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Monday Night Football

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Disclaimer: I can’t tell you ANYTHING about sports. However… I played volleyball up until my junior year of high school, and I think that the coach of the St. Louis Cardinals {Mike Matheny}, is a little slice of heaven to look at. 😉

But although I can’t even tell you what “yards,” means in football, or even what that yellow pole thing is… at the end of a football field…

I DO know that my nephew plays football, and I love him.

So I scooped my littles up one Monday night, and headed to a nearby town to watch some:

Monday Night Football

Monday Night Football -

At this time in our “young,” family life, the thought of adventuring out to a location with two toddlers by myself, {hubby was working late}, being forced to sit in a little section of “area,” for a long period of time, gives me a bit of anxiety.

But I was in one of those moods where I thought I was “SuperMom,” {it could have been that 4th cup of coffee}, and thought,

Oh why not. We can leave if they get out of control.

So I dug in our closets, for any “sports,” related shirts that we hopefully had, and SUCCESS!!! My youngest had a “football,” shirt, {that luckily came with a onesie “set,” thank goodness} but the oldest  had to go with, “stripes.” No sports shirts. {facepalm}

Monday Night Football -

Do you know what? Although there were a few moments of chasing my one year old down the bleachers, and the iphone had to break out towards the end to keep my 4 year old occupied… we made it through the ENTIRE game.

Monday Night Football -

There was “cheering,” with Grandma…

Monday Night Football -

Coaching from the stands… telling them to “run faster…”

Monday Night Football -

… and juice boxes.

Monday Night Football -

The smell of popcorn was in the air, the Fall leaves were changing color, that cool brisk air was exhilarating as the sun went down…

Monday Night Football -

The refs were catching up on the latest during halftime…

Monday Night Football -

and good ole buddies, were taking a seat on the bench together after a few minor injuries during a play.

P.S. Apparently minor injuries are normal in football? Me… I completely freaked out inside and wanted to run down to the field when my nephew got hurt, to kiss it and make it feel better. I’m sure he’s thanking the sweet Lord I stayed in my seat.

Monday Night Football -

Why am I sharing this little excerpt of my life with you? Because I realized something that day.

Although the thought of,

“Packing the kids up, driving all the way there for them to possibly act completely wild & crazy, where I more than likely won’t even be able to pay attention to the game…”

sounds a bit overwhelming and exhausting…

there were memories created. My boys got to experience something new:

the “joy,” of the game.

Monday Night Football -

They were able to cheer on & support someone they adore, spend time with family, breathe some fresh crisp air, & my favorite…

they got out of the stale routine of sitting in our living room another evening, watching the millionth episode of Daniel Tiger on the DVR. 😉

Monday Night Football -

Moral: I still know NOTHING about sports… but I DO know that doesn’t matter.

Until next time,


2 thoughts on “Monday Night Football

  1. Jenni says:

    oh Matheny! All those Cardinals look good! Best team in baseball!

    Looks like your night at the field was close to perfect!!

    1. Jessica says:

      Haha, can’t agree with you more about that! 😉 It absolutely was! Thank you for so much for coming by, and dropping a note! 🙂

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