November 2015 Stitch Fix Review #2-8
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My 2nd November 2015 Stitch Fix Review

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I was a good girl last time, and closed out my last Stitch Fix purchase, so they sent my next fix… rapid fast! So this means I have TWO November 2015 Stitch Fix reviews! Woot!

My 2nd November 2015 Stitch Fix Review

November 2015 Stitch Fix Review - 2nd November Shipment!

FIRST: It’s been a while since I’ve explained what Stitch Fix actually is. My very first fix explains it in detail, but since I’ve been doing it for a long while now… I thought I’d take a quick sec and give you an overview in case you’re thinking about giving it a try. If you’re well aware of how it works… you can SKIP AHEAD and just scroll down to the heading: “November 2015 Stitch Fix Unboxing.”

How Stitch Fix Works:

• You sign up with Stitch Fix.

{which just means giving them your basic info… nothing like your first born or anything}

Fill out your profile with simple things like height, weight, style preferences, how often you’d want to receive a box of clothes, jewelry, purses, etc… 

Pay $20 for them to ship you a “fix.” {Which is a box full of goodies.} But you’ll get this $20 if you decide that you want to keep something in the box! You also get to choose how often you want to receive a fix. Monthly, every few months, or {ahem} every two weeks like I do…

When your box arrives on your doorstep, make a mad dash to the door and break the box open to see what’s inside. {That’s at least what I do.} 😉

Try on what they send {It’s usually 5 items}, and if you decide to keep anything, head to, and your “shopping cart,” will have the items listed of what you received. Just select which items you want to “keep,” and they’ll charge you for only that. REMEMBER… the $20 that you paid for the fix, goes towards any purchase! ALSO… they offer a “Buy All 5,” discount of 25% off the entire fix! This discount… is sometimes the reason that I keep a WHOLE fix, because with the discount… I get an item or two free. I use those items that I didn’t like for gifts, or hang on to for a rainy day!

You return what you don’t want {if any}, and they even provide you with a prepaid envelope to send it back in! It’s SO easy, and soooo fun!

I really hope you give it a whirl. It is the highlight of my fashion life. 🙂

The Stitch Fix Website, may be able to answer any other questions you have as well! Let me know too! I’d love to hear what you decide…

November 2015 Stitch Fix Unboxing

So if you follow me on Facebook, it’s not secret that this was my favorite fix ever. {And I’m talking out of 24 fixes people.}


•• I FINALLY got my leopard print clutch that I have been begging for, which is only $54… and the one I HAD been eyeing was $100+.

•• Polka Dots!!!! I saw polka dots, and I knew I had hit the jackpot

•• Plaid! I’m #madforplaid

So let’s get to it already…

I have a video of the “unboxing,” of my November 2015 Stitch Fix Shipment; A video of me trying on the the Stitch Fix clothes, and finally… photos of each outfit!

Details & prices are above each photo below!

Stitch Fix Unboxing Video

Stitch Fix Try-On Video

Here’s the link to where I purchased my boots! —–> Cents of Style

What my “Fix,” Looks like on:

THML: Brandie Mixed Material Hem Knit Top  |  XS  | $58  | Keeping It!

November 2015 Stitch Fix Review - 2nd November Shipment!

41Hawthorne: Rosa Tab Sleeve V-Neck Blouse  |  XS  | $58  | Keeping It!

November 2015 Stitch Fix Review - 2nd November Shipment!

Excuse the wrinkles… I did not handle with the best care between the excitement of unboxing the goodies, to trying it on. 😉

November 2015 Stitch Fix Review - 2nd November Shipment!

Level 99: Aubrey Faux Suede Swing Skirt  |  6  | $68  | Keeping only because it’s FREE with the buy all discount

November 2015 Stitch Fix Review - 2nd November Shipment!

WOAH white legs. I know, I know. Put your sunglasses on my dears.

My stylist recommended wearing the green shirt with the skirt… but I just don’t know. Tucked in, untucked… I’m just not a fan of it together. But that may just be because I’m not sure how to pair it.

November 2015 Stitch Fix Review - 2nd November Shipment!

41Hawthorn: Gideon Polka Dot Sweater  |  XS  |  $68  |  TOTALLY keeping. In Love.

November 2015 Stitch Fix Review - 2nd November Shipment!

Street Level: Juno Calf-Hair Clutch  |  $54  | I’ve been BEGGING for this clutch for a few months, and they finally found me one! Without a doubt, keeping!!!!

November 2015 Stitch Fix Review - 2nd November Shipment!

That’s my FIX!!! I’m in hog heaven! I absolutely love it.

Now… I also wanted to give you a little bonus…

I recently appeared on a morning news show, and I’ve had TREMENDOUS feedback on my outfit that I wore on set. So I did a little research and found the skirt for you all! 😉

It looks like it’s still available if you want to snag one!

Buy skirt here: black & cream striped skirt

November 2015 Stitch Fix Review - 2nd November Shipment!

I actually just grabbed a simple red shirt, at a local clothing boutique, and it’s form fitting, so it works really well with the skirt.

So tell me… are you using Stitch Fix? Or have you been chomping at the bit to sign up?

Guys… you know I don’t recommend anything that I don’t fully love. Stitch Fix is by FAR one of my favorite things to look forward to, every two weeks.

I love hearing from you all how much you love Stitch Fix. I’ve received NUMEROUS amounts of comments, emails, messages from gals who have developed a new love for it. I really hope you give it a try {or two.}

If you sign up, get your first fix, and you’re not totally in love… I’d suggest going in to your profile, letting them know what you did and didn’t like, adjust style settings, and give it a couple of more tries. Give them a chance to work all of the “kinks,” out. 🙂

Sign up for Stitch Fix:

Until next time,

Jessica Burgess, Fantabulosity Blog

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Pin the image below to remember which outfits you liked BEST:

November 2015 Stitch Fix Review - 2nd November Shipment!

6 thoughts on “My 2nd November 2015 Stitch Fix Review

  1. aprila says:

    you look so cute in everything, You got a lot of great shirts and the skirt is adorable.I really like the outfit that you wore for your TV segment too looked so nice.

    1. Jessica says:

      Yaaaaay! I’m so glad that you like all of it! Thank you so much! It’s definitely a winner “fix!” XOXO

  2. Jane says:

    I LOVE you in the green top! You look lots slimmer in it than you seem to think. Definitely not meant for that black skirt tho’– stick with jeans & a pretty fall-toned scarf, gold jewelry, some great cognac boots. The black skirt is kind of “meh”, but if you feature a top rather than the skirt it can be a good basic. The weight is heavy, so I think you need an equal to or heavier-weight top. I keep going back to a fine cable-knit turtle neck– a bit longer with a modern shape. THAT will be the star, not the skirt. LOVE LOVE LOVE your videos 🙂

    1. Jessica says:

      Oh I love this advice!!! Thank you! I never even thought about adding that type of top with it! You’re right!!!
      Oh gosh, you’re so sweet. Thank you so much for watching them, and dropping me such a sweet note! It makes my day! XO

  3. Sarah Watts says:

    I just love your videos!!! The polka dot sweater would be cute with the skirt and a fun necklace to dress it up. Not the green shirt! 🙂

    1. Jessica says:

      Sarah, that’s the sweetest… than you! Ooooooh you’re right!!! Love it! Thank you so much! <3

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