE!

Ruffle Henley Shell

I’m OBSESSED with this style of top, and lucky us… the gal at LOFT told me that they always have this style of shirt, but the colors and patterns may vary. Although I would have killed for a bright white, this cream white version was still a must have.
Buy the cream white Ruffle Henley Shell top HERE!

Long Sleeve Dot Blouse

I’m heartbroken, because I can’t find this long-sleeve dot blouse anywhere online at LOFT, but I still wanted to show you in case it comes back in stock. If it ever does come back in stock, even in a different pattern, I’m totally buying it. It fits fantastic and looks so so cute.

Off-Duty Tired as a Mother Sweatshirt

Alright, although not at LOFT, I found this shirt when I quickly walked through Nordstrom the other day too, and I had to share it with you. I HAVE to have this shirt when it goes on sale. It’s one of those that I don’t have to have, but is hilarious and feels extremely cozy and soft.
Buy the “Tired as a Mother” Sweatshirt HERE!

Off-Duty Mother “Keeper of Snacks” Tee

I mean for real… I don’t think there’s a shirt out there that explains my life more accurately. Did you see my confession Instagram Story the other day in my “day in the life” video? Well if you haven’t, go watch it over on Facebook, and you’ll see WHY I need this shirt in my life.
Buy the “Keeper of Snacks” Tee HERE!

Quick Links to the Items:

Although I linked to the items above, I wanted to put them all in one place for you below too, in case that’s easier for you to decide what you need/want! Just click the image below and it will take you right to it!
Full Disclaimer: There are affiliate links in this post, and if you click on them and purchase something, I can make a commission, at no extra cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting Fantabulosity!

Happy shopping friends!

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One thought on “LOFT Dressing Room Finds for Spring

  1. LOVE the “keeper of the snacks” shirt! FUNNY story about that… My teens were getting into my “snack storage” pantry WAY too much… eating all the protein/granola bars, etc. because they were too lazy to fix themselves a sandwich or warm up leftovers. Sooo… my husband bought a huge chain and padlocked the pantry shut! Unfortunately, my daughter… on my request… cleaned out my kitchen junk drawer and threw away the combination lock code, which I had forgotten (that happens now all the time too. 🙁 As a result, my husband had to break out the jaws of life (or some similar tool) to open up that cabinet at 7 a.m. in order for the kids to get out snacks that they legitimately needed to have with them for after-school practices. Kids for the win… again. 😉

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