How I made money Christmas shopping this year! ===>
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How I MADE Money Christmas Shopping!

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How I Made Money Christmas Shopping: I thought it was a scam, or too good to be true. Until I found out how it worked and it makes sense! 

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How I made money Christmas shopping this year! ===>

I’m not going to “beat around the bush.” We all know you came hear to find out how I made money, Christmas shopping this year. Why wouldn’t you?

Want to hear another secret? I do this same thing to make money all year long… but since I spend so much at Christmas time on gifts for everyone… its when I tend to make the most.

So here ya go:

I do all of my shopping online. (Unless for some crazy reason I have to get whatever I’m looking for, in the store. But always check to see if you can buy it online, and pick up in the store.)  Shopping online is convenient, saves on gas, and you don’t even have to get out of your pajamas, or have to find a babysitter. Score!

Step 1: Go to Ebates, and sign up. No… it’s not a scam. Trust me, I thought it had to have been too, when I heard on TV that you could get cash back, just buy shopping. Or that I’d have to jump through hoops and bounds, give them my first born, or whatever. NO! I only had to create a login, and give them my mailing address. SERIOUSLY! I thought… “Well, what can it hurt? They don’t have my social security number, birthday, or even know anything about me!” So I tried it… and you know what? 2 years later… I’ve received close to $1500 back from them! YESSS! That’s $1500 I didn’t have before!

Step 2: Type in to the search bar on Ebates, what store you’re wanting to shop at. More than likely, the store you’re wanting will be a partner with Ebates. They have a TON of stores that they work with, so rarely do I find one that I cannot get cash back with, on Ebates.

Step 3: Click on the “Shop Now,” button, and it will take you to the normal website of the store that you’re wanting to buy your goodies from.

Step 4: Shop your little heart out, and wait for the cash to roll in to your Ebates account. You’ll receive an email after you place your order, (give it a little bit… it may not be immediately) that says you’ve received a cash back notification. It will tell you how much cash back that you received, and it will keep it in your Ebates account. Every quarter, Ebates will send you a BIG FAT CHECK. (I love that they call it that) and that’s all there is to it!

OH WAIT…. I can’t say there are only 4 steps. That would just be weird. Let’s make it even, and say there are 5…

Step 5:  Brag to your husband when the check comes in the mail, and gloat over how much money that you “saved,” and that he should thank you. 😉  There… much better with 5. Don’t you think?


So PAH-LEESE do me a favor and go sign up with Ebates. I feel sooo sorry for the people that shop online, and don’t use it, or don’t even know about it. It’s a fantabulous way to get some extra cash….


Now… I will say that the links that I have provided to Ebates, in this post, are a referral link. But that is by NO MEANS the reason I’m sharing the good news with you all. Now yes… would a referral be a blessing, you betcha. But really…. you know I gotta share the love when I find somethin’ I love.

Until next time all of you lovely people…

How I made money christmas shopping

2 thoughts on “How I MADE Money Christmas Shopping!

  1. Zan says:

    Thanks Jessica – I am joining and following the steps right now!!

    1. Jessica says:

      Oh good!!!! I’m so glad that you are going to do it! You’ll love it… I promise! 🙂

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